Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 3)

Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Chapter 3

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Thanks to all who comment n support me n following my ff
As i told before i will avoid family drama n will focus on SwaLak mainly n bit RagSan because they will be playing a pivotal role in SwaLak love story but if anyone wants equal or bit more RagSan so comment

Episode begins …
Scene 1 At office

All the day SwaLak silently did their work completely ignoring each other n sanskar was observing them finds something fishy in their behaviour towards each other n gets thinking

Sanskar’s POV: What the hell is wrong with them they were so good friends then why r they ignoring each other what has happened that they r behaving like strangers they use to have fun with each other sometimes they fight like cat n mouse on stupid things but there was never such silence between them its so strange i should talk to them.

After completing their task they bid bye to sanskar n leaves sanskar stayed in office for some work
Scene 2 On Road

swara leaves on scooty n laksh on bike on road laksh was behind swara as their route was same that after sometime swara’s scooty Tyre got punctured she take her scooty aside to change Tyre laksh also stops after going further away unnoticed bye swara … he saw some boys eyeing swara with bad intention so he angrily marched towards her grab her wrist make her stand n sits down to change Tyre… she was shocked by his behavior

Swara: yelled at him ..what the hell…..why u don’t just leave me …..just go away i don’t need ur favor I’ll manage

laksh didn’t reply n kept doing his work

Swara: r u listening .. i m talking to u

laksh finishes his works n standup while wiping his hand from a hanky

Laksh: can’t u keep ur mouth shut for sometime…. i wonder how can u talk so much he said it casually

Swara: u …

Laksh cuts her harshly directly looking into her eyes : u listen to me Miss.Swara Bose .. i know u don’t need anyone’s help… after all u r a SUPER EFFICIENT GIRL (he said this with pressing each word) but still u r a GIRL … although we don’t have any relation but i helped u for the sake of humanity i didn’t do any favor on you i would have helped any girl in this state… there was again a intense eye lock broken by laksh saying

just look there pointing his finger towards those boys then swara understand the reason behind his behavior but still gives angry looks n turn her face away avoiding eye contact

she moves towards her scooty to go saying THANKS to Laksh n laksh moves a side but before leaving he comes closer to her from back side n whisper in her ear
Laksh : u still look hot in anger shona … he smiled sheepishly n leaves

swara too leaves but remembers a fb (i will show fb randomly from there past n will reveal their complete past at once)
At College
swara angrily coming to laksh while he was busy flirting with a girl she gets more angry after seeing scenario actually laksh was holding her hand n sliding his finger on her face standing in a corner unnoticed by anyone swara tap on his shoulder but he jerks as he was busy but girl composes her self n leaves n as laksh turns he saw swara n gulps in fear

Swara: i was waiting for u in library n u were here busy in flirting

Laksh: o i forgot sorry n he makes a puppy face holding his ears

Swara: u r impossible laksh i m fed up of u don’t u get tired by running behind girls

Laksh: shona…girls are after me … not me…ok

Swara: yeah i know uh she sounds irritated

Laksh: holding her hand says by the way u look so hot in anger shona n sheepishly smile

Swara: jerks her hand n say : how many times i have to told u don’t try to flirt with me i m not like those stupid girls u run behind we r friends so behave like a friend ok

Laksh: ok shona but as a friend i have right to give u a compliment so lets finish this argument right here n lets go to canteen we will have ice cream so that u feel cool n ur anger melts n pass a cute smile

Swara: smiles n says u r really impossible laksh
fb ends

Swara’s POV: u r still same laksh u can never change …. u r still that protective n caring towards me but now these all can’t effect me we have parted our ways forever its my misfortune to face u n bear u but when we have no relation so it doesn’t matter to me ….. i hate u laksh for all what u have done u have said … i won’t forgive u

Laksh’s POV: why i can’t control my emotions … why still she effects me … why still i m so protective n caring towards her i know she does’nt deserve this from me she is even not worthy for my hatred but i know whether thousand of time i say that everything has been ended but i can’t move on ever … she was the one so close to me my shona my best friend my … she was so precious to me i just can’t stay far away from her my love always overcome my hate
Scene 3 At baadi
she reaches her home n have some sumi dida time n then go to terrace to meet ragini n tells her all about office day but didn’t tell road scene they talk about random stuffs

Ragini: Swara if u don’t mind may i ask u one thing

Swara: ragini u can ask me anything

Ragini: why u hate Laksh? u said that u work with him but whole day u didn’t talk to him n on engagement i also feel u guys were looking at each other angrily why so? u stayed for 2 years with them i thought u two will be good friends like u n sanskar i mean if there is something serious

Swara: got numb but composes her self n says: bcoz sanskar is a good guy mature n responsible but laksh is opposite to him immature irresponsible n a BIG FLIRT we just used fight we just hate each other but there is nothing serious we r just like that don’t worry n smile
ok ragini i will leave before it get late n they go to their respective house
Scene 4 At MM
Sanskar room
he was smiling to see ragini pic just then laksh enter n saw this and starts teasing him

Laksh: Bhai why don’t u call her

Sanskar: yeah i want to talk to her but i forgot to take her number actually

Laksh: What seriously… how could u wo b mere bhai ho ke….come we will go there n meet her

Sanskar: r u insane its late now n what we will say to her family

Laksh: cuts him n says….u wanna talk to her

Sanskar: yes but…

Laksh: no ifs n buts we r going to meet her trust me i have a good plan

Sanskar: no lucky… its crazy … what if we get into some problem

Laksh: o ho bhai no fear when i m here now come with me
they both go via car n reach baadi
Scene 5
At baadi
Laksh n sanskar reach to terrace via pipe secretly

Sanskar: Lucky now tell me whats upto u now

Laksh: chill … give me your phone

Sanskar: but i don’t have ragini’s number i told u

Laksh: i know i m going to call swara

Sanskar: but why

Laksh: Bhai she won’t pick my call so give me ur phone u will get to know my plan
Sanskar gives him phone in tension n laksh call swara n she recieve in sleep

Swara: sleepy tone: sanskar why have u call so late is everything fine

Laksh: sleeping beauty plz bring ragini to terrace bhai want to meet her

Swara: Laksh its u why u call from sanskar phone? ..terrace? ..ragini?…whats going on? she gets confused

Laksh: do what i said i’ll answer ur question later b quick now

Sanskar: o no i should have taken ragini’s number from swara instead of coming here

Laksh: o ho bhai this adventure is so fun get her number by ur self

Swara call ragini n tell her everything n they both reach terrace RagSan get happy to see each other while SwaLak glares each other

RagSan go to a corner n have some casual talk While SwaLak were giving irritated looks to each other just then they heard some footsteps n went to RagSan n all four hide in storeroom there

Swara: oh no who must be coming i know its all this Laksh’s idea na now what if we get caught

Laksh: if u will shut ur mouth then we will get save

Sanskar: Lucky .. Swara u guys can argue later plz b quiet now
Ragini was so terrified

Laksh peeked out from door n saw Shekhar there with some lady

Laksh: o m g its ragini’s dad with some lady
SwaRagini gets shocked

Laksh: o m g if ur dad is having some affair

Sanskar: shut up lucky think at least once before speaking
now sanskar peeked out n saw sumi with shekhar

Sanskar: swara its ur ma with uncle

Now SwaRagini gets more shocked that now SanLak will knows the truth because they were able to listen their conversation

Sumi: u here at this time what happened

Shekhar: nothing i was just not getting sleep so come here n u

Sumi: me too

Shekhar: well how is sanskar i mean if he is really good for ragini

Sumi: hmm he is such a good boy he will always keep ur ragini happy

Shekhar: ragini consider u her ma so she is our ragini

Sumi: yeah i know but what is the use when i can’t b called her ma … u know i feel so bad sometimes that she can’t call me ma n shona can’t call u baba

Shekhar: our SwaRagini will make everything fine … u know after seeing their bond i feel so happy that despite of being half sisters they became soul sisters

Sumi: hmmm they love each other a lot inspite of hating i feel proud of them now i will go before someone come
n then both Shekhar Sumi leave
SwaRagini were teary eyed SanLak gets confused

Laksh: What was all that?

Swara: rudely none of your buisness u guys may leave now

Sanskar: but i wan’t to know bcoz ragini is my would be wife n i have full right

SwaRagini looks emotionally at each other n tell them everything both were crying

Laksh: swara u never told me this n he hugs her which she reciprocate

Swara: i also came to know when i returned back
she was sobbing n he was consoling her he was upset because she was hurt

RagSan were also holding each other hand n consoling via eye contact they were surprised to see SwaLak like that especially Ragini bcoz swara told her that they hate each other but sanskar was happy to see old SwaLak bond

SwaLak came back to their senses realizing their position they break the hug n avoid eye contact

Sanskar: we will help u both

Laksh: yeah we will unite them within 2 week

Swara: come on laksh the work which we can’t do in 2 months u will do in 2 weeks

Laksh: Shona don’t underestimate me

Swara: don’t call me shona

Sanskar: plz don’t fight n lucky its a serious matter so do u really have some plan

Laksh: yup …. lets kidnap them n force them to marry each other on gun point what say

Swara: shut up laksh for god sake b mature its a stupid idea

Laksh: but it will work 100 percent what say ragini i mean bhabi

Ragini: no laksh they will die but won’t hurt dadi n dida

Sanskar: well how about forcing dadi n dida in same way

Swara: i didn’t expect it from u sanskar like seriously r u mad its idiotic

Laksh: then u use ur empty brain n give a idea

Swara glares him n says we will meet tomorrow n discuss u guys should leave now

SanLak leaves as well as SwaRagini

Laksh’s POV: Ok her tears hurts me ..my heartbeat increases when she is close to me.. i still LOVE her god dammit that’s why whenever i saw her i forget everything around me n our past too.. i just loose my control over my emotions … i hugged her today after a long time.. i was feeling her.. i was so happy ..but she must be thinking that i m still behind her i should show attitude to her.. i should remain rude to her after all i was not at fault …ok i also commit a mistake but she should forgive me na.. Laksh Maheshwari ur one mistake make u apart from her n now u r being egoistic … it takes u 2 months to realize ur mistake n ur love.. u r incomplete without her .. but now when i know that i can’t live without her i will win her back this time forever I’ll make u mine shona…I LOVE U…

Swara’s POV: he hugged me … i felt that my all sorrows went away i was feeling so comfortable n secured in his arm.. his love attracts me i can’t control myself ..my anger my hatred is always overcome by my love.. i should have jerked him when he hugged me but shit.. i hug him back ..he must be thinking i still have a soft corner for him.. but no i will never ever forgive him ..although it was my mistake but his mistake is bigger than mine that i can’t forgive n forget ..he can’t win me back cuz i hate him more than i love him… i should have refused for taking his help but due to RagSan i can’t say no .. i know he is more egoistic than me he won’t come to me himself so there is nothing to worry everything between us ended now there is nothing left no love is left….

Precap: SwaLak fb .. SwaLak RagSan plan .. Sumi Shekhar Union ..


Pardon my mistakes ..may be a long update today but i love writing hope u like n i didn’t bore u please do comment so that i continue n update next part ur each comment means a lot to me

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