Twinkle had to wait for a month before her visa could be made and by the time Kunj started searching her The doctor who had checked Twinkle was Manohar’s best friend and he had called him and informed about it.
One day Kunj met Twinkle in the market
looking as beautiful as always with a little extra weight but she was looking beautiful
Kunj: (almost crying) Twin…Twinkle..
Twinkle:(turned around and saw Kunj wished to hug her but stopped herself)Kunj plz just leave
Kunj:Twinkle plz just listen to me I know u r innocent that UV…
Twinkle: (cutting Kunj’s words and says )Kunj i am not angry because of that UV Kunj you did not trust your wife you doubted on the paternity of my child
Kunj: Twinkle our Twinju

Twinkle:Kunj don’t dare call my baby Twinju because it’s only my baby
(Twinkle leaves , Kunj stands there crying and Uv see’s this he get’s sad nd realises his mistake that he took away Kunj’s child from him)
Uv: Kunj Plz bro plz forgive me
Kunj: UV plz leave me and yes if you want to be with Mahi you can but only if she agree’s i know how it feels when your love leaves you..(he leaves)
Uv:(to himself)I should have not done that
For this very reason Bebe left Sarna house.When Leela reached there she broke all relations with Kunj
Usha and Manohar accepted UV and Mahi just for Twinkle but Uv could not bear the pain and hence shifted to New York He had tried calling Twinkle and saying sorry but she did not pick the call.
Present day:
Twinkle:(to herself) I must not think about Kunj (she wipes her tears)
The door bell rings
Kavya: mom plz open the door this Tej is disturbing me
Twinkle open the door and then see Kavya and Tej all wet and full of colours and act to laugh
Kavya: Mom plz don’t try to laugh you can not lie to us plz tell us the reason why you do not play holi
Twinkle: Kavyu plz you are a small kid (she take Kavyu and Tej inside the bathroom and makes them take bath

In sandhir’s room
Rd was taking bath and he came out he saw Sanyu drying her hairs and hugged her from behind Sanyu : Rd plz stop it today enough of romance
Rd: Does romance have a time limit and Mrs. Mathew would also not come in between
Just then Aryan and Sanaya enter
Sanaya: mom plz will you dry my hair and tell bhai to stop pulling my hair
Rd leaves Sanyu ,Sanyu laughs
Rd: The symbol of our love are spoiling are romance oh god u can’t peaceful romance with your wife in your room
Sany: Yes baby coming and Aryan dare u pull my babies hair
Aryan : okay mom i will go and play with Kavyu she is better than Sanya
Sanaya: Mom i will play with Tej he is better than Bhai
Both of them leave but Sanaya slips
Aryan: Sanaya can’t you take care of youself God plz give my little sis some brain
Sanyu: They fight like cat’s and dogs but love each other a lot just like us(Sanyukta and Ankit)
Precap:Rd tells Twinkle we need to go to India(Amritsar )
Twinkle stands surprised

GUYS i have to separate twinj it is because my ff concentrates on their meeting and findig their lost love…..
i would still try to add some cute twinj moments like twinkle falling and kunj holding her
thank you for your support but please do comment

Credit to: Twinj Fan

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