Look the world with my veiw- its beautiful!! (few shots – Part 1)


(1st shot)


”Ahhhhh!!!! Early morning traffic noise always ready to disturb my sleep of hardly three hours”

first thought of my day sounds dead and tired like my life,still my eyes are closed i hv not open them to look at my cute pinkish room which gives me the feel of heaven in exhausting world….

Offcourse the job of doctor is not easy one it demands whole day or i say whole life serving others.. It was my dream to become doctor and i,m well know doctor today”Doctor Suman” but in geting my dreams i had lost myself somewhere….


“Oh gosh! This traffic”

finally i open my eyes and get up from the embrace of soft bed and pull off the curtains to hv a look on outside world…

And the morning rays of sun hits my eyes in response of rays they again got closed for few sec taking me away from the world…

And when i slowly open them again there i saw a big traffic jam…seriously??? 6am!!!!and that much traffic…well not a new thing,this is a big city ”mumbai” busy with busy peoples ….

Everyone wants to get their dreams completed!!!

I move towards kitchen to hv a sip of hot choclate coz without it my day is more bitter..that sweet smell of choclate gives me pleasure!!!!

And after spending an half hour with my self its time to step out in outside world i got ready and as i step out ”traffic” starting from house? Seriously how would i reach hospital but no other option except to jump into this….

2 hours!!!! It has been two hours and i guess my car has moved just a km.. Its frustating,annoying my mood is completely off when some guitar tones echoing in air i heard,, it was like a melody in that traffic noise..

And i get out of my car in search of that like wandrer searching for home…

And destination of that search was suprising it takes me to the guy in three peice ammmm!! Well developed personality! prefect hairs!perfect charm he was playing that guitar..as if experincing something new totally engrossed,unaware of world

Moment was quite blissfull but it was spoiled by text ”its an emergancy doctor please try to reach soon”

again frustation and anger arose in me and that came out in a way i never wanted but it came ”jobless persons” thats what i utter and that guittar boy stops to play the guitar and his stare was fixed at me..

He place the guitar at side and walks towards me..

“excuse me??” saying this he stood just in front of me….

It was strange moment or i say magical it was making me to get lost into it but i avoid it ”seriously!! I mean persons like u also exist? Everyone is so worried coz of this jam. someone has to reach office, someone has to go school, someone life is needed to be treat but i,m pissed here and u r enjoying that guitar playing???”

and i did that!!!! I through out my all anger,frustation on a stranger…

Who is still quite with a smile that enhance his charm till now he has just spoken a word and that was ”excuse me”

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  1. Hey…
    It was superb..????
    I liked it?

  2. WeirdSister

    Hey aaribha…!
    What a cool opening…
    I mean..Shravan wid a guitar would set everything on fire…!
    Loved it totally…
    Plz plz post soon…
    Love ya..!

    1. Aaribha

      TYSM 🙂 🙂

  3. Ariana

    Hey Aaribha it was a great start. Lol Sumo is so angry nd jhalli…..Shravan sounds chill. I’m excited for the nxt part so post soon.

    1. Aaribha


  4. Anushika

    Hey Aribha,Loved it …Nice personalities of Shraman…Completely opposite…
    Post soon

    1. Aaribha

      Thank you!

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    hey aribha !!!!!
    awesome start ..
    post next part soooooooon cz i cant wait ….
    take care ..

    1. Aaribha

      Thankuuuu 🙂

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