Lost Memories (Part 12)

hey guys back again

shivaye enters anika’s room
and he gets shocked and a bit surprised to see
that ….

shivika is sleeping near anika just like a child sleeps near her mom holding anika’s finger with her little fingers her one hand on her mother’s face ..

shivaye really gets so mesmerized to see his heart and heart beat together …

shivaye going near to them .
shivaye POV
they both together look so adorable… as heart is incomplete without beat and without beat heart is of no use .. but today that doc told me to let my heart leave its beat … plzz god do something plzz … i never believed in miracle but today i really need a miracle. .. a person who always solve my problems is lying here not even looking at me plzz god do something. …

shivika by listening shivaye ‘s voice gets up and gets tensed ..

shivika – dad what happened why r u crying. .. i told u naa mom does not like anyone crying and now toh not even a single tear if she ‘ll get up then she will scold me .. just like she did a while before as i was crying ….

shivaye – no princess. .. she won’t get up now as she is going to leave us and will go to another world
shivika- but dad she just now told me that she will never leave me
shivaye – princess u might have saw a dream .. as when i came u were sleeping. .
shivu- no dad she was talking with me
shivaye – ok fine baby… ask her to talk to u again ..
shivu- yaa sure she ‘ll talk with me again
shivaye -ok
shivu- mom plzz get up papa is not believing me plzz get up

but anika doesn’t respond
shivaye – see baby i told u
shivika – no dad plzz trust me .. and tries again. .

shivaye respond in anger
shivaye – ok now just shut up shivu told u naa u just saw a dream why don’t u understand

shivu gets scared as first she was been talked in loud voice by someone and tears starts flowing from her kanji eyes
shivaye regrets his reaction and just moves forward to console her
but what he saw was unbelievable for him..
he saw anika gaining consciousness
she was trying to get up..
shivaye – anika .. carefully. .

anika- baccha why r u crying. .
shivika – mom he scolded me ..
shivaye – sorry princess. . plzz forgive papa
anika- one min who r u … why will my daughter tell u papa
shivaye shivika shocked
shivaye – what r u saying she is my daughter anika and u r my wife …
anika- no u r not my husband. .. and dare u call her ur daughter. .
u r just a characterless man …
u think i won’t remember anything yaa i believe that i don’t remember properly but i remember outline of incidents. .

shivika – what r u saying mom ? ?

here all ishkara rumya dadi gets shocked listening this
but more than shocked they were happy as anika was back …
they all enters. .
all caresses anika
meanwhile shivaye is left shocked…
anika behaved well with everyone but again and again she ignores shivaye. .

whereas shivaye asked shivu to come out with him ..


Done with today
hope u all liked it ..
plzz let me know through ur comments. .

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    amazing update dear…..
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    but now shivaay will have to convince annika….
    superb epi….

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  4. This was amazing. Loved it. Can you update asap please I can’t wait.

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    Poor Shivaye… Itz time to forgive him

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  12. I am a silent reader of the Ff but this is awesome yaar I want tadibaaz in ib also

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  16. Awesome twist…loved it….

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