Are you looking forward to Satya-Susheel’s marriage in Ikyawann?

Star Plus’ Ikywann will be getting a dramatic marriage track. Satya and Susheel are in love. Satya was initially wishing to fake love and break Susheel’s heart, but he gets falling for her genuine heart. Satya admits his feelings to Susheel, to which she reciprocates. Mehul learns about Satya and Susheel’s love. He gets happy for them, as he has always seen a good partner for Susheel in Satya. Mehul attempts to meet Satya’s family to take the talk ahead. Mehul realizes Satya is Leela’s grandson. He recalls the past connection with Leela. Mehul has lost his wife to the bitter enmity in Leela’s heart.

Mehul gets troubled with the thought that Susheel will get married in Leela’s house. Mehul informs his dad about Leela and Satya’s relation. The family doesn’t want Susheel’s happiness to get sacrificed. They feel Susheel will never get an acceptance from Leela’s side. Mehul aims to try out the alliance once. He meets Leela with Susheel’s proposal for Satya. Leela learns Susheel is Mehul’s daughter, whom she tried to kill many years back. She realizes Mehul’s daughter is alive. Leela develops more hatred for Susheel. Satya and Susheel determine to get married. It has to be seen how Leela accepts their relation. The marriage track is sure to get many twists. Are you looking forward to Satya-Susheel’s marriage in Ikyawann? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Okay,Leela Ajmera is really is too dramatic for an old woman.

  2. Bhaana

    Yeah! looking forward for the marriage sequence….
    Hope Leela don’t dominate the screen

  3. Mrs Runmi Duarah

    Yes i want satya n susheel get married but b4 that susheel should know the whole truth as its no fault of her

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