Lost Memories (Part 1)

Hii Guys it’s my first ff really excited about it and also about your comments ..
Plzz do comment if u like if u don’t then too plz tell me i will try to write something better then
all characters are same and Tia is exposed and thrown and swetlana too
before roumya ‘s video leaking.
But i will continue from shivika and om come to know abt roumya marrige
Here I begin. ..

shivaay (slapping rudra and saying ) :
Is this true , from when u started hiding things from ur bros. Rudra I felt u really became mature when u said u ‘ll marry sonia for family’s sake but today u just …
Rudy (interrupted ) but bhaiya I .Om – you lied to us, even after knowing I hate lies.
Anika – when did this happen and how.
Rudra – its nonsense, I was running from Romi, she got mad, I entered community wedding centre, they got us drink desi wine, then I don’t remember, this marriage is a mistake, it does not mean anything.
Om asks are you mad, you married Soumya.
Rudra says I don’t believe in this marriage, there is no meaning of it.
Shivaye asks does Soumya feel the same.
Shivaye asks Soumya what’s the truth, Rudra said this marriage happened in drunken state and has no meaning, I want to know from you, does this marriage means anything.
Soumya – I know we did mistake,
Rudy- Soumya and I are not any match.
Shivaye asks Soumya to say. Rudra says she will say same, this marriage does not mean to us.

Om – will you be quiet, I want to hear it from Soumya.
Soumya – if this marriage holds no significance for Rudra, then it has no meaning.

Shivaye – okay, that means there is no problem. Rudra says you all also forget about our marriage.
(shivaye stand near staircase and says )
shivaye – Rudra he is just mad .. mad totally. .. let’s forget about this.
Anika – how can we forget, they got married.-
Shivaye – did you not hear them, this marriage is a mistake.
Anika- Whatever, mistake or happened in drunken state, but they married, they took seven rounds around fire, made vows. Shivaye – if they don’t accept the marriage, that’s fair, many times we have to take such decisions when we are helpless, which we don’t, such marriage is a compromise, you can’t take it serious, it has no meaning.
Anika – do you really think so.
He says yes, such marriage has no meaning, right.
Anika- but shivaye
shivaye- if marriage is not carriedby wish then it becomes burden
Anika – that means our marriage is also a burden for u
shivaye – I didn’t said that ..
Anika – yahi toh aapki problem hai shivaye .. u don’t say anything.

Shivaye- what do u mean anika ?
Anika- shivaye u trust me , u believes me , u argue with everyone for me , u care for me shivaye . i know u feel for me shivaye …
shivaye – what did u said you feel i feel for u ? just rubbish anika u r out of ur mind i feel
Anika – no shivaye no
no one risk his own life for a person whom he does not love .
Yahi sach hai shivaye i love you and you too love me but u r not accepting.
shivaye – wow anika look at ur status , what is surname
khoon khandan kya h tumhara paas
u don’t have anything and u feel i love u just stop this nonsense .
Anika – ”nonsense” wow shivaye i thought u r chnged but ( Anika pushes him and says ) but u will not chnge ever u will always be stone singh oberoi with no feelings
Shivaye – just go to hell and pushes her

and move without noticing her that she had fallen from stair case

Anika falls down all her moments with shivaye flashes in her mind

here in shivaye ‘s room
he feel a bit pain in heart . and says Aaah
Anika too on same time says Aah
and closes her eyes
to be continued
just this much for today
hope u guys like it
plzz do comment and let me know about it …
do comment so i ‘ll be also excited to write nxt part …


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