“How’s this one?”
I read Ana’s message as my phone flashed. It was about 4:30 p.m in the evening and the shooting was going in full swing. It has been two weeks since I had left home. I am missing HER terribly. I wanted to see her, talk to her in person and feel her. It’s like I am addicted to her. She has become my addiction indeed. My day is not done without seeing her smile. Video calls do help, but I wanted to meet her in person. I hate to leave her. If I had managed business or been in other field, I would have be able to spend at least a little time. But I can’t blame my profession as well. All I can blame is my fate. And myself.
“Is it okay? Husband man! Enough of blaming yourself, now just replyyyy!!!” Her message broke my trance.

How did she guess that I was blaming myself? Her message made me smile.
Ishaan’s marriage preparations are making her schedule hectic as well. Being the eldest daughter-in-law, she is flooded with loads of work. And today, they had gone for shopping, I guess. Wedding dresses and stuff. And that’s the reason, my darling wife is getting hyper. She had sent me a pic.
I looked at the pic.
“Not done. You have this kind of saree already. Choose another one.”
I replied.
“Oh yeah. I remember. When did my husband man started remembering my sarees? ??” She texted back.
“When I had enough time to spend quality time with them ?” I replied.
“Include ? ? too. I know that you would be doing that right now.”

“Okay, how about this one?”
“No. You’re looking really like a duffer! ??”
“Oh please!! ?”
“Okay okay, chill. It’s good. But prefer something bright. Just like you! ?”
“Aren’t you being too cheesy today?”
“Yes I am. I am in a gooooddd mood today ?”
“How is this?”
“Don’t try to escape ?”
“Miss you”
“Wanna kiss you ?”
“Be serious! Don’t joke harsha! I really miss you. Usually, I do. But today a little bit more. Wish you were there with me today.”
“I am missing you more Ana. I am just becoming mad”

“Aren’t you mad already? ?”
“Very funny! ?”
“How’s the shooting going?”
“It is going good. But very tiring.”
“Have your meals on time. Take care of your health. And beware, if you don’t. You’ll be punished severely, if you don’t!”
“? Okay mam! ?”
“That’s like my husband man!”

“Okay, have you chosen?”
“See this one, harsha!”
“Harsha!!! Are you there?”
“Perfect!! ??”
“How are the preparations going?”
“Good. Venue is fixed. Food is fixed. Dresses are being bought. Gifts are purchased as well. Invitations are ready. We’ll begin inviting in a short while. You’re coming a week ahead, right? Or else, I will talk to Rahyl!”
“Yes Darling! ?”
“You’ve become mad today. What’s this darling and stuff?!”
“You’re my darling, indeed!”

“Okay okay. Enough. Ish is calling. I have to go. Will talk to you tonight. Take care. Love you husband man!! ???”
“Convey my regards to everyone there. Love you more Ana. ?? Take care.”
I smiled as I closed the chat. I looked at the pic in which she is wearing the saree which she showed me minutes back. She was looking breathtaking. Her smile is magical. I kissed her pic.
“Sir! Shot ready!”
“Are you mad?” She yelled at me.
“Not as mad as you’re, but a sort of mad though.” I replied.
“Miru, What are you doing? You should not call your husband by name in public places.” Miru’s mom said.
Miru made faces and looked away. I tried hard not to laugh at her. She looked adorable. But, unfortunately, I failed in controlling myself, which resulted in me, laughing too hard.
She glared at me and muttered something under her breath, which I could not hear.
“What did you say?” I asked her.

“Nothing” she replied bluntly.
“And don’t worry, you can call me anything you like. Don’t bother about what others may think. You’re gonna be my wife and you have all the rights. Moreover, I like this.” Saying that, I winked at her.
She looked at me shocked. She turned her head suddenly, and pretended to search for another saree. But her fingers were fiddling with her hand bag as she was keep on twisting the zip on it.
“Seems you’re busy working on something, but please do it later as we don’t have time for all these” I said.
She immediately took off her hands and picked one saree.
“No. This is not good. Why don’t you choose a light colour?”

“I like bright colours” she said looking away from me.
“Look into my eyes, when you speak!” I told her as I held her hand.
She gasped and tried to remove her hand and I made my grip tighter.
“What are you doing?” She asked me, still looking away.
“Look into my eyes” I told her in a intense tone.
“No, I won’t” she muttered.
“Mira. Look into my eyes.”

“I won’t.”
“Why?” I said in a sort of anger filled tone.
“Coz, I am not able to pretend when I look into your eyes!” Saying it in a go, she walked hastily from there.
I chuckled. There are 2 weeks for my marriage. Sorry, our marriage. And with the days progressing, I am discovering many shades of her. I love this. I love her as well.
Ishaan’s voice made me jerk. I turned and looked at him.
“What?” I asked him as I continued looking at my phone.
“My dear bro is not going to pop out from your phone. So, stop it.” He said as he snatched my phone which had Harsha’s pic.

“Am I telling you like this, when you keep on seeing Miru and your pic on the phone? So, stay away joker!” I replied coldly.
“Now, don’t call me joker. Already she’s calling me joker whenever possible. It’s all because of you, duffer!” He said angrily.
“But, I heard that someone likes being called joker by miru.” I mocked.

“Oh come on! Please now don’t make me shy” He said making me giggle.
“Ahaan” I said with a mischievous smile on my face.
He turned back while caressing his hair. Gosh! He was blushing!
“Blushing huh?” I asked him as I raised my eyebrow.
“Oh, please!” He said and went from there. I laughed. And I heard giggles from behind. They were Miru’s relatives. I welcomed them inside and called Mom. They had seen our Romantic romeo blushing too ??.

Just 3 more days to go for Ishaan’s wedding. Harsha is coming tomorrow. I am so so excited.
Till now, everything is going well. I just hope that everything goes well like this.
Had harsha been here with us for the wedding preparations, it would have been more fun. I know that Harsha loves these types of ceremonies. He loves his family way too much, though it doesn’t seem like that from outside. These two weeks were hard for me. I missed harsha very bad. His mischievous smile, that glint in his eyes and his embrace… I missed everything. And I know that he missed me too. But as they say, distance decreases the distance between couples, we have become more closer. The late night calls, text messages and video calls…. This is how the two weeks flew. Our love is flourishing with each passing moment. That’s what which makes our life filled with joy.
Mom misses Harsha too. Obviously, she would. He is the eldest son of the family and she wanted him to be present in all the ceremonies. But, Harsha couldn’t afford too much offs due to his schedule. I was angry with Harsha initially too for not coming here before a week. I tried talking to Rahyl as well. But in vain. Even Rahyl was not too keen to make harsha stay there for shooting, but he was helpless. I know that Harsha wasn’t at fault. But, let me have some fun. You guys know what I mean ?

“Wohooo! Look who’s here!” An over dramatic cousin of mine screamed as I entered my home.
Home is home. The heaven on earth for any person. Whether it is a bungalow or a hut, home will be home for me. I flashed my official smile to the elite group of people in my house while my eyes were searching for my Ana. Where did she go now? She knows that I am coming and she is not present here. Then it struck me. She is angry!! I know she would be, for sure. But Rahyl and I tried our level best but that producer was too stingy. I hate that man! Was it not for Rahyl, I would not even agree to work with this man. Now, I have to convince my lady love. And I don’t know how.
“Harsha!! How are you son?”
“You have become so thin!”
“Awww! My darling nephew! You’re back!”

“Hey bro! You forgot this little cousin of yours!”
I was literally squeezed and crumpled by the ladies gang of our family who were meeting me after my marriage. I felt my breath hacking as I was engulfed in huge arms of my family members. I politely answered them and immediately left the place.
Uff! What was that?! This happens to me always. But it’s fun though. Family get-together are always fun. Ladies flaunting about their dresses and accessories, Males discussing about their business and office stuff, teenage girls posing for selfies, the boys checking out pretty girls, kids roaming, playing and spoiling the boys fun…. Weddings are always epitome of joy. I still could remember my wedding, where I was teased to death by a flock of girls. Ana and I didn’t even talked then. As those girls would tease me for each move of mine, Ana would scold them and try to shoo them away, making everyone giggle.

“Romancing in dreams?” A very familiar voice made me jerk and then I realised that I was smiling remembering that pleasant memories.
“Hey Vidyut! How are you dude?” I asked as I saw Vidyut standing in front of me.
“I am fine as always. But your wifey is in the heights of anger. So you better rush to her now” He said as he chuckled.

I smiled sheepishly and walked from there. Now, where will I find her? As my eyes were busy in searching her, I bumped into someone.
“Yo bro!” Ishaan squealed and hugged me making me go dumb in amazement. I could not figure out what’s going on here.
“Mr. Elder bro! Why are you looking at me like that? I know I am handsome. But please, don’t look like this. Your Ana and My Miru would go mad at us!” He said rolling his eyes and I hit him playfully.

“Joker!! Everyone is looking at you” Mira, who was standing beside him glared at him.
I smiled looking at them. Ana was right. They were looking so perfect together.
“Hello Bro.” She said forwarding her hand.
“Hello Mira.” I smiled.
“Ish, Congratulations!” I wished him.

He smiled back and mouthed “thanks bro!”
I am feeling so happy right now. Finally, Ishaan talked to me. I am so so so happy now. It seems like a dream. He talked to me like he was before. I know that Ana is behind this. She never fails to make me happy. And now, I feel complete. My life is slowly getting set.
“Mira, Ishaan and Harsha! Come here soon!” Mom called out and we 3 walked towards the room. Ishaan had his arm wrapped around my shoulder as we were walking. As we crossed the living room, he withdrew his arm suddenly.

“Ish, what happened?” I asked him.
“Nothing. And now, don’t think that everything has become fine. I… I just spoke to you in front of them as I didn’t want everybody to know about this. I know that this would hurt you. But, I didn’t mean it.” Saying that, he dragged Mira along with him.
My vision slowly blurred as I saw them walking away with Mira turning back and looking at me.


Hey guys! Thanks a lot for your support! Thank you krisha, indira, spandana and chriz. Sorry for making you wait guys. especially Indira. I read your comments. Chriz thanks a lot. Glad that you like this. Spandana, thank you for your constant support. Thanks for reading.

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