thanks for comenting luv u guys
precap:rd thinks that should he believe uv
rd keeps on thinking
rd: okay only for mahi and tanya
uv: thank you salee
rd: salee
uv: you are my wife’s brother na

rd: stay in your limits
uv: sorry
all laugh even rd laughs
uv: so you are pulling my leg
rd: come on lets go home ma would be waiting for us
they all reach home
leela: sanyu meri beti
rd: ma who apke bah hai i am your son
leela: she is my daughter and not daughter in law
mahi: bhai ma ka ulta hai who kunj jiju ko bhi son manti hai na ke son in law
leela: bas bas tu bhi meri beti hai (looking at mahi) aur tu mera beta (looking at rd)
uv gets teary eyes
leela:uv putaar what happened?
uv: ma, i was just thinking about ma
leela: beta even you are my son
uv hugs leela

rd: come on ma if your emotional drama is done can we have something to eat
leela: come in but wait
leela brings a kalash full of rice and an arti plate and a surprize gift
the griha pravesh ritual is done and then she gifts sanyukta her gift and asks randhir to do the ritual and winks she then takes aryan,sanaya and tanya inside
sanyu: rd which ritual was mom talking about
rd: sanyu we have done it but not in this house
he picks sanyu up and takes her to their room which is beautifully decorated with flowers
rd: suhag raat sanyu
sanyu: (shyly)rd we are not a newly married couple
rd: sanyu not according to you but according to me you are my wife and i am your husband this is your first night in my house technically speaking our suhag raat

sanyu: sanaya will come
rd: my mom is their she would keep sanaya busy and no one will disturb us
he keeps sanyu on the bed and then moves towards her sanyu shys and rd moves closer and closer and then they have a passionate and long kiss
rd slowly un zips sanyu’s dress and then starts kissing her bare back then her neck and then you all are smart enough to now what must have happened 😉
meanwhile with twinj
kunj was driving the car while the twinju’s were having chips even twinkle was eating
kunj: this is not fair you guys are eating and i am not
tej: uncle how can we feed you
kavya: saiyappa prince mom can feed uncle na
kunj: ya (he realises what he said )
twinkle looks at kunj
kunj: ya i mean you can if you wish i am really hungry
twinkle feeds kunj
suddenly kunj shouts for water
kunj: pani pani
twinkle hurriedly gives him water and wipes the excess water with her dupatta
kunj looks at her lovingly they share an eye lock twinkle breaks it and
signs him to continue driving
kavya: uncle how long will it take

kunj: doll just 15 min more
tej: uncle from which angle does she look like a doll to you
kunj: the angle from which you look like a prince to me
kavya:(in a low tone) saiyappa prince
tej: u said something
kavya: no
all the three of them laugh while twinkle is asleep
kunj at the signal eyes her lovingly he comes back to his senses after hearing the car horns
they reach sid’s house
sid’s mom’s room(s.m-sid’s mom)
twinkle: hello aunty
s.m: beta call me ma after all you r my daughter in law
twinkle get’s shocked and look at sid she takes him aside and kunj over hears their conversation
sid: sorry twinkle ma has actual blood cancer last stage under treatment she just wants me to get married you know i want to marry aisha but she is not here so i told her that
kunj speaks in between
kunj:that twinkle is your wife

sid: yes
twinkle:sid but i am already married and my kids
kunj: yes what excuse will you give for kavya andtej
sid: sorry twinkle but i told ma that they are orphans and we adopted them and they don’t know about it
kunj: when aunty comes to know about the truth she would break
sid: the chances of ma’s survival are less and i want her to be happy if anything happens to her after the operation i would be happy coz her last wish to see me settled in life would be fulfilled
twinkle thinks about it
kunj and sid are tensed

precap: s.m asks twinkle to keep a fast for her husband

will twinkle agree
for whom will twinkle keep a fast kunj or sid

Credit to: Twinj Fan


  1. sonali

    oh no what will happen now. hope so that sid’s mom not insist her to marry with Sid. pls unite Twinj. else d episode was amaizing

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