sorry for a short episode i will try to post one more before going and i will be back on 25th sorry guys for a late update love you alll……..
lets begin:
twinj are ready to come back but this time they have sid along with them and sid is sitting on the front seat with kunj kunj is looking at twinkle throgh the mirror and sid notices this
sid: twinkle i am tired can you come and sit in the front seat
kunj is very happpy but controls himself
kunj: plz don’t sleep or else i would not be able to drive
twinkle agree’s

twinj are not tlking to each other but they have a few intense eye locks
sid wakes up and aks twinj totalk but they don’t suddenly twinkle starts felling dizzy and she starts vomiting out blood
kunj sees this and stops the car and all of them see twinkle’s state and then kunj drives to the hospital and twinkle get’s admitted
the doctor comes out
dr.: can we meet her husband
kunj: i am her husband
kavya and tej look on surprized
dr.: sir actually your wife is suffering from brain tumour
kunj: brain tumour
dr.:that to in her last stage
kunj: but how is this possible
dr.: sir she has been taking medicines also
sid: she always said so that she vomits out blood but when we talked about taking her to the doctor she always avoided it
kunj looks on shocked

kunj: can i meet her
dr. sure but don’t stress her more
kunj: okay
in the room when kunj enters twinkle could not meet his eyes
twinkle: kunj
kunj: twinkle you could at least tell me about it
twinkle: about what?
kunj: don’t act smart i know it
twinkle: sorry kunj
kunj: i am sorry actually i kind of over reacted
twinkle: i love you kunj and i have already forgiven you
kunj: but why are you telling me this now
twinkle: kunj promise that you will give me what i ask you for
kunj: but twinkle okay promise
twinkle: kunj i don’t know for how long will i be alive so you have to take care of our twinju’s
kunj: twinkle don’t ever say that
twinkle: kunj i had forgiven you the day uv told the whole truth
kunj: whole truth?
twinkle:uv had given you a drug and you were speaking whatever uv wanted he just wanted us to be separated

kunj: if you knew it why didi you leave me you could come back to me
twinkle: i was under treatment i accepted this project so that kavya and tej can be with you and i can die peacefully i want you to move on in life and marry someone else
kunj: twinkle how can you say this and i said na you won’t go anywhere you have to live for me and our children
twinkle: kunj i love you ,i just have a month so can we stay as a family i want to take away lots of memories along with me
kunj: twinkle shh…(keeping his fingers on twinkle’s lips )
suddenly twinkle’s eyes were closed
kunj: doctor doctor
dr.: sir nothing to worry it’s just because of the medicine and you have to be strong for your kids and plz inform your family members too
kunj could think of nothing and just wanted to cry but he thought of how he would tell this to leela and rt

precap: kunj brings twinkle home and rd starts hiting kunj twinkle looks on

guys sorry there was a typing error not sid but kunj asks for twinkle’s hand for leela

Credit to: Twinj Fan

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