Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff) (Episode 2)


Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Chapter 1

prologue n intro link : http://www.tellyupdates.com/lost-love-swaragini-swalak-ragsan-ff/

There are some changing in story that were required
1.no uttara cuz i dont find her necessary
2.sharmishta works as orphanage head as I have no knowledge regarding NGO work
3.swara did BBA not b.com
now without dragging i want to give summary in first episode bcoz i dont want family drama my focus will be on swalak n ragsan relationship and as i told before that swara past will be important n shown in flashback
Somehow shekhar comes to know that swara is his daughter but dida sends swara to mumbai for studies for 2 years so that she cannot know the truth just a week before swara return ragini also came to know about all the truth and vows to unite shekhar n sharmishta before getting marry (cuz her dadi is finding good groom for her and want her to get marry soon) and for that she seeks swara’s help n a strong SwaRagini sister bond develops between them its been 2 months after swara arrival they have already argued over this issue a lot and both dadi dida are not yet convinced but SwaRagini are still hopeful now the episode begings actually …. With heroes making entry as finally a good alliance for ragini has come
Scene 1
A girl seems to be happy but in deep thoughts n her thoughts were interupted by a voice

dadi: laddo u r looking so pretty i m sure they will like u n i’ll get u marry within a month saying this she went out from room to check some arrangements

Ragini smiles but thinks dadi is behind her marriage she has no objection but she wants to unite her ma papa before her marriage anyhow n she texts to swara to inform her about the family coming to see her

Scene 2
a girl smiling stops at her room door to check message n gets more happy n hugs a lady happily

sumi: shona why r u so happy?

swara: ma see what ragini told me sumi also see the text n get happy n pray for ragini

swara: omg my sister is getting marry i m so happy i m sure they will like her she is too good n perfect who idiot will reject her she said it all excitedly

sumi: yes i wish nothing bad happen to her

swara: ma i m going?

sumi: where shona?

swara: ma i m going till the gate of baadi to see my would be jiju i mean dadi wont allow us to see them u know na
so i will see them from outside ragini said they will be there within an hour.

sumi: so u will be waiting for 1 hour?

swara: no first i have to go to mechanic shop for my scooty service

sumi: ok then go n come soon

Scene 3
a boy punching hard on punching bag but stops with a voice

voice: now what is bothering u ? ….. let me guess we r going to see a girl n u dont want to go is that the reason u r bringing out your frustration.

boy: Bhai nothing is bothering me its just called workout .. yeah i dont want to go but Sanskar bhai i have no option other than obeying HITLER PAPA

sanskar: Lucky mere bhai … i know u better than u know ur self there is really something which is bothering u i m asking u this same question since 2 months but u r not telling me

laksh: o mere bhai .. there is nothing like that … see if any serious thing would have happened to me then why would i have gone to europe trip for two months to chill… i m ok bhai yeah i m just bit disturbed as when i returned from europe i was asked to come kolkata as we shifted here permanently n i have to leave my all friends there in mumbai except omi thank god n now this office joining n going to see girl its all getting fast like give me break im tired its a week we r in kolkata n papa is like ….. uhh argh….. he seems to be irked now

sanskar: with a smile … lucky its only u who is messing up all the things… these r not so complicated n confusing as u r taking them… just relax yaar

Laksh: bhai u know what for me i dont know why life is a Question Mark … but u always make me feel better…Thank u for being my BHAI saying that laksh hugs sanskar

Sanskar: breaking the hug … ok now go get ready fast we have to leave

Scene 3

swara: o god when will they come i m wating from 15 minutes

swara was sitting on her scooty that a car comes n hit her scooty and she fell on the ground she gets super angry n stands up with scooty and starting to clear mud

a boy from driving seat comes swara’s back was facing him

boy: sorry sorry sorry actually a puppy comes so

just then swara bending her head down turns and says u idiot blind u….just then she lift her head up n both at same time shouts tum yahan

swara: What the HELL … why only u have to always bump into me Mr.Laksh Maheshwari she was so irritated to see him n was shouting over him

Laksh: o hello miss i m not blind … n who sits on scooty like u were sitting anyway i dont have time for ur stupid arguement jungli billi uh… saying this in angry look he makes face

Swara: my scooty my choice what is ur problem n u stupid i m not jungli billi

Laksh: u r my problem SHONA he was as well as irked

Swara: u shut up Dont call me SHONA its ur mistake admit that …. just then she see sanskar coming out of car n her anger turns into happiness

Sanskar happily: Swara u here… OMG i m so glad to see u n they hug

Swara: i live there in baadi n i m from kolkata remember but how come u r here?

Sanskar: we shifted back to kolkata

swara: what really ? when? n why u didnt inform me?

Sanskar: we r here since a week thought to surprise u after getting settle
while SwaSan were talking Laksh was making irritated faces

Swara: but how come u here

Sanskar: to see a girl for….

Laksh interupts saying to see a girl for ME he said Me with force having a eye contact with swara which was full of mixed emotions n there eye lock was broken by a voice coming from their back

Voice: Swara beta u here wow what a surprise?

Swara: bade papa ….

DP hugs n bless swara happily n swara tell she lives here n then she greets everyone AP RP N SUJI happily

But laksh was irritated with all this and said

Laksh: we r here not for swara but for someone else who must be waiting inside so better we go in

Swara: so u all came here for RAGINI u all will like her she is too good

AP: u know her?

swara: yeah she is my sister….she said in a flow but immediately said after realizing what she said that she is my neighbour friend n like sister

Then all went inside SwaLak gives each other death glares n swara goes to her house n maheshwari to gadodia house

Sumi: shona why u r mood is off what happened she asked as swara entered

Swara: nothing Ragini is getting marry to Laksh n tells her whole incident

Sumi: wow its good ragini is lucky

Swara: Ma ragini is unlucky that idiot Laksh is going to marry her

Sumi: he is good boy why u guys always fight ..

Swara: Ma i know him better than anyone he is just a … ah…. i m going to my room saying this she went to her room locks it and sits on bed angrily saying to herself that why Laksh have to marry Ragini … She was so disturbed by this thought

on the otherside in gadodia house everyone liked ragini n fixed alliance n kept engagement after 2 days but Laksh was in deep thoughts he was also disturbed unnoticed by everyone he was thinking why i have to face that swara why she has to b Ragini’s Friend

Precap: Engagement…… n some Revelations ??????
So guys guess why SwaLak hate each other n Why both r Upset
How Bose n Maheshwari are related
Please do comment n give suggestions n let me know did u guys like or not
Pardon my mistakes.. 2 to 3 episode might b boring as its needed to clear plot but i hope not to dissapoint anyone

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