I Lost My Heart (Episode 2)

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Recap: one girl stand in temple, she ask help from God. One boy came their and said she can’t run away anymore. She nervously stands and priest ask to him how can he trust him?

Prithvi: I’m her lover. I’m going to marry her as soon as possible. My family members are waiting for us. She is under the treatment. Look at this pics….
(Priest see the pics. That girl also see that and get shocked.)

Priest : Dnt wry my dear child. U just get an accident, u lost ur memories. That’s y u can’t able to trust anyone. I think he is not lying. So…

Girl : No……….? he is not my lover. May be I met with an accident but….

Priest : but…?

Girl : I’m not willing to go with him. I want to be alone. I wanna some time. Plz leave me.

Prithvi : plz try to understand the situation shiri.

Priest : wait my dear son. What’s her name. Who is she? How can I send this girl with u without any proof.

Prithvi : her name is Harshitha. I just call her as shiri… She is from Kerala. I met her in one college function. I love at her in first sight. Her parents are opposed my love. So, we eloped from their. U saw that pic right?

At the time…. Some one enter into the temple with clapping???.

New man: Namastey Swamiji. Good story Prithvi. Still now u r trying to abuse her right?
(Prithvi stands confusingly)

Priest : who u are?

New man : My name is Manik Arora. I’m husband of Jaanu.

Priest : Jaanu? What’s going on here? He said her name is Harshitha. U said her name is jaanu. I’m going to call the police right now.

Manik : No need Swamiji. Already I got them with me, and also I took her parents with me. And Prithvi u can’t take her with u. She is mine now and ever.

She falls down unconsciously…

Precap : Dnt be panic jaanu, I’m ur hubby… She nervously stands and said plz don’t do this. I just want a little bit time plz…. He smiles…..

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  1. very confusing wht is happening who is hero manik/prithvi plz post it asap

    1. Vaishnavi_Thiyagarajan

      that’s the twist parul. thanq so much for ur continues support ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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