Look the world with my veiw-its beautiful!! (fews shots-last part) ”ek duje ke vaaste”

The world has just stop to move or my brain has got sudden death. Coordination inside my body is messed up making me not able to move,, impulse has stop flowing in my nerves,, the veiw infront of my eyes has stop their blinking..my heart has stop to beat,,i,m numb like a life less soul…. Something is needed to take me out of that terror and there that something comes..its raining. I,m drenched ”hv u expreinced dancing in rain it washout ur worries” his words echos in my mind but they hit hard on my heart and i rushed to rescue him,,
i sit down, placing his head over my lap ”what to do???? What to do”???
‘His nerves’ ‘yeah he is alive’ that fills some life in me and i take him to the hospital with help of some men…
Right now i,m at my place ‘operation theater’ this is a place where i hv done many opeartions successfully but today is different case i realize when my co doctor said ”i hv never saw ur hands shivering.,r u ok? R do u know him? ”
thats true doctor,s hands must not shiver during opeation but this time my hearting is shivering also my whole body is shivering and i dont know why ”i,m sorry i cant do this i,ll send another doctor” i said and ahead to leave….
But in a moment a new soul fills my body as i take breath.. My heart got its connection with another heart..that stranger was laying unconsiously but his breathes was asking me to turn back….
I turn to him and look at his hand as he interlock my middle finger btwn his two fingers…
‘how can it happen? How can unconcious person hold my hand’
”u hv a deep connection with him. I guess” again my co doctor spoke as he saw his moment…
His slight touch has made me fall for him…
Is this love? Can love happens in a moment? I guess it can its just an emotion when and where it develops u never know..
Yeah but thats upto u that u live in that or let it go and i cant let it go or him i want to look the
world with his veiw and for that i had to open these eyes…..
And being a doctor i gave my 200% in this case,,
it has turned into a dark night now, operation went successful and now i,m just waiting for those eyes to get open.. My eyes are fixed at him but he is unaware of it.. And i doze off holding his hand and lying my head over hand in hope of bright day..

And today it was not traffic noise that made me awake nor the rays of sun but the firm hand caring my cheek and as i open my eyes they just get lost into his deep eyes for while….
And i get up as my heart is beating at normal rate seeing him fine….
There is just smile on our face when that moment got disturb with a knock on a door…
I am suprised to see all the seniour and best doctors of town and one of them asked him ‘how r u feeling sir,,hope u r fyn’ and other continued ‘as soon as we came to know that u met with accident we just reached here but i guess doctor suman handle ur case really well’.
I smiled at this but now the question revolving in my mind is that ”who is he?”
”yeah after all i was in hands of very briliant doctor” he said and smiled at me.
“ok SHARVAN sir u take rest now” they all leave and he smile at them..
But i took few mins to realise that he called him sharvan and i just utter ‘SHARVAN MALHOTHRA?” with high pitch my mouth was left open in awe and i looked at him..and i added further ‘r u sharvan malhothra i mean the sharvan malhothra who runs all the hospitals of country?????’
‘ i guess ‘ he replied with a wide smile and wide eyes…
“hmmm the one who is that much successful was suggesting me to dance in rain” i taunt him
”i suggest coz that i do myself i just dont run to make life i take some time to live and experince it as well”
again that was start of convo ‘ok and what about that search is this not enough that u still want to stand out?’
‘i had standout in my proffesion now its time to stand out in my passion”
he is so clear with his veiws that he did not take a second to reply..
I shake my head as i never win over him ‘hv rest now’
i said and turned to go but i feel tight grip of his hand on mine and he pulled me making me fall over his chest my open silky hair was falling on his eyes as he caresses them ‘but u hv given me this new life. U r my life saviour.. I want to turn remaing pages with u’ he said and i place my head on his chest that much closness was allowing me to hear his heart beat ‘here at a moment life is perfect, i want to look the world with ur veiw than it will be a beautiful one” i said and close my eyes and he turn his arms over me and i was like in the embrace of rose whose petals has surrounded me..


note:hello guyz thanku so much for such a nyc response it was first time that i share my story somewhere and the response and support i got from u all was overwhelming THANKU SO MUCH 🙂

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  1. hello di, may b u don t know me. I am Neeti. I have read all the epis bt I ws busy so I didnt cmnt.. as it is the lst prt I am cmnting. it ws beautiful, the way u write its amazing. last prt killed me, I thought he will… bt thank u fr the btfl end. bye bye- Neeti

    1. nd yeah come back soon with another ff or shots

    2. Aaribha

      Awww thanku so much neeti cmnt does not really matter what matters is that u read and liked it 🙂 and i,m glad!!!
      Thanku so much!!!!

  2. Hey Aaribha di!
    OMG! You nailed it man!
    The way you described each emotion and each scene was ???
    Your writing skills were indeed very good and creative!
    Awwwww….love the part when he says ‘U r my life saviour’???
    I loved these few shots and I’m hoping that you’ll be back with something interesting soon!
    Till then, take care and love you loads!?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku so much anshita i,m touched by ur each words thanks alot 🙂

  3. This is perhaps one of those writings I’ve really loved reading. This was just so perfect. The way you’ve potrayed all the feelings, explained all the scenes, wrote every dialogue was more than amazing.
    You’re an awesome writer. Please come back with more ff/os.
    Loads of love. Take care ??

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku so much zainab.. So sweet of u take care 🙂

  4. Its really nyc yr i m so happy thanx for the happy ending

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku so much!!! 🙂

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey aribha !!!!!
    Dear !!!! These all shots were just amazinggggg awwwwesome fantastic ..
    U r just awesome girl .. awesome writer .. thanks for sharing this beautifully written story ??????
    It is just perrrrfect one ✌✌????
    Do write more ff’s r shots .. will be waiting for ur next writings ..
    Till then
    Take care ..

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku soooo much dear 🙂

  6. WeirdSister

    Aaribha…so beautifully written dear…
    Very well potrayed…..
    That was so damn refreshing..
    Loved it..
    Love u loads..
    Come back soon wid another story…
    Take care..

    1. Aaribha

      Thank you 🙂

  7. Very good ff

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku 🙂

  8. Ariana

    Aasibu its………………………awesome. I just LOVED it!!!
    U r such a wonderful writer. The way u expressed Sumo’s feelings…goshhhhh I’m a fan of urs. Pls make more shots.
    love u
    take care

    1. Aaribha

      U r indeed a sweet heart thanku 🙂

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    This was so good ???
    One of the next few shots I ever read
    Too good ???

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku 🙂

  10. Beas

    Omg u just killed me. Such an amazing story. No words to express!! Come back soon with another story like this ?

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku so much beas!!!

  11. Hey aribha..
    The line u wrote..
    Love is an emotion.and its up to you..that you wana live in it. Or let it go..
    I loved it..dear..????
    It was so..gud…
    I loved ur ff too??????

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku so much 🙂

  12. ya it was very nice just love it.

    1. Aaribha

      Thankuuuu 🙂

  13. Omgggggg aribha this was something soooo beautiful and blissfull just read all shots that was amazing

    thanku so much for such a sweet story…..

    1. Aaribha

      Thanku so much

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