Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 6)

Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Chapter 6

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Happy on completion of 5 chapters n 6th one is here sorry for being too late i was busy with my studies n thanks to all who r commenting liking n following my ff so please guys keep supporting…..

This epi is going to be an important one n LONG one and all the afterward chapters will be important cuz now its time to reveal SwaLak past n then u guys will see how they sort out their issues n how RagSan will help them as my ff is regarding the hardships people r usually facing in their relationships now a days so lets begin now

Episode starts with ragini waking up swara
Ragini: wake up or else we will get late

Swara: oho ragini why u people wake up so early i m sleepy let me sleep

Ragini: swara agr tm ab na uhti to hm tm pr pani gira denge jldi utho…hm teen tk gine ge
Swara gets up before she counts n pass a angry childish look murmurring koi ab mje sone b nhi dega n went to washroom n ragini smiles
they had a family time ragini was eagerly waiting for sanskar call cuz she was excited n curious about proposal n swara leaves for office

Scene at office SwaLak cabin

Laksh n swara doing their work

Laksh(in heart): i think today i should talk to her once i can’t take it anymore it’s high time to end this mess but for that i have to keep calm cuz as usual this jungli billi will shout n fight with me n i have to control my anger …keeping my ego aside i have to be poliet with her.. i need to clear all the differences among us so laksh bear her anger n attitude u will not fight with her no matter what she say u will keep calm

Swara: Laksh can u please mail me the summary of xyz file ?

Laksh: hmm ok wait….by the way i need ur help

Swara: hmm what help

Laksh: actually wo (stammering now) i ..was..thinking..wo actually not me bhai wants that…

Swara: cuts him… why r u stammering plz say it at once

Laksh: actually can we have a dinner tonight at our farm house wo bhai have some plan for ragini

Swara: u idiot what we will do at their date

Laksh: arrey u will bring ragini there its a surprise for her ….

Swara: ok but what we will do there it will be awkward

Laksh: no u just bring her to farm house somehow….bhai has arranged something near the farm house…we will be alone at farmhouse wating for them so we will have dinner n we will make presentation of abc project …i hope u won’t have any problem ..if u can’t then its ok we will think some other plan…

Swara: hmm ok i will bring ragini u tell me the adress

Laksh: no i will send a car farm house is far away so

Swara: no we will manage we will take a cab …if u send a car then ragini would doubt

Laksh says ok n they both again started their work

Laksh(in mind): oh no now bhai will kill me for spoiling his date but agar mei ye na krta tou swara kbi b nahi manti chl laksh bhai ko manana konsa mshkil hai bs thora gussa hi krega na tou kiya hua bhai hi hai

Scene at sanskar’s room at MM
Sanskar was shouting on laksh as he told him what he did

Sanskar: lucky how could u do this….i mean who ask u to do this …u spoiled my plan…

Laksh: bhai chill…i help u…see how would u take ragini there…so i take swara’s help

Sanskar: laksh…..i have also planned something for that ….why i am feeling that u have some hidden motive behind ur this so called HELP…..i can read your face…tell me what r u hiding…whats ur plan exactly

Laksh: ah…wo..nothing bhai…why ..would i hide…something…he was stammering n looking down

Sanskar: in serious tone….eye contact laksh…don’t look down….i m observing from a long time that there is something wrong between u both ….so tell me the truth or u both won’t come
Laksh looks up n gave up n decided to tell the truth

Laksh: hmm..ok bhai i will tell u the whole truth today…but on two conditions

Sanskar: although u r not in position to do any kind of deal with me ….. but anyway tell me ur condition

Laksh: 1st u will not be angry n 2nd u will help me

Sanskar: ok accepted now speak the truth

Laksh: i love swara ….

Sanskar: what…(shocked)….from when n …

before he say more laksh cut him

Laksh: but we broke up

Sanskar: now even more shocked….broke up….when u guys were in relation then

Laksh: last year on valentine day i proposed her…we were in relationship for 10 months then after farewell party we had a fight n broke up…she came to kolkata n i went to europe….we hide our relationship from both family n friends no single person knew about it…cuz swara was staying with us so i didn’t want that someone think wrong..or take our relationship wrong..sorry bhai but i thought that after swara leave from our house i will tell u but before that we broke up……laksh was weeping

Sanskar: hugs him to console….do u still love her

Laksh: yes i love her a lot but she hates me now

Sanskar: why u guys broke up

Laksh: because of me…we had an arguement n it was started by me only…she was disturbed at that time i don’t know why she was disturbed n instead of making her feel better i fight with her

Sanskar: it is a stupid reason for breakup….i mean on a single verbal fight u guys broke up n didn’t try to patch up…u guys r really silly

Laksh: no bhai it is not the only reason….she had some misunderstanding…next day i realized that i should say sorry to her but when i went to her she broke up with me i ask the reason so she said that i cheat her…i became angry on her n we again fight n she broke up n left me..i also became egoistic so i didn’t try to sort out the things n…but bhai i swear i didn’t cheat her i was loyal towards her i really loved her…i know it’s my mistake that i didn’t try to sort out the issue n exagerate the matter n i regret that ….. but bhai now i realized that she is my love my life n i want to win her back at any cost so i decided to talk to her once to know the reason that why she think that i cheat her…he was upset ..teary eyed…but determined to win his love back

Sanskar who was listening all quietly: hmm its late to patch up now…but if u love her then u should go for it… i will help u

Laksh: thanks bhai..now be ready we have to leave

Scene at GM
SwaRagini gets ready to leave…swara lied to go on a friend’s engagement n ragini also agree to accompany as she was disappointed she waited whole day for sanskar’s call but he didn’t they took a cab n reach farmhouse

Ragini: swara….it doesn’t seem there is some engagement

Swara: yes

Ragini: confused..then what r we doing here

SanLak just then comes n Sanskar says: i will tell u ……
now ragini bcomes happy cuz she understands everything

RagSan left in a car somewhere n SwaLak in farm house

At RagSan side
they reached to a lake the bushes at the place where decorated with lights n lake was having diyas saying I LOVE U
there were a table with two chairs having candle n roses it all looks so beautiful….

Ragini: beautiful

Sanskar: hmm may be… but ur more beautiful
ragini blushes n sanskar holds her hand n bend on his knees n says

Pyaar ka meetha “Ehsaas” dilane laga hai tu
Ab to mujh se mujhi ko churane laga hai tu

Teri chahtoon ka chaaya hai saroor is qadar
Har pal har jagah nazar aane laga hai tu

Veeraan thi yeh zindgi tere aane se pehle
Khushiyoon ke sapne mujhe dhikane laga hai tu

Ragini mei cheesy romantic lines nahi keh skta pr mei phr b srf yeh kahunga k mene jbse tmhe dekha to mje tmse ziada khoobsurat koi nhi lga jbse tmhe jana smjha tou laga k tmse acha tmse sacha koi or ho hi nhi skta ragini tmhe mei bohat chahta hun boht pyar krta hu

Ragini: I LOVE YOU TOO….
sanskar take out a bracelete n tie on her wrist n stands up n they hug eachother

then they have a romantic slow dance on muscic or you guys can imagine any song n then they have dinner n some talks…..

At SwaLak side

Laksh: lets have dinner first

Swara: hmm

n they have dinner laksh was staring her continuosly n swara becomes irritated

Swara: almost shouting…what’s wrong with u …why r u staring me like u have never saw me before

Laksh: casually with smile…what to do shona u r so beautiful that i can’t take my eyes off….n its not my fault….

Swara: hmm laksh…u r never at fault…she said sarcastically

Laksh: get stands up…sit close to her …hold her hands…swara please just give me a chance he said emotionally

Swara: to break my heart for one more time..(she was hurt)…laksh i don’t want to talk about past

Laksh: but i want …i want to sort out our differemces n i want to start afresh………a new life with u again…please shona give me one chance …
he was still holding her hands eye contact…emotional….teary eyed

Swara: still angry..no laksh..its imposible now..i hate u ..i can’t forgive u for what have u done

Laksh:at least tell me what i have done

swara: dont u know..u cheat me

Laksh: i didnt i was truly loyal

Swara: no u did

Laksh: really…then tell me how

Swara: u kissed sonia ur first love…u only loved her not me

Laksh: what crap..no its wrong

Swara: i saw ur mms

Laksh: its false…i thought u were angry on me bcz i try to force u on taking our relation to next level but

Swara: cut him..yes i was bcz u lust for me not love..she was shouting..crying..bringing out her pain through her anger

Laksh: u cant insult my love like that…he was still calm…trying not to b angry

Swara: i will bcz u r liar cheater u dont deserve love u dont know what the meaninig of love is you all men are same u name ur lust as ur love

Laksh: now looses control n became furious…enough is enough swara i regret that i try to force u n fight with u n i m really sorry for that but i didn’t cheat u trust me

Swara: i wont trust u …just a second let me show u…she show some video which laksh watched in shock

Swara: this video make me hate u so much i always know u r a flirt but never thought u r that cheap….

laksh: u … arey if u have shown me this stupid video before than things would not have gone so worse….
swara gave a look

Laksh: do you remeber rishi n sonia participated in a dance competiton n they were practicing but rishi was not doing properly so i was just teaching him … it was cozy romantic dance n then something went in her eye i was just checking that i dont know who captured it in a wrong way u may go n ask rishi n sonia i m not lieing swara

now swara was shocked she was regreting all what she have done n said
on other side laksh was fuming that how could she misunderstood him

laksh: so miss.swara bose till now i was blaming my self that my one mistake make us apart i really should not have done which i do so sorry for that i thought to patch up with u but now i feel its better we stay apart we r good in this position cuz u dont trust me u feel i lust for u i have some bad intentions for u which is wrong i only loved u ..but not anymore.. u only said once that trust is the basic element of a relation n when there is no trust then there is no love so from now u r just a colliegue n my bhai’s sis in law for me we r done with each other i wish a happy life ahead to you .. he was angry..disappointed..teary eyed..both have an eyelock mixed with intense emotions

swara was just simply numb
laksh text sanskar to come
they come ragsan noticed swalak upset
but thought to ask after reaching home

Swara’s POV: what have i done in anger…i should have given him a chance…how i could b that stupid to believe on a video..not on my love…i ruined everything…she was heart broken

Laksh’s POV: why u didn’t try to reconcile with me after knowing truth..do u really don’t want me back..how could u accuse me n name my love as lust..when its pure

Ragini ask swara after reaching home what happen …she was so hurt that breaks down.. hug her n cried her heart out…n ragini becomes tensed n confused…

Swara: everything is over ragini..i lost him…i lost my love forever..i hate myself…..

on the other side laksh declared to sanskar that he is done with swara n dont want her anymore he was hurt n angry….n sanskar was concerned for him

Precap: Sanskar try to make laksh calm…..swara telling ragini her past … The SwaLak Love Story in FB BEGINGS…

pardon my mistakes n do comments please

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