Longing for one wish…..a os?

Hi guys actually today is my bff’s birthday so I am writing an os .
Please somehow tolerate and read it…
And please don’t forget to wish my friend happy
Birthday …
Guys it is purely about friendship..
Buthe I’ll soon post a romantic ff with my blaberings..

Caution:only cakes to be thrown is welcome?

Story begins …..
Four girls are seen doing pranks in their school
and teacher starts scolding them.
Girl1:miss we were just helping you only na. Other 3 girls(were controlling their laugh seeing the teacher ):Yes miss we were just helping u

Suddenly one girl burst out in laugh as she couldn’t control.
Then teacher gave punishment to them to clean the floor and our kiddo’s started making puppy faces. (Ok ok no more suspence the girl one was swara and the other three girls were tanu,ishani and suman)
Now the kiddo’s planned to convince the teacher.
They started singing….
Ammavum neeyae appavum neeyae anbudanae atharikum deivam neeyae ×2 times (mummy also u daddy also u my God is also u only)in a funny manner.
The whole class started laughing..
Teacher’s anger reached pressure cooker bursting level (our kiddos started imagining smoke coming out from her ear and nose)esesesessss òoooooooooo ………
Then our swara thought a idea she wearer a wig of boy hair in her head and came in front of miss..
Swara:miss you are a beauty inside u sweet frooti…if u you forgive us we will give u a coffee..
The other three wearer cartoon mask of do remonstrated,schinchan,and pikachu…
The teacher suddenly laughed seeing them and forgave them……

For getting punishment a flashback should be there know…….
So all the kiddos saw towards the ceiling…
Bg music…
When the teacher was sleeping in the class the kiddos did makeup to thensure teacher..
By putting chalk piece powder as blush and eye shadow.red pen ink as lipstick.and last but not the least charcoal under eyes.
When the teacher woke up
Teacher:ayoo Amma conjuring ghost save me… and fainted..
Because our kiddos has settled a mirror in front of them..
Flashback over ….
Tadatadatada Tadatadatada tada…..

As days went our kiddos got got marks and went in seperate group to accomplish their goals.swara only used to call and ask about them and wish correctly on their birthdays with a gift. But none wished on her birthday much to dismay.she was soo stressed out due to this and her studies….
All completed their school and entered into collage.
Swara got district first so as friends to do their responsibility they wished her…
But on going days tanu,ishani and Suman completely ignored swara and they 3 alone started to spend time with themselves..

On one day ….
It was swara’s 18 birthday she was waiting for her friends wish and was seeing her cellphone like mad but to her dismay no one called and wished her..
She always longed for calls in these years but today also there was no change….

After a few years…
There was three person seen near a grave.in that grave swara is written. Yes swara died ..by longing for one wish in her life…she was stressed out like hell.but also she gave money for gifts and wishes for every upcoming birthday of her friends.she also gave her whole earned money to orphanage for the children to get lots and lots of people wishes…..
She died while saving a 1 year old child from being hit from truck on her birthday which became her death day..
She longed for one wish but didn’t make others long for wish.

The there friends of her did not know her importance when she was alive…….

Her longing for one wish completed after her death because of her absence….

In her grave in bold lettrers”longing for one wish”

Author’s note..
Guys did I make you bored I am soooooooooo sorry .but understand everyone emotions and make them smile.
Guys please wish my friend deepika also with ur comment.plz plz

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  1. Rita


  2. Praju

    Nice and happy birthday deepika

  3. Mahavir

    omggggggggggggggg varshu it was awesome dear….n u r writing…n yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEEPIKA N ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS N nan unna marakamaaten ok mind it..

  4. Awesome

  5. Mica

    Happy b’day Deepika!!! all the best for you both

  6. nice os..happy birthday deepika..tc..

  7. Asha

    Rita,Praju,Jessica,maha,anu ,swasan,mica and a thanks u guys for reading my boring os.As I was on half sleep I wrote something…
    Guys your wishes for her is delivered….
    Chellakutty maha ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS….
    Naanum unna mathiri caring friend ah marakamataen?
    Mica sis thank u too ?

  8. Asha

    Thank you

  9. Shibil

    Nice dr….. Longing for one wish ….

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEEPIKA…..May God showers all blessings to You…Have a happy and Healthy life long …

  10. awesome

  11. Simi

    Happy birthday Deepika

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