Are you looking forward for the generation leap in Devanshi?

Colors’ Devanshi is progressing well in the track. Kusum Sundari’s supremacy is soon going to end, all by Devanshi’s efforts to expose her crimes. Devanshi finds out Mohan’s involvement in her parents and Sarju’s murder. She is then sent to the mental asylum by Kusum Sundari, where the little girl finds out a big truth about Ishwar’s ill state. She gets to know Ishwar was put to such a helpless state by someone’s plotting. Devanshi could not figure out the person’s name. She reveals this truth to Geeta. Geeta and Vardaan help Devanshi in exposing Mohan.

The trio succeeds in exposing Mohan in front of all the villagers. Kusum Sundari gets helpless to sacrifice her best aide Mohan to save herself. Ishwar gets a hope when he sees Mohan getting arrested. Kusum Sundari’s thrown begins to shake when Devanshi recovers a video, where Mohan’s crime partner is seen. Kusum manipulates and gets Geeta spotted in the video. Geeta gets defamed and arrested for the crime she did not commit. Devanshi holds belief that Geeta is innocent. Geeta runs away from police station. She finds out Kusum Sundari’s bitter truth and tries hard to inform Devanshi. Kusum Sundari attempts to murder Geeta, but fails. Geeta survives and gets saved by Sarla. Sarla uses the secret of Kusum Sundari for her benefits. Kusum Sundari and Sarla get together to remain in power. They try to stop Devanshi from exposing Kusum Sundari’s evil. Devanshi and Vardaan find out Ishwar’s message. They realize Kusum Sundari is the mastermind behind all the crimes committed by Mohan. After Kusum Sundari’s realm gets ruined, the show will take a leap. Are you looking forward for the generation leap in Devanshi? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Sarayumane

    waiting for helly

  2. Yes looking forward for kusum exposure. N the leap.
    But would miss cute devanshi n Vardan.

  3. I’ve heared that Helly shah is approched to the role ! This little girl is on fire after Swaragini !

  4. I agree for kusum sundari exposed by devanshi,vardaan and geeta..but very very missed thease talented child actor specially kashvi kothari&viraj kapoor..and sakshi also.

  5. Glad that Kusum will be exposed.
    But love the kids in the show. So not looking forward to the leap for that reason.

  6. I will miss kashvi and viraj…. Cute child actors…

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