I Lost My Heart (Episode 1)

Me : What the mistake I did? Y do u punish me like this God? plz save me from the bad things. Plz save me ???

Boy : Still now u thing this stone will saves you? Never ever. I reached u now. Come lets go. Stop this hide and seek game. I’m tired of this type of game. Let’s we play some other romantic games?????????

Me : Plz get away from me. I’m not that girl. I’m I’m………….

Boy : Hmm tell me who u r?
I only know that. You are my girl.
I won’t let u like this. I love u so much❤❤❤❤❤. U know that very well. Then y do u behave like this. Plz come with me. Today I won’t leave u, I can take u with me ?????.

Me : God plz save me from this bad monster. Plz save me.

Priest : what is the problem. Y r u troubling this girl?

Boy : I’m her love. She loves me madly. One fine day we came to this temple that day we met with an accident. So she lost her memories and she forgot myself too.

Me : No Swami ji, he is lying. I’m not her lover. He is a liar.

Priest : ok ma, Dnt wry. Wr r u from? What’s ur name?

Me : ?? I’m… My name is…..

Priest : Dnt be panic ma, just tel me who r u? Wr r u from?

Me : I Dnt remember anything. But I’m sure he is not my lover trust me.

Priest : ok dear calm down just relax. Excuse me Mr….

Boy : I’m Prithvi Malhothra.

Priest : I think she is very nervous because of u. U told me she meet with accident, so She lost her memories but how can I believe you….?

Precap : Prithvi u can’t take her with u. She is mine.

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  1. Vaishnavi_Thiyagarajan

    no this is not that story. It’s another one. I can’t able to continue that that’s y I create a new 1.

  2. nice epi plz continue it

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