Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 8 B) (SwaLak Friendship Special)


Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

(Swalak Friendship Special 2)

Chapter 8 B

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They all bid bye to everyone at home n went to airport n then reach to udaipur all went to there rooms for rest
At lunch time sanskar had meeting so he went to his client n SwaLak were having lunch in room
Swara: so what is the plan?

Laksh: what plan?

Swara:arey about exploring udaipur ..

Laksh: oh yeah we will go to castle tonight..n then have a dinner at udaipur famous food street n tomorrow we will go to xyz place n then at last to abc place

Swara: n i heard there is a market from where very good rajishthanhi item can be brought so we will do shopping tommorow also

Laksh: i thought u r different but my mistake..he makes a disappointed face

Swara: mtlb

Laksh: round around the world why every girl is fond of shopping

Swara: cuz we r girls n don’t worry i will not force u to carry bags

Laksh: no its ok i can carry ur burden throughout my life

Swara: r u ok

Laksh: hmm…why

Swara: kuch nhi bs thode ziada hi sweet horahe ho kahin mje diabetes na hojaye…she said dramatically…n chuckles

Laksh: so what we r friends for life…or mene decide kiya hai k ab se no fights..he said casually

Swara: acha aisa q tmhi tou kehte ho k hm lre bina nhi reh skte so q

Laksh: q k after annual term tm kolkata chli jao gi or

Swara: she cuts him n says ..or phr tm mje bhul jaoge

Laksh: nhi blkul b nhi ..mei tmhe boht ziada miss krunga..me khd ko ik pl k liye shaid bhul jaun pr tmhe kbhi nhi..he said emotionally but swara didn’t realize his intensity n chuckles

Swara:haha jhute..tm baqi lrkion k sath flirt krne me busy hojaoge or mje bhul jaoge

Laksh:no n never ..ur my bestie shona..n iss janam mei main tmhara sath nhi chorunga..he was being serious

Swara:oh god tou kya tm kolkata mere piche pche aoge…me tou gyi kam se

Laksh: han mei soch raha hun k mei kolkata permanent shift hojata hu wahan per jo hmara buisness hai usko mei dekhunga or tm b mere sath hamari company mei job krna we will always stay together…what say

Swara: no way ab kya apni professional life mei b mje tmhe jhelna prega….

Laksh:tou tm mjse jan churana chahti ho..he was getting hurt as her shona was making fun of his emotions

Swara: ha

Laksh:how mean swara

Swara: whatever u think but its a fact ..

Laksh: then ok once u leave i will never show u my face he was getting furious

Swara: really….thank u so much

Laksh: i m serious

Swara: even i m serious

Laksh: fine i m leaving …u enjoy here alone…we r not friends anymore ..khush ho jao q k tmhari jan mjse hmesha k liye chut rhihai ms.swara bose …

Swara: arey tm really serious ho..plz gussa tou mt kro…now she realized that he may blast like a bomb anytime cuz he always call her ms.swara bose when he is serious or angry n regrets about her words

Laksh: so what should i do…u have no value for me…m i really that bad..i thought we r bestie but u..he was angrily shouting

Swara: laksh..i was joking…i m sorry..she hold his hand to make him calm down
both were looking at their hands n were silent for some time n then he said

Laksh: plz never say that again it really hurts me

Swara:ok i will never say like that but tell me one thing u know na i was joking then why u become angry

Laksh: thought something n says i don’t know..but u know na u r a very SPECIAL FRIEND to me i mean jese mei tmhare sath hota hun wesa kissi k sath nhi hota..they were still holding their hands n there was a emotional happy eye lock between them..then he broke the eye lock n says …anyways leave it n be ready @7 we will go to castle

Swara: also become normal n says..ha mei to time pe ready hojaungi hr dfa ki tra pr tm late na hona she taunts him

Laksh: o hello mei kb late hota hun

Swara: she shot back..tm last time kb time pe aye thei..late latif kahi k

Laksh: gives up cuz he know she was right: ok mera or argue krne ka mood nhi hai mei apne room me ja ra hu bye

Swara: bye

n then he leave..(Now i m going to finish the trip in short para)

They explore udaipur ..in castle swalaksan enjoyed then at food street they eat many items swara teased sanlak by calling bukhads then next day they went xyz place where laksh was flirting with a foriengner girl leaving swasan alone swara was too much jealoused n also fight with laksh whereas sanlak finds her behaviour strange cuz laksh was just adressing the girl something which she mistook flirting…then they do shopping n finally their trip end..they go to airport it was a night flight…swara was still angry n was not getting why is she behaving like this n laksh was also confused ..they both were ignoring each other without any reason n sanskar was just laughing on their childish antics ..

Swara’s POV:
What is happening ..laksh is changing or i m thinking much about him .. we r friends from a year but i don’t know why from past some days i m getting more attached n attracted towards him if it is friendship or love……no i can’t love him or anyone …in love u only get decieved like my father left my mother she bear so much pain she still tolerate taunts by society but she is so strong she raised me up she never let me feel that i don’t have a father…i don’t know who is my father.. mom never told me n even i never ask her i know if i ask she will feel bad n i don’t want to hurt her but i feel that all what happened to my ma was due to love ..i feel if i love someone then i will also get ditched…n i can’t bear that..but i trust laksh…i always thought all men are creeps cuz they always keep bad eye on me n my ma just bcoz we don’t have a man in family but laksh sanskar bade apa chacha ji the r so good they love me so much..sanskar is like a brother to me bade papa n chacha like father n laksh like a bestie so…but why i feel jealoused when i see him with some other girl….why it give me pain when he is hurt…why i always want him to be with me…why i have fallen for him …yes i know i love him…so from now i will not let my love overpower me…sorry laksh…i know what u feel for me u always say i m special for u…but now i will stay away from u…

Laksh’s POV:
What happened to u dude.. why u always want to be with her…kya ho ra hai ye sb q swara hi mere dil or dimag pr sawar hai..uff kahin ye sb…no no ye nhi hoskta….idea ankhein bnd krta hun or dil pe hath rkhta hun agr wo dikhi tou ..n he does the same n open his eyes smilingly n says..u have fallen for her damn…yes its all are symptoms of a disease called love…i love swara…i love u my shona..finally i got the courage to accept this fact…but what about her..she does’nt love me…n i can’t loose her friendship…….o h god what to do now……no mje himmat krni hogi kahin sari life wait na krta rehjaun ok i will propose her once i get a good chance…..

then they landed on mumbai meet everyone at home have dinner n then after a family time they sleep…

Precap: SwaLak proposal special

ok guys now there is an announcement that next episode will be proposal special then a love special n atlast the final episode of SwaLak past as breakup special…then the fb will end n story will progress in present that how will SwaLak will overcome their issues…n how will be RagSan married life….

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