It is a beautiful story of a girl named Rupali and boy named Rahul. both were studying in same college.

Rahul was second year student and rahul was fresher. Rahul was boss among all other students.

We all had an experience of college and we love the experience of first day. Rupali belongs to middle family. Her real aim was to become an IAS officer. so she joined Chandigarh university and also a scholar student.

She was different than other students. She was of quiet nature. She joined hostel and got room in ground floor. She was very exiting. Soon her room mate named Divya came there.

She was completely different than Rupali. Her father was one of the richest business man in Punjab. She had modern philosophy which was contradict to Rupali but who cares?

Rupali meet her and soon both introduced each other with family background. Rupali had 4 members in family (papa,mom,bahi).

Very next day, Rupali went for her class but there was no teacher. She scared to see the mess of students surrounding fresher girls.
Suddenly she heard a voice of a boy who was pointing her to come.

: “Hey you, what’s your name, don’t you know about the rule of first day in university.”

Rupali introduced herself with gracefully.

A boy named tushar called her for dance. She refused once but agreed to dance because she knows that she could perform this at any cost.

Suddenly she slips but Rahul (leader of mess (senior students)) hold her. She was in arms of Rahul .she droned once.

Rahul was good looking boy .he belonges to well respected family and a day scholar.
Everybody was clapping for both.

Suddenly Rupali ran out of the class room as it was the nice feeling for her but she got scared.
She explained everything to divya.

Precap…Rupali joined music band. But rahul and his party came there and broke everything. Later she met with Rahul in fresher party where Rahul hold her hand.

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  1. Piyali

    Love story by you?
    Good start..I loved the title…

  2. Jazzmaan

    It’s not my love story but it’s fiction and thnx. Keep supporting dear

    1. Piyali

      Yup , actually I just saw you posting inspirational stories so asked it…….happy knowing it…

  3. Jazzmaan

    Yeah it’s by me

  4. Jazzmaan

    Hehe it’s ok g

  5. awww….awesome.
    so u start to write love story….?
    actually at first I also thought it’s real. but it’s nice. loved it.?

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