Losing his Lovely paradise – OS


Maya here! With OS again…Thought of this idea but not sure whether is it nice…

Abhi was walking hopelessly…not knowing where to go…not knowing who to ask or look
out for….

His mind was blocked by the thoughts of her….Where is she? Why did she leave me? Its all my fault of not trusting her…How did I even thought of her to cheat me? Is my mind that blocked or what? Why did I never listen to her?

He was keep on walking on the never ending streets of his love….Will I able to find her? Will she accept me again? I would be happy if at least she accept my apology….That’s enough for all the injustice that I had done to her…

She was always right and I was always wrong…May be that’s why I was attracted to her but what’s the point? Having her beside me I should also have followed the right path…But I never! It’s not that I don’t want to but circumstances had made me so….I was confused as in who to believe…Every one around me were hiding something…They were hiding so that I don’t get hurt or hiding to cheat me! If all that didn’t happen then I could also have trusted her….Is it too late now?

I really don’t know…It’s been months that I am searching for her but still there is no progress…Did I lost her completely? Without her I have lost my lovely paradise…..

That’s it guys again a random OS haha…I am not sure if there is any other OS that is similar to this if so then sorry! As u all know i don really had time to read all the stuff here…very selectively i read the ffs and OS here….

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  1. Superb OS Yaar…..

    1. Maya

      Tks Madhumitha ?

  2. Riyashri

    U r very Thoughtful !!! Writing in All Forms ……….giving various emotions !! Loved this too……

    1. Maya

      Thank u Riya! Thoughtful may be becoz I think a lot haha mostly for no reasons and then I will become emotional which is eventually expressed in my writings….

  3. u knw wat diz is the reason I call u as IB really ur nt left with any emotion taking it to us nd thts yyyy I love uuu nd yaar the wow factor of dizzz OS IS NVR ENDING STREETS OF LOVE my god evry word is beautiful but diz sentence is AWESOME ND MY FAV u always comess up with new thoughts nd yaar UR The BEST EVR EMOTION I HV EVR CAME ACROSS Brilliant SPECTACULAR cing past two episodes of kkb I really blamed my sweetheart fr his stupidity but no according to ur magic he has his own reason sooo no more I blame him thanx a lotttttt fr tht r else I would hv blamed him naa u saved me lv uuuiu muaahhh IT WAS SPLENDID KEEP ROCKING

    1. Maya

      Really IB also have pain and worries dr…and it always think from heart na thats why its called IB ani…so if every situation is analyzed from heart and not mind…it will result in a emotional expression of thoughts…..love u for loving my lines in this OS….

  4. Very nice yar..keep going with many one shots…

    1. Maya

      Thanks arshi fan. Will try to come up with one shots!

  5. As usual rockng akka???

    1. Maya

      Thanks Saranya!

  6. As usual ur lines r emotional and u r always rocking keep continuing

    1. Maya

      Thanks Sonika! Will try to continue with one shots too!

  7. It was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Thanks Monesha for loving it!

  8. I alrdy said tht title is attractive and yeah content is more attractive ???????? loved it so much! Abhi’s lines! and i fully agree with Maahi’s comment! You are IB! ?

    1. Maya

      IB again…hmm what can I say? Glad that u find it attractive but its was just a simple way of expressing a particular emotion…btw love u for ur lovely comment too!

  9. Adhya

    Just Awesome..Maya..i just loved it…keep rocking with different thoughts….dear

    1. Maya

      Thanks Adhya! Don’t know whether this is a different thought but will try to come up with something different too….

  10. Bakwash

    1. Maya

      Thank u narratot!

  11. Ups I’m just joking
    Awesome. I like it

    1. Maya

      Thank u narratot!

  12. Dilurose

    Its beautiful

    1. Maya

      Thank u rose!

  13. hmmmm …… u stubborn girl u dont say anything ur ALWAYS IB FR ME ND NW C NAA SOMU ALSO AGREED WITH ME SOO MAJORITY IS WITH US SOOOO V WON U LOSE SOOO ACCEPT THE TRUTH BABY but ur xplanation fr my cmmnt was emotional nd u knw wat today fr the frst time u replied fr my lv uu u said lv u tooo ani omg omg I jumping here nd there

    1. Maya

      Hehe I always had loved u and was grateful to u from my ff destiny and its games…when a lot of ppl never comment ur one comment was the one that encouraged me to continue with the ff dr! So ya i always appreciate u for that from the bottom of my heart!

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Random Thoughts!!! & Our Random Writer………It’s Superb yaar………..The title is Perfect & the lines tooooooo…….Loved it……

    1. Maya

      Thanks Reshma for loving this random OS from this random writer!

  15. VarshaVenkat

    It’s a diff one only diii…..tym n again keep giving us random OS……loved it…..

    1. Maya

      Thanks for loving it Varsha!

  16. Wow.. It’s really an outstanding os.. It was really really impressive ka.. U always made me to fall for ur os.. Love u sooo much.. It was spectacular ka..??????.. And yes maahi ur words r really really true?? I totally agree with u

    1. Maya

      All agreeing with Maahi ah? I think she will be in cloud nine for that! Thanks for ur appreciation and ya i know u would say no thanks ka….

  17. As usual awesome n rocking OS yaar…

    1. Maya

      Thanks Durga!

  18. Bakwasss

    1. Maya

      Thank u Shivali!

  19. Oh another os its really awesome da sweetu n waiting 4ur nxt epi dr

    1. Maya

      OS patiyam pudichirichu nu nenaikeren da! Hehe. Btw thanks Pavi!

  20. Trisha

    Nicely done Maya 🙂

    1. Maya

      Thank u Trisha!

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