Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)


Lost in Love (swaragini swalak ragsan ff)

Chapter 2

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Scene 1

Episode begins with Maheshwari’s along with Gadodia stepping out from the house talking about some stuffs
just then Dida n Dadi collides at Badi gate …

Dida: Ae marwaran ankhei bech ayi kya tu apni

Dadi: (got embarassed in front of Maheswari’s) Bengalan tenne tou me bad mei dekhu

just then Laksh comes forward n hugs Dida happily

Laksh: o Dida m so happy to see u ….

Dida: oh Laksh beta u here in kolkata…. then she see all Maheshwari n all greet happily n comes to know that they came to see ragini n going to make her bahu of their house meanwhile sumi also come there and greet them

But Gadodias got confused that how they know each other so Shekhar ask then DP replies that

DP: sharmishta ji is head of our orphanage so we know each other n have good realtions infact swara lived with us in mumbai for two years laksh n swara were class mates….(actually they do skype chat with dida n sumi whenever swara do so they were more friendly)
shekhar smiles n dadi makes face

Dida: arrey shona kidhr hai u should meet her let me call her

Laksh interupts: No need for that dida before coming here at gate that jungli billi met us why dont u tie her in house she is dangerous

DP: glares at laksh n says LAKSH (angrily n strictly) she is just like my daughter dont forget that…

Laksh: Sorry papa in low voice

AP: u all are invited on engagement

Sumi: yeah for sure we will come

then they bid bye n leaves to their respective houses

Dadi was irritated n jealoused by seeing a good bond between Maheshwari n Bose .
Scene 2
At Bose house

Dida: arrey i forgot to ask whom ragini is getting marry?

Sumi: Swara told me to Laksh

Dida: Why not Sanskar isn’t he elder one?

Sumi: I dont know the reason?

Dida: Where is swara?

Sumi: In her room … must be resting she went outside for work ago

Dida: ok i m going to my room…

Sumi: n i m leaving to orphanage….

In swara room she was still lost in her thoughts then she smilingly goes into a flashback of SwaLak 1st meeting
Swara: On PHONE … Ma i reached safely n i m at college for form submission i came here directly from airport
u send me the address of their house so i’ll go there by the way i can live in hostel

Sumi: I know but they are insisting so much n then i will also be satisfied

Swara: Ok ma well talk to u later let me submit form BYE

Sumi: OK bye

after swara submit form to counter she was checking something on her phone n a boy from forward also comes busy on his phone n both collided n fell on ground boy over top n swara bottom both have n eyelock disturbed by a voice after which they standup composing themselves

Voice: Lucky i feel u need to check your eyes

Lucky: Bhaiiii… by the way BEAUTIFUL sorry i didn’t notice u n now when i see u i can’t take off my eyes from u
By the way hi m Lucky n urs good name
he said all this in a go in flirty manner with sanskar (he called him bhai) shaking his head smilingly like yeh nhi sudhrega expression n swara got irritated by his flirty behaviour

Swara: (angrily)o Hello Mr.Flirt go n try these stupid cheesy lines on someone else idoit uhhh

Laksh: now feel insulted n get angry o hello me koi aisa vesa lrka nhi hun ok n a bit of flirting is good for health

Swara: I know u cheap roadside romeos very well good for nothing useless creatures

Laksh: Sorry i should not have called u beautiful … i should have called u a churail … juggli billi teekhi mirchi uh

sanskar was enjoying their tom n jerry fight but thought to stop it right here so before they argue more he said

Sanskar: ok now stop right here u both n says sorry miss n drags lucky from there
SwaLak after passing angry glares leaves

Swara comes out of flashback listening Dida calling her she went to her n dida shares about her meeting with with maheshwari’s n tell that engagement is after two days n then started talking about random stufffs but swara
was thinking something else

Swara’s POV: OMG laksh n ragini’s engagement but … what should i do now ragini is my sister i cant let them marry she deserve someone better than that LAKSH but how to break this alliance if i do something then it will effect ma baba relation should i talk to ragini but she won’t go against her family n talking to laksh will be useless but …. she was so depressed n tensed
Scene 2
At Maheshwari Mansion (MM)

Everyone reaches home n go to their rooms Laksh was in his room balcony in his own thoughts n goes in Flashback of SwaLak 1st meeting with faint smile
FB continues from where swara stops

Swara entering a big house n looking here n there just then a lady comes there swara goes to her n introduces her self n lady also do same lady is AP she makes swara comfortable with her lovely words cuz she was feeling awkward then she calls rest of the members SUJI DP RP they also make her feel better n they sits to have tea n after chit chatting for half hour she mixes among them well just then two boys (obviously sanskar n laksh) enters n saw
that family is happily talking to some girl then they saw swara n gets shocked swara was smiling so Laksh gets lost in her smile n says dreamingly

Laksh: wow…. Gusse me hot … Smile me Cute …. ah this girl is making me lost in her but comes back into his senses by sanskar’s voice

Sanskar: isn’t she the girl we met in college lucky? but why is she … oh may be she is … he said cuz he realized something

Laksh: What happened?

Sanskar: if i m not wrong then she is from kolkata remember badi ma told us

Laksh: interupts oh fish …. if she said something to papa then he will kill me oh no he will block my credit card Bhai we have to do something

Sanskar: relax i m here na come
they both join the family but swara reacts immediately looking angrily at laksh

Swara: tum yahan
but before she could say something Sanskar cuts her by saying

Sanskar: o so you r the one from kolkata n going to live with us wow what a coincidence

DP: how u guys know each other

Swara was about to say something but now Laksh cuts her by saying

Laksh: we met in college today papa
Swara now realize that why they were not letting her speak and Laksh was signing her pleadingly not to say something so swara kept quite but remains angry

Laksh’s POV: So today after 2 months again we met quite similarly like we met 2 years ago but at that times we were strangers n now our equation has been changed everything has been changed we have so many broken links but this time i dont want to have any connection with you swara i dont want any kind of relation with you it will be good for both of us to forget our past n move on we r better as strangers .

two days passed in engagement preprations ragini was happy that Bose Family will come swara was depressed by the thought of Laksh marrying Ragini in these two days due to tension swara even didn’t talk to ragini she was trying to avoid this fact….. laksh was also disturbed that he have to face swara again in engagement….
Swara also went for interview n got selected she was happy n forgets about her tension for sometime n time for the engagement comes

Scene 3
At Engagement Venue At Baadi Evening

All the guests were arrived swara wants to go to ragini but dadi did’nt allow her to go to her ragini was wearing pink lehnga n was looking beautiful swara was also wearing a pink suit then maheshwari’s also arrived n they greet everyone meanwhile SwaLak were passing glares to each other unnoticed by everyone just then pandit says that muhurat has come they should exchange the rings now as swara was standing with ragini and laskh with sanskar so ragini hold swara hand n move forward a bit so as SanLak first ragini extend her hand to wear ring n Sanskar was about to hold her hand to put the ring that Swara interupts

Swara: Sanskar why r u going to put ring isn’t laksh the groom

Everyone gets confused so DP says

DP: beta Sanskar is elder one so he will get marry first who said u that Laksh is groom

Swara angrily says: Laksh why did u lie to me that day n Sanskar u too did’nt tell me

Fb: when maheshwaris return to their house sanskar ask lucky why u lie to swara so laksh says just like that u know na i like to trouble her n please dont tell her she will come to know herself on engagement day
Sanskar: he told me that he want to play prank on u so sorry

DP: Laksh for god sake grow up (in strict tone) lets begin the engagement

n the engagement happens swara was happy n relieved that sanskar is getting marry to ragini but as well as angry that laksh lied she saw laksh in a corner so march towards him n angrily says

Swara: why u lied to me …. u know how worried i was that u will marry ragini…she said in a go

Laksh: why u were worried … my life my choice what is wrong with u i will marry anyone why it effects to?
he was saying this all intensly

Swara: It effects me because…she pauses n says because i cant ruin ragini life she is too good n u dont deserve her

Laksh: really if this is the only reason

Swara: yes n they share a intense eyelock laksh gets close to her they could feel each others breath

Laksh: what if it was not ragini then

Swara: she got numb her eyes got moist so she turned her face
Laksh also compose himself n says

Laksh: by the way i was expecting that u will use your common sense that how can i marry before bhai but i forget u lack common sense

Swara: angrily u just shut up ok
before they could argue more RagSan call them n they leave

At night after function SwaRagini were talking on phone

Swara: ragini .. sanskar is so good ur really lucky m so happy for u

Ragini: hmm..its good u know him it will help me

Swara: yeah yeah i will help u

Ragini: Swara marriage is after 1 month n i want to unite ma papa before that

Swara: Ragini dont worry we will do something

Ragini: swara ok its late now good night talk to u later

Swara: yeah i also have to go office tommorow bye
Scene 4
Next morning swara taking blessings from all n reach office
Outside a cabin

Swara: May i come in

voice : yes

Swara: enters n get shocked …. sanskar u …. omg … ur owner of karma n my boss

Sanskar: happily…n u r my new employee … hmm good

Swara: sorry i cant work here

Sanskar: but why…just bcoz i m ur boss…see i always keep my personal n professional lives apart n u have also signed contract so before 3 months u cant back out

Swara: ok boss
just then someone enters witout knocking the door n its laksh

Sanskar: Laksh here u r my employee not bhai so next time come after knocking

Laksh: ok bhai

just then SwaLak see each other n says NOT AGAIN

Sanskar: So u both guys r going to work together under me as my P.A

SwaLak together I cant work with him/her pointing towards each other irritatingly

Sanskar: I m ur boss so i will decide u just need to follow my orders so be professional guys this is office i dont want ur stupid fights n arguments so be mature n work seriously otherwise u both will get punishment n u know i mean it

SwaLak knows sanskar is so serious about works so says ok n sanskar assign them work n they leave
SwaLak shares a cabin next to sanskar n it has glass wall so sanskar can see them so both get into their completely ignoring each other

Swara’s POV: o no.. this laksh here again…jitna b door chli jau isse phr b ye q mere samne ajata … but i have to be strong i have to bear him its my professional life n he is just coliege here he cant effect me he is nothing to me n he could never be anything to me after all what have happened between us

Laksh’s POV: so again we met…i thought that i will never ever see you but it seems like destiny wants us to face each other again n again ..i feel hmari zindgi ki nyi shuruaat hogi or hmari kahani ko naya mor milega so lets see what destiny has planned but i m sure our bitter past won’t make our future happy

Precap: some fb…some fights….some fun….some revelation

so guys pardon my mistakes n let me know ur views via comments please support me n give suggestions so that i may continue

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