My lost love…….tumse kabhi door nahi jayegi (Short Story)

Hi guys….. Itni jaldi aap log mujhe bhool gayi? No just joking yaar……..I know u all very well…….Thank u to all who loved and supported my first ff Sanam re…….Now I’m back with a short story and it will be only one episode………The track and the story is the same of our show IKRS….All misunderstandings cleared between Vidhaani……..Our villains have changed and now they all are positive……No Kam…DB…and all unnecessary characters….Kya yehi kahani khatham kar degi? Let’s move on to our story…….

The show nahi hamari story takes a leap of 8 years……A big mansion is shown.

The servants are very busy in some arrangements. In the hall a big framed photo is shown. It is none other than our Dhaani.
A boy came running and stops in front of her photo.

The boy says Hi…mom…Good morning…..The phone rings. The boy goes and picks it. Yes dadi. Thank you. Here all arrangements are ready. Ok bye I will call you later. Love you. He cuts the call. Just then someone’s sound is heard. Aarav…… The boy answers yes papa coming…..Viplav comes from upstairs. He has changed not much in these years…..looking more beautiful.

He says Aarav good morning and happy birthday beta ! Thank you papa. He asks all arrangements ready? Yes papa, dadi called me and wished me first. They are also doing some puja there. Viplav says your dadi never misses it. They both come to hall in front of Dhaani’s photo. They do the puja and pray.

Viplav thinks Today is our Aarav’s birthday and also your death anniversary….Dhaani it had been 7 years you left me alone….Our beta misses you a lot…..He never get a mother’s love and affection….Why did you go away from us?
Aarav sees Viplav crying. He says papa don’t cry. Mom can’t go like this. I know she is here somewhere. We will definitely find her. Now please smile…….please for me and mom….please…. Viplav hugs him and smiles. Dhani’s photo is shown. Aarav bids bye to Viplav and set out for school in cycle.

Some girl is shown coming in a car. Her phone rings and she tries to pick it up. Just then Aarav come from a side road and was about to hit the car. She suddenly applies the brake. But he falls down from the cycle. The girl comes out from the car and asks are you ok? He replies yes and looks at her face. He gets shocked and says mom……Her face is revealed and she looks like our Dhaani.

She asks what? I think you are in a shock. Where is your house? I will drop you there. He replies nothing due to the shock. Tears come from his eyes. He goes and hugs her. She says ok, tum darr gayi kya? She checks his ID card. Aarav Tripathi…….and finds his address. Ok Aarav come. I will drop you. They get into the car and reach his house.

The door bell rings. Viplav comes and opens the door. He asks Aarav, you? What happened beta? He remains silent. Then she comes with his bag and says I’m really sorry sir. Actually…..Viplav gets double shocked and says Dhaani…..She says I’m not Dhaani sir. My name is Riya. She starts narrating the story. But Viplav and Aarav remains shocked and they can’t believe their eyes. She says sir…sir…Viplav says come inside. She feels something strange. Aarav also compels her. She comes inside and sees Dhaani’s big photo in hall. She also gets shocked and looks at them. She says OMG…. double role………my humshakal…!!!

Viplav narrates their whole story. She says I never heard this type of love story in real…! Wow…..! Viplav says she left us when Aarav was born. Tears rolls from her eyes.
Later they conduct a birthday party. Viplav looks at her and Aarav. He feels like its Dhaani. After the party gets over Viplav comes to his room and takes out a photo of Dhaani. He says for the first time we celebrated Aarav’s birthday and I see him very happy today. It’s all because of Riya. Dhaani comes near him and says then accept her as Aarav’s mother…..She will bring happiness on your life….and I can also live my incomplete life once more as her with you Viplav……Aarav needs a mother…..Viplav says but Dhaani…..He finds no one there….
After 6 months……. A beach is shown…. Viplav and Riya hold Aarav’s hand and starts walking through the shore. Whereas pair of foot prints is shown following them………

How was the story guys…….Do comment……If any doubts ask me as it is an indirect story….I know I didn’t explain it well….It’s very easy…You will understand my ideas…..Please forgive me if there are any mistakes….Love you all….Keep watching IKRS daily…..Keep smiling…..Miss you all……

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  1. Lakshmi it is superb. Keep it up.???

    1. latha thanks

  2. everything is prefect except for the double role. I want Dhani and Viplav with their son.??? other I loved the story!

    1. thanks amish…..always the same love story is writing…i tried some different one

  3. OMG heart touching yaar

    1. thanks joyee

  4. Too good i know if dhani would have been alive this story would not have been possible but still i don’t likeher death sorry

    1. thanks renu di……..i know…will come with a better one

  5. The story was good but I didn’t like Dhaani’s death, sorry to say that but don’t feel bad…

    1. no its ok….thanks….first i thought abt the story……iss mein ek main lead ki death hogi…but main kaise viplav ko maar detha? iss liye main dhaani ko chuna….mujhe bhi bohat bhura laga…par main kya karoon? story aisi thi

    2. thanks maria for the names

  6. lovely n soooo heart touching story.
    I was cry when Dhani is dead ?

    1. thanks nima…….now dhaani is back na atlast in riya’s attire

  7. Wonderful lakshmi…
    Its so lovely..loved it??
    And you explained it very well..,??

    1. thanks arshi di…..i thought my style and others would be different…..sab meri jaisi nahi hai na

      1. Han han u r so different??

  8. Oh Vimi!! What a story! You literally made me cry. But good thing is it was only a short story. ?

    And yes!!! Thank you for not making Viplav dead. ?

    1. Lakshmi (Viplav)

      thanks areeb….me too never want this as a ff…so makes it as ss….i never do that….but some circumstances led to dhani death….and i’m really sorry for that guys

  9. Oh btw, can I call you Vimi?? ? It’s like compound of Viplav & your own name Laxmi.. ?

    1. Lakshmi (Viplav)

      yep thanks areeb…….Vimi seems to be cool…….now onwards vimi

  10. Lakshmi…..had commented before…but i guess it was eaten up…..
    Story was nice…. one shot …… Loved it …though felt sad for Dhaani’s death

    1. Lakshmi (Viplav)

      thanks sujie di…me too having the same problem

  11. very good story, yes dhaani death was bad but you gave double role for her, so no problem, love it lakshmi…….

    1. thanks di…..when will u back with ur new ff?

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