Lost Memories (Part 11)

hey guys back with ff


anika was lying on bed
shiv sitting near to her with shivu (shivika)

shivika- dad when will mumma will get up ??
shiv-whenever god wants
shivu- u know everyone in my class says that their mom is best but then i get no words to describe her
shiv-ok my princess i ‘ll tell u about ur mom………………..
she was very talkitive , she always wants everything according to her .
she was more tadibaaz than u and me …
u know she has inbuilt hindi dictionary in her .. u know till u were of two she was with u but then….
she loves u more than anything
she can fight with anyone in the universe for u….. she loves u unconditionally …
but now she is not even responding to us ..
shivu-but why papa
shiv-becoz she is upset with ur father …..

meanwhile doctor calls shivaye …..

shiv – princess u be with ur mumma .. papa will come soon ..

shiv goes with doctor

shivu to anika
shivu- mumma.. papa was saying that u are world’s best mumma … but until u won’t show me
how will i believe ..
plzz get up and tell me….. plzzzz

doctor- mr. oberoi we are really sorry to tell u that .. it had been 6 years ur wife is
lying like dead body
she is neither moving nor responding
shiv-what exactly u want to say doctor ??
doc-we just wanted to say is she is sinking … her organs are sinking …as they are not

shivika-mom i know u love me but plzz atleast show ur love ….. plzz get up

shiv- so what
doc- what i think is u shud happily say goodbye to her
shiv- how dare u say that…
doc-i understand ur state but we can’t help it till when will u keep her here

shivika takes anika’s hand in her small hands and caresses her hairs and tears rolls from her
kanji eyes and falls on anika’s face

shiv feels so disturbed by doctor’s words and
he goes to anika

but what he see over there makes him leave shocked

he was left dumbstruck with no emotions on his face


done with today guys…… hope u like it plzz let me know it through ur comments ……..

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  1. Sairan

    Emotional one..It was so short..Plz post longer epi next tym

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks dear will try posting it soon

  2. Vincy

    Waiting for next part

    1. Ahaana

      will post it soon

    2. Ahaana

      I will try posting it soon vincy

  3. Very good but very short. Please update again asap make sure update is longer. Also please don’t let anika forgive shivaay so easily

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks Zahra

  4. i think anika woke up
    is it true… 🙂

    1. Ahaana

      soon u ‘ll come to know ..

  5. Nita D

    It’s lovely ahaana…..I guess anika got conscious.
    But the episode was very very short.

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks nita D

  6. Shrutika

    It’s interesting.

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks shrutika

  7. Superbbb….waiting 4 the nxt….update soon…

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks bhavana

  8. This was amazing but it was very short please update asap. Also don’t let anika forgive shivaay so easily

  9. Loved it

  10. it’s too short…

  11. Archisha

    Nice episode.

    1. Ahaana

      thanks archisha

  12. Awesome…

  13. Loved it dear…plz post soon…

  14. It is awesome dear….. Plz update soon.

  15. Ruksy

    Loved it. I think anika woke up.

  16. Lisaaa


    1. Ahaana

      thanks lisaa

  17. Awesome… loved it

    1. Ahaana

      thanks lily

  18. Awesome

  19. Mrunal

    hey dea…
    short but emotional epi…
    i guess may be bcoz of shivika annika is conscious…..
    just a mare guess

    nice update…..

    1. Ahaana

      thanks my late latif but a very cute frnd………..

      hope so u don’t mind me calling u late latif
      sorry if so……..

      1. Mrunal

        Hey not at all… I don’t have any problem if u gave me this nickname after all it’s ur choice…??

        Aur late latif hu toh bologi hi na tum…??

  20. Alekhika20

    Emotional updt

    1. Ahaana

      Thanks. ..

  21. Gayathri.visu

    Nice and emotional part….! But its too short!!!

  22. Too Good….

  23. Please update next part eagerly waiting for it….

    1. Ahaana

      will try it soon…

  24. Excellent

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