I Lost My Heart (Episode 3)

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Episode 2

Recap : priest convince that girl and try to send with Prithvi. That time Manik enter into to the temple and told that she is Jaanu and he is husband of Jaanu.

She falls unconsciously. Priest Prithvi and Manik are get shocked ? ? ?…

Prithvi try to hold her but Manik hold her into his hand and gets her in his lap… Priest poured the water in to her face. She slowly opens her eyes…

Manik : Thank god. My goodness… (he hugs her)…

$he push him away….

Girl : plz leave me…

Manik : Jaanu plz be calm…

Prithvi : just stop it Manik. Enough Manik enough is enough….

Police : Mr.Prithvi u just hold on… Miss we know u lost ur memories. I’m John inspector of police. Ur name is Harshitha Nair. U r from Kerala. Manik is ur husband. I was verified everything clearly so Dnt b panic just come with us…

Prithvi : No no shiri Dnt believe them. They are liars.

Police Man : u r under arrest Mr. Prithvi. Mr.Manik Arora give complaint against u. So come with us. Mr. Manik u take her with u.

Police take Prithvi into the jeep

Manik : let’s go jaanu come. Our parents are waiting for us.

Harshitha : But….

Manik : Dnt strain urself jaanu. Come… Thank so much swamiji

Priest : it’s k my son.. take care of her.

Manik opens the car door. She sits in the car. Manik went near to police jeep….

Manik : already I told u nah? She’s mine. U nvr and,ever take her with u. I have 1 message for u… Today first night for us. U r loser now….

All r leave the temple. Car enter into one home?. It’s just like a palace. Manik opens the car door. Still she nervously sitting in the car. Manik holds her hand…

Manik : come Jaanu we reached our home. (She comes out from the car. He takes her in the home. Her eyes are start to searching) what are u searching?

Harshitha : na…. na….. nothing

Manik : our room is in upstairs. Come lets go. First u refresh urself. Then we ‘ll eat dinner.
(She silently nodes ok…)
In room…
Ur dresses are in this cupboard. There is a bathroom. Hmmm jaanu towel, soap, shampoo and ur hair conditioner are already in bathroom ok…

Harshitha : hmm thanx.

Manik : what…..!!!!! Thanx!!!!!???? But for why? Look ur my jaanu it’s my duty to treat u well. I done that plz Dnt say thanx to me. It’s make me fell like 3rd person. (He steps forward to get close to her)

Harshitha : ok I’m leaving to bath now…
(She leaves and he looks her romantically. She comes out from the bathroom and gets stunned coz Manik stands in the room.) U… U.. sry (She try to get again in the bathroom. He blocks her way and holds her hand. Saree falls from her hand she try to took that….)

Manik : (he holds her face) Jaanu I love you so much. You look too hot. Ur face look like that moon…. (he try to kiss her on lips…. tears are falls from her eyes) jaanu wat happen…

Harshitha : plz leave me plz…

Manik : Dnt be panic jaanu. I’m ur Manik ur hubby…

Harshitha : I… I . I want some time so plz…..

Manik smiles and kisses her forehead.

Precap : Prithvi comes to Manik home, Harshitha looks him and holds Manik’s hand.

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