Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 7)

Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Chapter 7

Episode 6

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Note :
guys swalak will unite definitely but after having a roller coaster ride in their life….if u have read all parts then u may come to know that both swara n laksh r justified on their sides n more of their pov will b clear to u soon…n pardon my mistakes ….
Episode begins with swara crying n ragini consoling her….ragini becomes too tensed….
Ragini: Swara please tell me what happened….?? why r u crying…

Swara: sobing…nothing is left ragini….everything is finished n i m resposible for that…

Ragini: Swara….drink water…she make her drink water n wipes her tears n ask…now be relax n tell me what happened

Swara: ok today i will tell u the most important part of my life which i never shared with anyone
Ragini confused n swara emotional

On the other side Laksh was punching on bag n sanskar comes…

Sanskar: u said that u love her n want her back…u only wanted to clear the misunderstanding…n now when everything is sorted then why r u messing up the things…

Laksh: everything is finished … she misunderstood me

Sanskar: exactly she misunderstood u…why r u being childish n egoistic laksh…u clear her misunderstanding..now go n patchup n finish this asap

Laksh: gets thinking but his ego again comes in between no bhai …. she don’t deserve my love…she thinks that i lust for her…how could she abuse my love …n she is not a kid who just believe on a stupid video n didn’t verify it…….she doesn’t trust me n she was so quiet after knowing the truth …i feel that she also wants the same …

Sanskar: she may b guilty…she needs some time laksh…u should give her a chance as today u got a chance to justify urself…u should also listen her pov…

Laksh: calms down cuz his love is bigger than his ego…but still he has some attitude …n casually says..if she wants to do patchup then this time she have to convince me…she will come to me now i won’t run behind her its enouggh i also have some self respect why always i have to be the first one to say sorry n all…she punished me for the mistake i didn’t do now she have to bear the pain which i was bearing from past 3 months…

Sanskar: that means u want her back…u love her…but u want her to bend this time…aren’t u exagerrating the matter …making it complicated

Laksh: hmm..may be…but i know this will make her realize her mistake…n after all these hardships our relation will become more strong….bhai i just cant stop loving her..i love her that much….i forgive her ..but if i go n patch up then she won’t realize her mistake…may b in future we again face this problem…i want her to value me n my love thats it

Sanskar: i get ur point but it will make her hurt cuz u r being revengeful lucky

Laksh: may be … but i just want that.. this time when we unite then never ever gets apart…i mean bhai i always observe that swara have been insecure towards every relation….she always have trust issues…u just see that ik video dekh kr usne believe kr lia k me cheater hu … bhai wo kisi per b assani se bhrosa nhi krti or agr krti hai tou zra si bat pr uska bhrosa tut jata hai….mei sari life usko her choti bat ki safaiyan de de kr nhi guzar skta or bs uski issi insecurity ko dur krna chahta hu…

Sanskar: tu yeh bat usko aram se bat kr k b smjha skta hai…usse khud se door krke …usse gussa hoke tu kahin usko hmesha k liye na khode…

Laksh: bhai wo sirf meri hai mei usse nhi kho skta i know mei jo krne wala hu wo glt hai pr uska result acha hoga…or agr mje kisi b point pe lga k mei usse khodunga tou apna plan whi rok dunga

Sanskar: so what is ur plan?

Laksh: no plan ..actually i will remain angry n show attitude just…i want to know what she will do if she is moved on or want me back…
Sanskar gave him a tensed look but laksh was having a determined face with assuring smile

On the other side swara started narrating fb to ragini
she told how they met first at college n then at home i will start fb after their second meeting

FB starts
Swara unpacking her bag in room laksh comes

Laksh…casually: hey thanks yar tmne papa k samne kux nhi bola wrna meri tou aj band bjjati

Swara..rudely: firstly i m not your yar…secondly mei uncle ko hurt or embarass nhi krna chahti unke bete ki krtut bta ke

Laksh: chill…mei itna b bura nhi hun…ok kbi kbi flirt kr leta hun pr mei koi awara lfnga nhi hu…lrkkion ki boht respect krta hun college me well reputed hun or hamesha 1st bhi ata hun class mei..

Swara: tum apni ram kahani bnd krne ka kya loge

Laksh: kx nhi bs dosti….see mei boht km logo ko dost bnata hun ….or wese b hm ik ghr mei rehene wale hain ik college mei prhne wale hai tou ye hate story q shuru kre lets be friends

Swara: mei b boht km frnds bnati hun aise hi dosti accept nhi kr skti

Laksh: ok take ur time n sorry for morning

Swara: hmm its ok but next time plz behave

Laksh: ok i hope now ur not angry

Swara: hmm i m ok….now will u go

Laksh: oh yeah u carry on
Swara’s POV: he is not that bad but he is a stranger to me i can’t trust him easily

Laksh’s POV: hm she is good but have too much attitude …but idon’t know why i m attracting towards her…why i m so desperate to be her friend…this feeling is so strange…

Next morning swara having breakfast with everyone laksh comes n sit next to her

Sanskar: wow only 10 minutes late today…great lucky…

DP: don’t know when he will value time

Laksh: papa its only 10 mins today…big deal

DP make a disappointed face

Swara: i m done … n now i m going to college see u in noon

Sanskar: hey wait we will go together

Laksh: ha bs 2 min

Swara: no i can go bymyself

Suj: chori inna k sath hi chlija ik hi clg to hai

Ap: ha swara beta hme b chinta nhi hogi akhr ab tm hmari zimadari ho

Dp: hmm .or luk san iska dhyan rkhna

Swara: ok uncle

Dp: beta agr tm mje bade papa bulaogi to mje acha lge ga mei hmesha chahta tha k koi beti ho or tm meri beti jesi tou hona

Swara: teary eyed: ok bade papa….

Laksh saw tear n chuckled so now my papa mama becomes ur bade ma papa n my chacha chachi b urs too

swara : hmmm….still controlling her tears

n they heads to go while sitting in the car laksh gives a tissue in her hand n smile

Swara’s POV…. kx na keh k b tm ne boht kx kehdia laksh….

Laksh’s POV…. uski ankho ki nmi mje q brdasht nhi hui or ye miss. attitude itni emotional b hai..??

all the way to clg laksh was staring swara from rear view mirror unnoticed by SwaSan …swara was looking outside n sanskar was driving they have a small convo about their classes n some random stuff to know each other n they reach college….sanskar leave SwaLak n went to his class n SwaLak started going to their class(they were in same class) just then two boys comes to them…

Boy 1: wow u r on time….am i dreaming….plz somebody pinch me…he said dramatically…

Laksh: shut up Rishi (boy 1) i m not a late latif…he felt embarass in front of swara n glare that boy

Boy 2: chill bro…come lets go to canteen our first class is cancelled….then he noticed swara looking here n there n ask who is she…

Laksh: oh meet swara i told u guys about her yesterday night …n swara.. its omi n rishi my friends…
they all shake hands they were about to go to canteen just then 2 girls waves them n started coming towards them n they stops

Omi: chl lucky….agayi teri dream girl

Rishi: i hate her…don’t know what u like in her bro

Laksh glare them: shut up u both it is not like that (in mind)these idiots now what will swara think

swara gives a blank look to laksh … n laksh avoid it

Girl 1: hey guys

Laksh: hi kavya…n they side hug

Girl 2: hi everyone

Omi: hi sonia when u came back from delhi

Sonia: yesterday…how r u all …n who is she

laksh: its swara….new in our class n my… laksh look at swara

swara understand n says i m his friend

laksh felt happy n smile

laksh: n swara its sonia n kavya our friends n these r my only friends

swara: nice 2 meet u all

omi: welcome to our group now come on guys mene breakfast nhi kiya lets go

laksh: yeah i m also hungry

swara: but u have ur breakfast

laksh: are wo jldi jldi me theek se nhi kiya

rishi: swara ye ik nmbr ka bhukai hai

laksh: rishi k bche rk tuje btata hu

n they all leave to canteen they have chit chat swara soon mixed up in them then they have class n leave two month passed like this swara laksh became besties they plays pranks have fun n sometime becomes tom n jerry laksh is very much attracted n inclined towards swara but still confused about his feeling he have a crush on sonia which he told to swara n swara always tease him on that..swara also becomes important n centre of attention for maheshwari family

Precap: SwaLak freindship phase fun in fb …sorry no ragsan for next two epi cuz that will b swalak past special

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