Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 5)


Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Chapter 5

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guys i want to know that which actor u guys finds better on basis of acting+looks+nature so plz comment

A: Namish Taneja /laksh /swaragini ( i love him 10/10)
B: Varun Kapoor/sanskar/swaragini
C: Rohan Mehra/naksh/yrkkh
D: Mohsin Khan/kartik/yrkkh
thanks to all who r following my ff n commenting it really encourage me so here comes the boring episode today there will be family drama but i will just give a summary to not bore u guys much n SwaLak RagSan will be there
Episode begins early morning swara has off today as its sunday she went to maheshwari house alone to talk to dp n rest family members first they have casual talks as they met after long time then SwaLak n Sanskar convince him to help them after telling shekhar sumi matter n he agrees so they all went to baadi as pressurize dadi… dadi didn’t want to break the alliance as maheshwari’s are rich n dadi is greedy so she agreed unwantedly n here i will take a leap of 2 week in which Shekhar Sumi get married Dida go to banaras to her sister in this week RagSan gets close n now they started sharing a good bond SwaLak equation didn’t change but swra’s hatred increases because one day
Sanskar called SwaLak n Shreya n another employee Ravi to his cabin n give them briefing about some projects for that project he made Swara n Ravi pair n Laksh n Shreya pair they went to SwaLak cabin n starts working
Swara n Ravi were having professional attitude n they were only focusing on work while Shreya n Laksh were behaving too friendly which make Swara irked n jealous

Scene 1 At park
RagSan Meeting sanskar holding ragini hand both are smiling having eye lock

Ragini: Sanskar its only 2 weeks left then we will be getting marry i m so nervous

Sanskar: why r u nervous don’t u like me o i mean don’t u love me he was tensed

Ragini: playfully said i like u but i don’t know about love

Sanskar: what r u saying ragini u still don’t love me he gets worried

Ragini: come on sanskar u also don’t love me u also never said that

Sanskar: quickly …no ragini i love u i love u so much

Ragini: then why u never proposed me ha tell me

Sanskar now get her point n understand her plan n say: so u wanted me to propose u that means u also love me ha

Ragini: well u will only know my answer after when u propose me in a good way

Sanskar: so now be ready ms.ragini gadodia tomorrow i will propose u in a grand way that u will say i love u too

Ragini: hmm we will see its not easy task for u mr.sanskar maheshwari

then they bid bye n go

At Baadi Swara’s room
Swara was lost in her thoughts and went into fb

At Beach SwaLak sitting on sand laksh back hugging swara n swara putting her hands on his arms around her waist n watching sunset

Swara: Laksh i have seen sunset many times but today i m enjoying it like i have seen first time u know why?

Laksh: because we r together n u r enjoying the sight with me n our love

Swara: hmm…. i love u laksh i love u so much … i only wish that our love increases by time it never changes … nothing never changes …. we always stay together please laksh never leave me … u know i just can’t imagine my life without u if i imagine then i feel like dying…

Laksh comes forward her n now they get face to face laksh hold her one hand n put his one finger on her lips

Laksh: shshhh u talk so much shona… i love u more than anything….now listen… he now cups her face showering his love on her through his eyes

Laksh: do u trust me

Swara: looking into his eyes … lost in his love… more than myself

Laksh: then i promise u i will never ever leave u… nothing will be change we will always be together …our love will only increase by time…nothing can make us apart….n please don’t talk rubbish like dying n all again

Swara: emotionally says ok n gets teary eyed

Laksh wipes her tears n get close to her lips she closed her eyes n they get into a passionate kiss filled with love which they break due to lack of breath they join their foreheads smilingly n says love u to each other n hugs

Fb ends

Swara’s POV: u break my trust laksh u didn’t keep ur promise everything got changed our love got lost somewhere..i won’t forgive u…i m pretending to be happy but no one knows that how much my heart pains my soul is hurt laksh just bcoz of u …u break me laksh i love u more than anything but u cheated on me….she was crying silently

on the other side in Laksh’s room Laksh was walking in balcony restlessly

Laksh’s POV: u left me swara…u even didn’t give me a chance to justify myself i know somewhere it was my fault but i was never fully at fault i will sort out everything…i will make everything like before all what i need is ur one chance n i m sure this time u will not be disappointed…but u ……….u r not ready to talk about this…whenever i try u just run away…why don’t u get me he seems upset n teary eyed

Ragini’s POV: i m waiting for tomorrow that how will u impress me she keeps on blushing

Sanskar’s POV: now u have to impress her anyhow.. i m sure u will love my proposal he seems determined

Guys plz suggest me some unique proposal idea via comment

Precap: Sanskar proposal to ragini…….. SwaLak moment

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  1. AMkideewani

    Amazing dear, I love your story with my favourite couples❤️❤️❤️
    Namish Taneja he is an awesome actor

    1. thanks…..n same pinch we r namish fan

    2. Reyaa

      thanks….well same pinch we both r namish fan

      1. AMkideewani


  2. Sherin

    awesome…..varun kapoor dear…

  3. Fabulous chappy

  4. Naughty pumpkin

    Swalak moment shud b
    Full of emotions
    I lov thm

    1. Reyaa

      well i m trying to write in a good way its my first ff plz comment n give suggestions

  5. I love Varun and Mohsin…..really cute…..
    And episode is really awesome…..
    I think Ragsan should help clear all misunderstandings of Swalak……

    1. Reyaa

      well yes may be RagSan will play an important role somehow in union of SwaLak

  6. Silent_writer

    Suprb n varun n namish equal equal n about proposal may b a place like dark

  7. A.xx

    great and varun kapoor,,,
    for proposal it should be magical a once in a life time experience so maybe he takes her on a boat and goes diving and takes the ring out or a necklace to show his love for her from under the water and give it to her.xx

    1. Reyaa

      i will try your idea its nice thanks

      1. A.xx

        thank you and good luck.xx

  8. Hemalattha


  9. Namish and Mohsin.. I love them both

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