jas:kunj how could you be so careless of not being able to give her medicines at the right time
kunj:i had given it to her
jas:show me the medicines
kunj shows her the medicines

jas:how is this possible this is a medicine which causes the person to faint
kunj: how is this possible and today is the first time that she fainted after the treatment
jas:it means someone has changed it
kunj: but who could it be
jas:okay don’t worry i will give her the medicines everyday
kunj: thanks
haldi day:
kunj is wearing a cream colour sherwani and twinkle was wearing a yellow and white sari
other couples are also wearing yellow dresses
sid was wearing a cream colour sherwani

kunj: twinkle don’t you think sid is copying all the dresses i am wearing
twinkle: it is because our choices are the same so may be
kunj: okay come haldi laga mujha aur meh tujhe
twinkle:how can we do that to each other i mean we can’t do that
kunj:okay twinkle chaal bet i will put haldi on your face that to the first one to do that
twinkle: okay lets see

kunj was going to put haldi on twinkle when…..
leela: twinkle puttar
twinkle:(gigles) haa ma
kunj: okay go but i will do what i have said(jo meh bolt hu oh meh karma hu)
twinkle: okay (but she worries)

in the function twinj sit facing each other with a transparent cloth in between
kunj:(in his mind)i have to put the haldi on my twinkle but what should i do
suddenly the lights go off and kunj gets up and moves towards twinkle and takes her with him to the terace
twinkle:(shocked) if kunj comes to know that you have kidnaped me then he will kill you
kunj: how can i kill my own self
twinkle: kunj (takes a deep breathe ) i was so scared
kunj:okay twinkle come lets complete the bet
twinkle: okay i get it you wanted to do this only

kunj comes closer to twinkle but twinkle applies haldi on kunj’s cheek
kunj gets surprised but continues to come closer twinkle tries moving back but kunj puts his hand around her hips and pulls her closer and closer and finally very close he then rubs his cheeks against hers and applies haldi
the light comes back and every one start looking for twinj but our twinj is busy in each others eyes sandhir come to find them when..
rd: twinkle
twinkle gives no reply

kunj gives no reply
rd: sanyu let them enjoy
sanyu: but what reply will we give them
rd: we shall also enjoy

rd pulls sanyu close by pulling her by putting his hands around her hip
suddenly a vase falls down and twinj compose themselves but now sandhir are heading for a kiss and now its twinj’s turn to be the audience
kunj: twinkle chall let them enjoy everyone put be waiting for us
twinkle:but bhaiya and bhabhi

kunj:you don’t let us romance and now spoiling theirs too so unromantic

twinkle: i am so unromantic then how do we have 2 kids
kunj: 7 years of marriage and they are twins
twinkle: kunj plz
kunj: come lets go or else yuhi would also come and romance
twinkle:kunj plz come lets go now who does not want others to romance
kunj: if we don’t go then our haldi function will come to an end
twinkle: no our haldi should take place
kunj: we have already applied haldi to each other
twinkle: no yar kunj plz lets go

they go in and everyone ask them where they where and how did they get the haldi
twinkle: ma actually i was not feeling well so
kunj: i went to give her medicines
jas:wait she needed medicines and for what (in a low tone)
sid: duffer they went there to romance
sid: did you never have a bf
jas: yes and no
sid: what

jas: i had one but not now and you
sid: even my condition wait they have to give an explanation for their haldi
kunj: who actually i accidentally had some haldi on my hand and then put it on twinkle when she was not willing to take the medicine
leela:okay but where are sandhir
kunj: we don’t know lets start the function they would come back
the haldi function ends and twinj in their room
sidmin come there
twinkle:sid i was waiting for you
sid: twinkle we have to get your operation done tomorrow itself
twinkle: why?
sid: coz i don’t want your operation to spoil my honeymoon
twinkle: how ?
sid: coz my wife will operate you
twinkle: you mean you and jasmine wow i am very happy very happy
kunj: twinkle,ready for the operation
twinkle(thinks and then)yes
kunj:thank you twinkle i will tell pandit ji to postpone the marriage date
precap: operation & mehendi function
bachelors party &weeding
honeymoon and leep

they end after that my classes will start and i won’t be able to write coz i am not alowed and comments are low too
plz do comment
limited series remember guys don’t ask me to continue i have no idea for the next episodes after 20 anyone wants to continue plz tell me guys and hope you can start a season 2

Credit to: Twinj Fan

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