Who looks good opposite Ritik in Colors’ Naagin?


Colors’ hit show Naagin can be most talked about for the lead actors and their romantic chemistry. Arjun Bijlani succeeded to bring awesome chemistry with all the three female costars Adaa Khan, Mouni Roy and Madhura Naik. The two Icchadhaari Naagins Shivanya and Sesha have fallen in love with Ritik, and then Ritik has few romantic scenes with the Icchadhaari Morni Mayuri. The show has got hit by the romance, suspense and drama.

The Naagins have bowled over the viewers by their supernatural expressions and great looks. Ritik and Shivanya got much loved by the viewers, and then Mayuri’s entry happened. Mayuri tried to win Ritik to take revenge from her enemies Shivanya and Sesha. Now Sesha has madly fallen in love with Ritik and has taken Shivanya’s disguise to be with him.

Sesha romances Ritik and ignores Shivanya’s plea for help. Sesha wants to be with Ritik forever. Ritik’s mother Yamini tries to trap Sesha asking her to marry Ritik. She provokes Sesha’s emotions and love for Ritik, so that Sesha does not save Shivanya, who is being tortured by the snake charmers. Sesha does not get trapped by Yamini and rushes to save Shivanya. Sesha still imagines dancing with Ritik and getting romantic with him. Sesha would be marrying Ritik. While all the female leads are equally stunning and match Arjun’s style, attitude and on screen persona, we would like to know whom do you think looks/looked best with Ritik/Arjun Bijalni in the show. Let us know your opinion in this fun poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. yes arjun you and mouni was very smart

  2. arjun naagin me kya shesa shivanya ki enemy ban gyi h ya ye ek drama he

    1. Yes she is shivanya’s enemy as she has fallen in love with ritik and want him at anycost.

  3. hello i am mouni roy how are you

      1. guys this joke is really very yucky…plz cut this crap…what’s all this i am this i am that ….we all now u both are noone just no one and if u r then stop faking people and show ur real self…this is utterly foolish and drop this act right away and if u guys cant then listen all the curses from me when u next time appear this site

  4. According to me shivanya(Mouni Roy)is best for Rithik(Arjun Bijlani). Love your boths jodi…

  5. i like both sesha n shivanya……..but if u ask me who is best suited 4 ritvik i wud say its sivanya…………..

  6. how are you arjun

  7. Srisha i not lieing.I am Arjun Bijlani.

  8. hey guys where are. you

  9. mouni roy is good but i like adaa khan more opposite arjun

  10. Hi guys iam aada khan how are you mouni and arjun

  11. Ohh God…… stars will not have time to speak with anyone…Y u r all doing like this???
    and one more thing that is we can Identify ur Dp as they give each symbol to Identify the Guy UnderStood!! We r Not Fools to belive that is u r arjun u r mouni and u r aadha khan!!

    1. i agree wid u even i feel like bashing this fake ones anyone wid me to bash them up. i hate there comments.

  12. Guys for what the hell are you fooling ppl like these that you are arjun n mouni n adda khan

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  15. Hi adaa.guys we are leads of naagin beleive or not.

    1. Such a pity on these celebs…they are wishing each other dat hii mouni, hii aada …..I mean like really ….
      Celebs don’t have these kind of personality ..they need not to prove themselves….plz stop ur nonsense…

  16. yes you are write arjun

    1. Ohh how sweet Mouni… Even after being a huge celebrity, you don’t know the difference between “write” and “right”

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  17. I won’t be surprised if one of u comes up saying I am mayuri now.

    By the way I love rivanya forever
    I mean shesha is hot and also shivanya but I personally think Shivanya was the bested for ritik only cuz they love each other

    Mayuri – don’t even know why the —- she was put in this poll who even voted 1.23 percent ugh hate her stupid jealous freak

    For those who put Shesha I think they just did it cuz they think she’s pretty

    Rivanya forever

  18. I like mouni and arjun after swasan they r d best??? lovely couple.Adaa is also a great actress but rivanya rocks???

  19. Seriously all r fake char… No one.is reall… They r trying to make us fool.

    But i think we r more smart than other… So ….
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  20. zuha (Asya fan)

    Like ways both the Naagins look good with Rithik but if Mouni and Adaa compared so Adaa looks more hot and yeah both are rocking individuals and clap is made with 2 hands not 1 same is the case with our 2 adorable Naagins.


    1. They are sad lonely people…

      I agree Rithik looks good with both naagins. I think RiVanya will die and Sesha Will be left behind taking care of Rithik’s child

  21. Ritesha forever

  22. Rivanya perfect. Screw you sesha…

  23. Guys what the hell are you guys thinking about yourself don’t think that we will be quite when you are complaining about us if you believe or not that don’t matters us we are glad that you are liking are show

  24. no you are not arjun …

  25. Rivanya forever they are a perfect match shesha why are you ruining it .
    Hopefully they have rivanya as the main lead they are perfect ?????

  26. who is other mouni
    i am mouni roy
    i am write arjun and aada

  27. You are right mouni but we dont need to tell them we are actors.and by the way we get time to comment as when we comment we get break u know.

  28. Ya you both are absolutely right I just don’t care if the beleive or not let the don’t beleive why we won’t get time to comment we also have lil time time time and we are not free as like these people’s and one more thing we are glad that you are liking are show and pls pls don’t make us shout at you

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