Are you looking forward to Sahil Mehta’s re-entry in SSEL?

After Neha Yadav who plays Soumya in Suhani Si Ek Ladki left the show, there was news that even Sahil Mehta is leaving the show. The show shifted track from the leads Suhani and Yuvraaj’s love story to their children. The new generation actors looked apt after a number of episodes aired. Even though, Sahil Mehta aka Yuvraaj was very much missed by his fans. Sahil was wanted and awaited by SSEL viewers. A piece of news brought relief that Sahil will be part of SSEL again. The post leap track will get added drama and entertainment by Sahil’s happening entry.

Post leap, Suhani is seen running a shack in Goa and raising Yuvaan and Soumya’s daughter Krishna. Suhani has taken Krishna’s responsibility after Soumya’s death. Yuvaan and Krishna bond well, while Krishna has liking for him. On the other hand, Yuvani is raised by Ragini and Dadi far away in other city. Yuvani’s true personality is unknown to Suhani. Yuvani presents a wrong image to stay good in Suhani’s eyes, all because of Ragini’s upbringing. Sambhav has died and Yuvraaj is seen bearing the punishment for murdering Sambhav. Suhani has burnt Sambhav to death, while Yuvraaj took the crime blame on his head to save Suhani. Sambhav had forcibly consummated his marriage with Suhani. Suhani and Sambhav’s child Saiyyam has come back in Suhani’s life to take revenge from her for abandoning him at an orphanage. Dadi’s twin sister raised Saiyyam to take revenge against Birla family. Yuvraaj has served all the years in prison and would be making a comeback in family to support Suhani in her new fight against her own son. Are you looking forward to Sahil Mehta’s re-entry in SSEL? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Yes… sahil entry must bring positive…. till now from starting…. full of negative….. but really I think show as lost its charm….

  2. its crap…… ? why always wrong has to happen with girls……. u writers go to hell…… remember u guys named the show “SUHANI SI EK LADKI” not “SUHANI SI EK VICTIM OF ALL BULLSHIT IN THE WORLD”

  3. forgot to ask another thing……. u guys showed in their childhood that krishna yuvani nd yuvan are brother nd sisters… even krishna nd yuvani called yuvan their brother in an episode i think……. u guys r totally & £_#_#_#_#_#_&£#£&&%£#£&@&^<

  4. Yasss missed yuvraaj!???

  5. Ruksy

    What dadi’s twin raised saiyam

  6. I still don’t understand how the kid looks older then the other children! Writers must think viewers are stupid and not be able to add two and two together!

  7. i m so happy .welcome yuvraaj.we missed u alot

  8. i’m very happy and very exicted about yuvraj re-entry. i missed him soo much.

  9. yuu
    they r trying to make a bond of yuvaan krishna/krishna sayyam
    lol..sayyam is younger thn Krishna!
    moreover yuvraj n krishna r having father daughter relationship!
    lol…nonsense is going on there.. always evil wins

  10. Shivani Veerendra Teki

    First of all what shit is this show!!!! I have been watching it since it’s start and am not able to understand who created this show and for what reason??? The dadi never changes… She is yuvraj’s dadi and now is his children’s’ dadi as well… Pratima is shown old but dadi is not!!!
    Second point… Saiyyam… Really!!! If he’s sambhavs son then he should be around some 14 years old right now… But they show him all grown up and ready to date..
    Krishna and yuvaan??? Hello??? They were bro n sis in their childhood na!!
    How come suhani doesn’t realise her daughter’s real face??? And what problem should she have in letting yuvaani dress up in jeans and skirts hen she allows Krishna to do so…
    Coming to Krishna… Where did soumya go?? How did she die??? Good she walked out of this crappy show. Where are bhavna, sharad and golu??? They left as wel??
    Good that pratimas other two sons left the show long back… Anuj now plays rudra in ishqbaaz and I love his comic sense.. Sad he didn’t had much to do here… And hat about menka…
    So many loopholes and repeated tracks .. Only characters or ppl change.. Dadi n suhani are always there … Hehehe I guess if suhani leaves the show she won’t get work anywhere maybe that’s the reason she has stuck for so long..
    Sahil mehta pls pls don’t come back.. Go n do some other show.. Ur talent will be dumped here

  11. How did soumya die?

  12. how stupid can one get? do these directors think we are fools we are illiterate? yuvaan yuvaani and krishna were all kids growing up together suddenly they are now teenagers and you are now giving us the viewers a wrong impression that they should be lets put it this way’boyfriend and girlfriend’ how sick,please change your idea on this topic of bringing krishna and yuvaan as a pair puhleassssse

  13. I like z role of yuvraj…We really miss him..I stopped watching z show wen he didn’t show up and wen he dd his reentry I started to watch it again….but z show is a real crap. ….u ppl do u think viewers are fool….

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