Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 4)


Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Chapter 4

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On request a bit more RagSan …. i can’t give them equal importance as it spoils my story line but will be enough RagSan…cuz SwaLak is my focus i can’t handle two love stories in my first ff ….keep supporting n commenting n please do comments guys so that i may continue i don’t want to bore anyone nor waste the time……..n i m avoiding family scenes completely and giving only when required hope its not a issue ….as i said about shekhar sumi union in precap on last update so sorry for that it will be on next update


Episode begins with morning Swara wakes up n gets ready to leave for office n reaches office n greets sanskar

At Cabin

Swara: where is laksh he didn’t come yet even sanskar came … must be sleeping … late latif kahin ka
she starts to do her work just then laksh enter

Laksh: Good morning he says to swara n sits on his chair open laptop n starts working

Swara:didn’t reply

Laksh: i said Good morning swara

Swara: uh.. irritated.. what is so good in the morning when i have to see ur face … don’t irritate me let me do my work

Laksh: frowns but says after a while with smile … but someone’s beautiful face makes my morning good n he sighs

Swara looks at him confusedly before she reacts

Laksh stands up smirking : ah shreya is so beautiful

Swara: get shocked cuz she assumed he was talking about her n ask u were talking about shreya

Laksh: of course who is more beautiful than her in this office…u know what i join the office only to be with her

Swara was burning in jealousy and glaring at laksh angrily he notice that so for enjoying the situation he ignored her n continue talking about shreya swara gets irritated so said

Swara: listen why don’t u go n eat her brain just shut up let me concentrate on my work

Laksh: dramatically ..yeah sorry u continue actually i just loose my senses while talking about her i feel lost in her LOVE

Swara: angrily stands up she was so hurt so she went to washroom banging the door hard n started crying in front of mirror

Swara’s POV: how could u laksh… u forgot ur love so easily … how could u….u r still same flirt … but why it hurts me uski life hai wo bhar mei jaye jo b kre mje kya … i won’t react i will also show him that i have also moved on …

Laksh’s POV: sorry shona for hurting u but i m happy that u r still effected u still get jealous u still feel for me u love me shona U LOVE ME … so now its easy for me to win u back i will make u confess that by hook or crook

swara enters cabin n starts working laksh thought its enough for today so started working they again didn’t talk

when they were leaving from office sanskar call them to their cabin

Sanskar: so guys office time ends here now whats the plan

Swara: no plan i m just going to home

Sanskar: o ho not that …about ur ma baba

Swara: ah … well lets have a dinner we will discuss there

Laksh: hmm good u call ragini also

Swara: i will try… can’t say a yes … may b dadi won’t allow her

Sanskar: i will talk to dadi so dinner at silver spoon restaurant at 8 pm we will pick u both

Swara: ok
n all leave sanskar convince dadi n they head to go for dinner

At Restaurant

Laksh: first order something then we will talk i m hungry

Swara: u r always a bhukhar

Laksh glares her they order the food n begins to talk

Laksh: my plan is awesome guys

Swara: no its stupid n filmy

Ragini: i agree with swara ..laksh it won’t work

Sanskar: i have a plan
everyone ask what

Sanskar: how about we blackmail dadi that i will break the alliance if she didn’t let them marry

Swara: yeah its good we can create a family drama she love ragini a lot n cares about society also

Laksh: but bhai what if it backfires i mean if for real they themselves break the alliance

Sanskar: don’t scare me now yar

Swara: giggles looking at sanskar n say its a good idea

Ragini: no swara its risky i don’t want to risk my relation

Laksh: o ho don’t worry only u will become my bhabi we just want to pressurize dadi

Sanskar: stammering yeah nothing will effect our relation ragini i will make sure that n he holds ragini hand assuring her everything will be okay

Laksh: swara see what a chemistry they have n laughs

Swara: hmm blossoming love that so soon hmm good guys

both SwaLak giggles while RagSan shies n embarrased

Swara: so its final at least we can try i will talk to bade papa i m sure he will help us in this

Sanskar: hmm if bade papa will pressurize dadi then it will be good
everyone agrees to give it a try soon the dinner comes while having the dinner

tera hone laga hoon song from movie ajab prem ki ghazab kahani plays in restaurant

Sanskar thinks something n forwards his hand to ragini: may i have a dance with u

Ragini gets confuse n blushes

Swara: coughs n says go ragini enjoy teasingly

sanskar with pleading eyes see towards her so she give her hand in his hand n they went on dance floor to dance

Swara: they make a good couple na

Laksh: hmm …. he was busy in eating n on his phone

Swara gives him a imposible look n goes into fb


At some party

laksh: lets’s have a dance shona this music is so romantic

Swara: ok

SwaLak were having a romantic dance they were lost in love of each other they were so close that they could feel the breathe of each other laksh twirls her n back hugs n started kissing her neck from back swara was enjoying the moment laksh again twirls her they come face to face

Laksh: I LOVE U SHONA n kiss her forehead

Swara: I LOVE U TOO n they hug passionately
fb ends

swara lost in thoughts say i love u too in low voice

Laksh: did u say something

Swara comes back to her senses n says

laksh finds her lost but didn’t react he knows that may be she gets irritate if he said something n he just wants to feel her presence around him so he remained quiet thinking not to make her upset more

At RagSan side

Sanskar: nervously ragini actually i want to say u something actually i wanted to say it earlier but didn’t get a chance

Ragini gets tensed n say: tell me what u want to say

Sanskar: see its not serious n it was my past i just thought to tell u …actually in mumbai about a year ago i fell for a girl maya we were friends but before i propose her i came to know that she wanna trap me cuz she is behind my money i felt cheated at that time n broke my friendship but later i realize it was just a crush or infatuation because i didn’t get that much hurt

Ragini: who gets teary eyed says: its ok it was ur past n its not a big issue it doesn’t matter to me

Sanskar: finds her upset so says: i wish i should have met u before so that i may fell for u other than anyone else
u know why…because u r so lovable

Ragini blushes n smile

Ragini: u r really very honest sanskar that u feel to tell me this small thing she said emotionally

Sanskar: really its a small thing for u

Ragini: hmm crush to kisi ko b ho skta hai she said casually

Sanskar: Tmhe kisi pe crush hua plz tell me truth ha

Ragini: ah wo…..Ranbir Kapoor…she feels embarrass

Sanskar smiles then they join SwaLak n leaves

Precap: some family drama to unite shekhar sumi may b a boring one but SwaLak fb n RagSan convo will b there for sure

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  1. Ragsan part is cute, itit’s really disappointed to know this is only swalak ff, I thought equal importance to ragsan also

    1. Reyaa

      Sorry for disappointing u but i can’t manage two love stories so they will be in supporting role but i will try to give some more RagSan

  2. Silent_writer

    Its awsmee one

  3. Sherin

    so nice…..just loved it loved swalak….

  4. Awesome episode dear……swalak juz rock…..and About Ragsan its ok dear if u cant give equal importance….. But do give some Ragsan scenes…..

  5. Naughty pumpkin

    Thnku fr inly swalak
    Thy r mindblowing
    Crazy one
    Love ur plot

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  7. Fantastic

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