Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 8) (Swalak Friendship Special)

Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

(Swalak Friendship Special 1)

Chapter 8 A

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This time i m really very late but it was only due some health issues i will post twice in a week from now onward….Guys let me remind you swara is telling ragini her past
SwaLak friendship was on peak now they become besties n spent most of the time together now there friendship was going to complete a year swara is now a strong n important member of family for maheshwaris cuz they always wished to have a daughter n find swara n started treating her like a princess sanlak always feel jealous n even sometimes complain that everyone care for swara more than them so everything was going on well n then the exam time for swalak comes sanskar had finished MBA n joined family business

Swara in her room talking to sumi n dida on skype just then laksh enters

Laksh (cheerfully): hey dida how r u

Dida: hm theek ae laksh tm kesa hai…

Swara (angrily) :isse kya hoskta hai dida …n why u never come after knocking … dont u have manners …. ?

Laksh: oh ur lecture tape starts again ….how many times i should tell u to lock the door u know me na then why u complain always

Swara (irritated): u r impossible n makes face

Laksh: yes i m shona…n give a tight smile

Dida: oho stop it u both why u guys always fight

Swara (complaining way): Dida what to do he is so ill mannered that i became angry

Laksh ( in same way): Dida see her..i mean can’t she lock her room…n she always fight on stupid silly issues

Swara: u always gave reasons to fight

Laksh: u fights without any reasons

Sumi: ok stop it u both now Laksh how r u beta

Laksh: i m fine aunty

Sumi: n how is ur studies going

Swara (interrupts): He will fail this time cz he only do party na khd prhta hai na mje prhne deta hai

Laksh (attitude) : hr bar ki trha jb is bar b mei first aunga tb dekhna

Swara (more attitude): hr bar Swara Bose se pala nhi prta tmhara pr is bar 1st ake dikhao

Laksh: don’t b overconfident shona

Swara: same 2 u Mr.Unlucky

Sumi: well i have work u both na impossible kbi dost kbi dshmn work hard for ur exams ok all the best n they offline

Swara: why u come to my room?

Laksh : i need ur notes of chapter 5 of abc subject… i lost mine

Swara: i have but they r incomplete

Laksh: na hone se hona kuch behter hai give them to me i will study n complete n then return u back ok

Swara: hmm ok just wait

the whole week was off from college for exam preparation so at home they study hard

Exam day 1 at college

Rishi: well guys how is ur preparation

Omi(fully tensed): i didn’t learn a single word hope to get pass

Laksh (confidently): well i m fully prepared guys

Sonia: lucky u will come 1st like always

Kavya: well i don’t know why but i feel that swara is going to give lucky a competition she also seems to b confident

Swara: yes … laksh u r gone this time be ready to come 2nd

Rishi: its good but guys there should b no competitions between friends

Sonia: hmm right … these all thing shouldn’t effect friendship

Rishi: for the first time sonia u said something right

Kavya (chukled): n for the first time rishi agreed to sonia

Sonia (in attitude): i m always right it’s just rishi who is so dumb that doesn’t understands me

Rishi ( in same tone): never mind sonia it was my mistake to compliment u …u r so arrogant that’s why i hate u

Sonia: even i m not ur fan

both RishNia were passing deathly glares to each other SwaLak kavya n omi were enjoying their fight just then bell rings n all go to class … after 2 hours of exam they met

Swara : so guys how was it?

Laksh: that was not so tough

Omi: hmm i can easily pass now

Rishi: bro for god sake pay some heed towards studies

Sonia: yeah omi u should be serious grades matters a lot

Kavya: guys leave it na lets go to canteen i m hungry

all went to canteen except laksh he excuses himself by saying he will just come n ask others to wait for him in canteen

In Canteen

Rishi: its 20 minutes he is not still back

Sonia: he is not receiving my call even

Omi: I’ll go n get lucky

Swara: no u guys should leave its late now i will check him

Kavya: ok then we shall leave but don’t forget to inform me where that idiot lucky was roaming making us waiting for him

then all bid bye n leave

Swara was tensed she was searching him n in one corridor she saw him

Swara (angrily n almost shouted): where the hell u were?

Laksh: i was just coming i went to professor to ask a question

Swara: ok now come everyone left n now we should also leave just then she notice something n stops

Swara(tensely): laksh what is this why n how ur hand is bleeding … why r u quiet now just answer me

Laksh(casually): nothing serious its a small cut

Swara: its a serious cut n bleeding too much she was at verge of crying after seeing his badly injured hand
just then a girl comes n says

Girl: thank u Laksh agr aj tm na hote tou n she cries

Laksh (trying to pacify her): hey its ok tina me nhi hota tou koi or hota q k jo log ache hote hai unke sath bura nhi hota

Tina: any ways tmhare hath pe boht chot ayi hai thank god left hand hai wrna tm exam kese dete…please tm bandage krlo

Laksh:ok ..u just take care n be careful ok

Tina : ok n leave

Swara (give suspicious look): will u tell me what was that?

Laksh (stammering) :oh wo actually wo

Swara (angrily) : wo wo mei time waste nhi kro chlo medical room mei main bandage krti hun phr btana mje kya hua

Swara doing bandage n Laksh: ah aram se its paining
swara’s tear escape from her eyes

Laksh wipes it n say: arrey chot mje lgi or ro tm rhi ho…all ok na kahin pyar tou nhi hogya mjse he chuckled to make her feel better

Swara (emotionally): shut up laksh mei kisi ko b drd mei nhi dekh skti or tmhe tou blkul b nhi q k …n stops

Laksh: q k

Swara: q k tm mere friend ho is liye …chlo ab btao kya hua tha

Laksh: kx nhi wo sahil tina ko zbrdsti class mei leke ja ra tha wo us din tina ne usko thpr mara tha na tou bs uska bdla lene k chkr mei mene bs uski help ki pr wo lrai mei glass bottle mere hath pe lg gyi

Swara: hero bn ne ki kya zrurt thi tmhe… management ko complain krte wo matter deal krti

Laksh: isse tina ki image khrab hoti yar …ik lrki ki dignity kitni important hoti hai u know na

Swara: gets touched n kiss on his cheeks happily n says i m proud of u Laksh

Laksh: shocked but happy with her acts n hugs her

Swara: ok now come lets go home everyone must be waiting
n they leave in car swara was busy on her phone n Laksh was driving

Laksh’s POV:
What was that feeling…she kiss me n i hug her i also felt like i m most happiest person in this world it was something else other than friendship it was something magical but she is just my best friend may be i m getting it wrong but i loved it

Swara’s POV:
What did i do…i hope he doesn’t think something wrong…but why i can’t see him hurt why i cried for him…why i became so much happy n emotional by his talks that i kiss him i never did that before but he did a good job n we r just friends but i feel so good when he hug me i feel like never before that comfort in his arms i wish that i could stop that moment but why …uff swara take a break he is just a best friend nothing else n they reach home

They both study seriously during exams days n give their best n only one exam was left
SwaLak were in hall n Sanskar comes

Sanskar: u both here i came to ask u guys when ur exams will finish

Laksh: after 2 days …but why r u asking

Sanskar:hmm great so u guys can accompany me to udaipur then

Swara: udaipur… why?

Sanskar: i m going for some office work alone i thought its a nice place u guys will have a refreshment after exams n i will also have some company for two days what say..?

Swara: hmmm good idea

Laksh: yeah after exam we will have a break

n then their exam finished n they were ready to go udaipur … in night they were packing their bags as they have a flight next morning Swara packed her bag n go to Laksh’s room to check him n got shocked by seeing scenario

Swara (shockingly): what the hell is this why ur room is so messed up

actually clothes were scattered on bed n floor n laksh was throwing more shirts out of Almirah

Laksh replied: i m packing but can’t decide what to pack

Swara: its horrible Laksh is this the way to do packing..move i will do ur packing …

Laksh: no i can do it myself

Swara: i can see that…u really lack senses n ethics

Laksh: swara i m a boy n u r a girl so plz stop ur lecture

Swara: u r boy that doesn’t mean u will never learn some ethics n will remain an idiot there is a way to do anything

Laksh: uff ok do my packing take these shirts that i choose to take n i will put these back

he collect all other clothes n stuff in almirah

Swara: o god why r u putting them back like this when u will open ur almirah then they will fall on floor laksh

Laksh: so what ….

Swara: Laksh why r u so disorganised person

Laksh: what is ur problem yar i m like this only i can’t change myself now

Swara: uff Laksh change urself otherwise sonia will leave u due to ur such childish habits u know sonia want a husband like sanskar..mature n organized person…not like u idiot

Laksh: who said i will marry sonia

Swara (asked confusely)doing packing: u love her na

Laksh: but she don’t n even i don’t

Swara: u said u like her n feel for her

Laksh: but now i realized it was a crush i have no feeling for her now.. it was just an attraction

Swara(somewhere happy but doesn’t show): r u serious

Laksh: i am serious n 100 percent sure so now lets end this chapter forever

Swara: ok …even i also feel the same bcoz that was not like love

Laksh: then what love means to u

Swara: i don’t know…i never fall in love…n i also don’t wanna fall in love…it only gives pain n hurts

Laksh: how could u say when u never experience

Swara: i never saw happy ending of love stories in real life….love is good in fairytles not in real life

Laksh: true love always face harships but i feel at the end love wins u know i read somewhere love hurts love heals

Swara: so what exactly love means to you

Laksh: well as much as i feel n i know true love is a strange n beautiful feeling it makes u complete…without love there is no life

Swara: so u mean love is life n life is love

Laksh: yeah…i mean just think if our friends n family n our life partners dont love us then what is meaning of our life…it is then simply worthless na

Swara: u r so dumb but i never thought ur thoughts r so mature…

Laksh: u should not never judge people by their looks only…

Swara: correct…n i always judge people by their hearts ..i always know u have a pure heart but never saw ur this one phase

Laksh: so what u saw in me

Swara: i saw a idiot stupid duffer dumb careless disobedient immature

Laksh (got irritated): hey stop it i m not like that

Swara: no u r

Laksh: then what about u ha jungli billi teekhi mirchi

Swara: what did u say n hit him on chest

Laksh: see u always fight

Swara: u gave me reason to fight

Laksh: u need no reason to fight jhannsi ki rani

Swara: u r gone now laksh n started chasing him in room

n then they have pillow fight n fall on bed laughing on their acts remembering their silly arguement

Laksh: oh now get up n help me clean this mess or else if somebody saw then i m definitely gone
Swara: yeah
n they clean room…then she went to her room to sleep

Swara’s POV:
yeh laksh b na khd tou pagal hai pr mje b ik din pagal kr dega….wese kitni ajeeb bat hai kbi kbi lgta hai k yeh ik useless imature idiot hai or kbi kbi itni badi badi batein ache ache kam krdeta hai k hr koi shock hojaye…pr jese b hai i love him…what i love him..no i like him as a person n love like a friend,…off swara don’t make urself confuse laksh n u impossible

Laksh’s POV:
ha…aisa kbi ho hi nhi skta k mei or swara jhgra na kre pta nhi q mje usko irritate krne ka usse lrne ka maza q ata hai …sch mei ik ajeeb si buri adat hogyi hai uski …wo na ho tou jese sb kx adhura lgta hai…kya hai ye sb ye feeling beta laksh ye swara to tuje pagal kr ke hi choregi to ussey chor or udaipur k bare mei soch ….

Precap: udaipur trip swalak fun n may be more love realization….

Pardon my mistakes……Thanks for reading n keep supporting

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