Lost Memories (Part 14)

hey guyss back with my ff

shiv-what the wuck?? why u both dragged me over here
sumo-why u came in that room
shiva-becoz i wanted to apologize to anika
ishu- like this u will apologize
sumo- and u think she will forgive u so easily
shiva-so what can i do speacial

meanwhile omru shivu enters and says
shivi- papa do something special ..
shiva-but what
ru-ok .. i’ve a plan

they discuss some plans

here jhanvi is discussing anika about consequences
jhanvi-u know anika the pain u are bearing now i ‘ve been bearing from 30yrs of my life …
anika-but jhanvi aunty i m not so strong like u. .. i was not able to tolerate it anymore …
jhanvi-what has already happened leave it what will now happen is important but how will u deal with it is more importatnt
so plzz i request try forgetting it and plzz forgive shivaye if u feel he is really sorry for what he did..
anika- i ‘ll try it aunty
jhanvi- anika it’s badi maa for u

shivomrusumoishu shivu plans for tonight

AT midnight 11:50 pm
all comes to hall with their elegant outfits
women in royal white look and men in black look

all were present ecxecpt anika and shivu

at anika’s room
anika- shivu princess what r u doing dear
shivu- mumma u r looking so pretty .. come let’s go now ur prince charming is waiting for u
anika- but shivu……..

shivu dragged her mother at hall
but lights were so dim that she was not able to understand what’s happening ..

here it comes all together shouts



that much only for today ……………
i know it was really very short but sorry
and yes now no more dragging i’ll try to end it soon within 1 or 2 episodes
thanks guys for reading hope u like it
plzz let me know it through ur comments


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  1. Again this is really short. You need to make it longer

    1. Ahaana

      Will try in later part sorry

  2. Sairan

    Plz dont end it soon..It’s sooo good..U ended the epi keeping us in suspense

    1. Ahaana

      patience dear u ‘ll come to know soon
      and i was thinking to start something new rather than dragging it so i justthought

      1. Sairan

        Will wait for ur next topic too..BT plz continue with this for now

    2. Ahaana

      will try dear

  3. It is nice one dear…. Waiting for the next update please post ASAP.

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dear

  4. Superbbb…but its tooooo short..

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks bhavana

  5. Nice

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks shivanya

  6. Gayathri.visu

    Nice… But its tooo short dear… Don’t end it soon.

    1. Ahaana

      Will think of new plot then will b back wid same or something new dear
      and ThAnks

  7. Nice epi…but too short…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks lilly

  8. Awesome

    1. Ahaana

      thanks rashi

  9. Vincy

    Nice… Pls no short ones form next time

    1. Ahaana

      ok dear and thanks

  10. Archisha

    It is awesome dii.. I just loved it and expect you to post a longer one next time. Btw YOU NAILED IT !!

    1. Ahaana

      thanks archisha ….

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Lisaaa…

  11. Awesome update…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Ankita

  12. Mrunal

    ohhh itna short…
    this is not fair yaar…
    but thik hai at least confusion toh clear ho gaya somish ke bare mai…
    annjanh scene was nice dear…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks my latebaaaz frnd ….
      no cutieee friend ?

  13. Alekhika20

    Asum part

    1. Ahaana

      thanks dear

  14. Nice

    1. Ahaana

      thanks dear

  15. Beautiful

    1. Ahaana

      thanks darshana

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