recap: twinj leave for delhi along with kavya andd tej
tej: ma i am feeling hungry
kavya: yes ma for the first time this saiyappa prince has said the right thing at the right time
kunj trying to control his laughter but could not and then
kunj: kavya do you know i call your mom saiyappa queen and tej is her son so he is the rightful heir to the throne the saiyappa prince
kavya and tej were laughing twinkle gives a death glare to kunj
twinkle: stop the car
kunj: sorry saiyappa queen sorry twinkle
twinkle: stop the car
kunj stops the car
twinkle: come on kavya and tej there is a dhaba we will eat something and mr. will you come or your tummy is full by making fun of me
kunj: i….i will just come after parking the car
kunj parks the car and comes there
kunj: so whats there to eat
twinkle: aloo paratha
kunj: okay so where is it
twinkle:on my head

kunj: no no my aloo paratha will burn
twinkle: very funny
kavya and tej: mom and k uncle you are fighting like husband and wife
kunj and twinkle are surprised
twinkle: kavya
they finish their food and then start to drive
kunj is tired so twinkle drives
in the car tej and kavya and they sleep while keeping head on one another
twinkle: kunj plz click their pic
kunj: what is your phone’s password
twinkle: k draw it
kunj: k
twinkle realises what she said
twinkle: k for kavya
kunj: oh i thought k for
twinkle: what did you think k for what
kunj: k for kunj
a silence is spreed all around meanwhile kunj looks at twinkle’s gallery and sees all of tej nd kavya’s photos and looks at with tears in his eyes
finally he sees their marriage pics
twinkle: do you have manners you are seeing someone’s personal things give my phone back
kunj: okay you can take it back
after some time twinkle’s battery is dead and she asks for kunj’s phone so that she can call sid
kunj: password is t t for twinkle
twinkle: thanks
kunj: you remember sid’s number
twinkle:yes i remember it by heart his number is on my speed dial
kunj:(self talk) s
he remembers his number by heat his number is on her speed dial
kunj is fuming with anger
twinkle: kunj can you drive it now i am tired
kunj: call your sid and tell him to do so
twinkle: did you say something
kunj: no nothing
they stop in a hotel nearby
they check in and get 2 rooms
precap: twinj in the same room sandhir’s entry

guys guess how twinj will share a room and sandhir get to know that kunj and twinkle are together
thank you for your comments i would try to post a longer episode next time pakka promise i need to go out so bye guys waiting for your comments

Credit to: Twinj Fan

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