I smiled faintly at the guest as I received the bouquet from one of the guests. I am tired of saying thanks and smiling at them. I didn’t want to have such a grand engagement. But when I belong to one of the most popular families in India, I can’t escape this. Miru either. She belongs to one of the biggest business empires in India. I think this is a business deal rather. May be to an outsider and even Miru herself. But, I am happy about this. About my engagement with Miru.
Miru, as I call her, is one of the miracles that happened to me in my life. Even now, I can’t figure out how this happened. I kind of like her. I didn’t know why, how and other stuffs. I believe that she will easily adapt to my family, which already considers her as a member.
I am engaged officially now. To be elaborate, I am gonna be a family man. All these happened within a blink of an eye. Now, Miru is my responsibility. Whether she likes me or not, I will take care for her and shower her all the love I can. I know that she is not ready for this right now. But I will not force her. I will befriend her and start a new beginning. I just hope all these will mark a new and happy beginning of my love life.
I looked at her, who seemed so tired. Obviously, she would be tired. She was looking breathtaking today in that lehenga.
I could not take my eyes off her. I controlled myself from doing that often. She would think that I am desperate.
I neared her. “Are you okay?” I asked her.
She nodded. Her eyes were looking so tired. She was looking ready to collapse. If I take her away, then both the families would become mad on me. I couldn’t see her in this condition. I held her hand firmly. She looked at me shocked. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, another hand still clasping hers. Her eyes widened more. I could hear “Oooh” “Awww!!” and many more. Duffer smiled at me. “What a cute couple!” And many other voices squealed. I ignored and tightened my grip on her as I flashed a smile to the paparazzi for a photograph.
“Ana!!! Come here!!” Harsha shouted amidst the loud music.
“Your baby is calling, go Nieve!” Sandy mocked.
I blushed as I smacked her arm. How embarrassing?! I went towards him.
“Harsha… What happened?” I asked him calmly. I will punish him for embarrassing me tonight.
As I went near him, he grabbed my arm and dragged me somewhere hastily. I couldn’t realise those happenings as they happened within a fraction of second.
“Harsha..” Before I could complete, I felt his finger on my lips. Thank god, none was here. We were in the private suite in that luxury hotel. I could sense my heart thumping loudly.
“You’re looking so gorgeous today, Ana. I am unable to control myself” His each word sent a shiver down my spine.
Blood rushed over my cheeks. He wrapped his arms around me and I hugged him back. Only I know, how it feels to be in his embrace. I closed my eyes and cherished that moment.
Suddenly, it struck me that Mom would be searching for us. I tried to push him, but in vain.
“Harsha… Mom…” I trailed off as I felt his lips against my skin. My heart was beating impossibly fast with his each touch. I tried to resist, but I couldn’t win over him. I surrendered, at last.
“WTF?!” Harsha mumbled as his phone rang. I let out a chuckle and pulled myself away.
“I can’t even romance peacefully with my wife!” He rambled. I closed my eyes with my hands in shyness. Gosh! He is making me go red.
I hit his arm playfully and rushed outside.
I took a deep breath to control my hovering heart. Huff! I glanced at the gathering. No one looked at me. That’s good. I made my way towards Mira to help her. Poor girl, she might be feeling tired standing there for hours.
“Anu!” Mom’s voice stopped me.
“Anu, can you please do me a help? My phone is at my suite. Can you bring it here?” Mom said.
“Mom! Don’t be so formal. I will bring it.” I said with a smile. Mom smiled back.
I made my way towards the suite. I looked at Harsha, who was talking to the guests. Being a celebrity family, there were flocks of guests over here. He was smiling and talking to someone. It would be his friend, I think. I shoved my thoughts and went away.
“Meet Mrs.Ananya Harsha, My wife” HE introduced to that guy whom he was chatting for long. I smiled at that guy.
“Hello Ananya.” He said with a smile. I found his face way too similar. But I couldn’t figure out who he was. He held his hand out and I shook hands with him. As I did that, I noticed Harsha’s grip tightening around my waist. Jealous chap ?. I looked at him with amusement. But I was happy inside ?.
“Harsha, cool! I am not hitting on your wife! You’re so possessive dude!” Rahyl said as he winked at us.
“Yes, I am.” Harsha replied with a smile. I looked at him giving a “What are you doing?” look.
He chuckled.
“He is Rahyl. My best friend and the national award winning director.” HE introduced that guy to me.
Oh god! Now, I could recognise him. I nodded smilingly.
“You know Ana, we are working on a new project together.” HE said.
“That’s great news! Hope it succeeds. All the best guys!” I said. Rahyl smiled.
But little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a new set of problems in our life.
“Ana…” I called her softly. It was dawn and Mrs.Harsha was sleeping peacefully with her head on my chest. She would be tired. So am I.
Finally, the engagement was over. And my lil bro is going to get hitched soon. I felt so happy for him. But, still he doesn’t talk to me properly. I felt so hurt when he smiled at me at the engagement and acted to be normal with me, which wasn’t real. I don’t know when he will talk to me properly. I sighed.
Yesterday, I introduced Rahyl to her. Rahyl and me are best friends since childhood. He hailed from a filmy background just like me. Ritesh uncle is a veteran director and his father, that is, Rahyl’s grandad is a popular producer.
Rahyl and I went to the same school and college. When I decided to step into acting, he decided to step into direction, which he loved immensely. No doubt, his movies were huge blockbusters and he won a national award for his recent movie. As a friend, I was so happy for him. So did he. He would always advice me on each and every success of mine unlike others, who just congratulate outside and despise me from inside. He’s more close to me and we both remain friends till now. The biggest irony is that till now, we haven’t collaborated. The media knows that we are best friends and brothers from another mother. So when this news of our collaboration was officially announced yesterday, everyone is excited. I am a kind of highly excited.
This project is important to me. Initially, I was sceptical about this offer as if we failed to keep up to people’s expectations, everything would turn Topsy-Turvy. But later, I prepared to face this. As an actor, I should not be afraid of taking risks. I agreed to this offer. The preproduction works are over and the shoot is commencing next week. This project requires whole of 3 years of my life. When I heard the script, I was so awestruck that I was ready for it.
But I am afraid that I would have to be away from Ana. I would not be able to. But this project is so important for me. I am in an absolute dilemma. I have to do this. I don’t know how Ana will react to this. I have to talk to her. I will.
“Ana…” I called her again as I patted her softly.
“Mmmm…” She mumbled sleepily.
“Ana.. Get up. It’s morning!” I said as I pecked her forehead. She opened her eyes slowly and flashed a smile to me.
I am gonna miss this smile of hers for sure.
“Good morning husband man.” She said.
“Good morning” I replied with a smile.
“Ana….” I don’t know how to start.
“Harsha, what’s running in your mind? Tell me. Feel free to share” she said.
“Ana, actually… The new movie with Rahyl requires 3 years. I have to work for 3 years for this.” I said it in one go.
The composed smile of her vanished and a frown replaced that on her face.
I looked at her disappointed face sadly.
“Ana… Don’t worry, we will meet each other frequently. I will try to come here often and you too come there. Even I can’t live without you. I am so used to you now and it will be so difficult for me without you being there beside me.” I said.
She didn’t reply. I dragged her near to me and wrapped my arms around her.
“Ana, do speak something.” I said.
No response. I thought to give her some time and I didn’t talk to her after that. I didn’t know till how long we were in the same position. I just felt her against me and closed my eyes. I will miss her. Obviously, I will. These are the main drawbacks in the life of an actor. After a long time, when we were together, I had to go away from her.
Suddenly, she drifted away from me. I opened my eyes. She looked at me straight into my eyes.
“I will manage Harsha. You don’t worry. Everything will be fine. We will meet each other frequently. I will… I will miss you badly. But it’s alright. I know that you would miss me the same way as I do. I love you, Harsha. You don’t worry about me. I will be totally fine. Now, smile!” She said softly with a smile.
I know that it’s not a real smile. I know that she is saying all these to make me feel comfortable.
I cupped her face.
“Are you sure Ana?” I asked her and she nodded. I know that she is going to suffer by all these. I feel bad for her.
“I am not that bad Harsha. I feel bad indeed. But I understand your situation. And I can do anything for you, husband man!” She said and a small smile appeared on my face. I hugged her tightly.
I am so lucky indeed to have her in my life. I feel so special. She has turned my life into a fairy tale. She is there with me in each and every obstacle in our life. I LOVE HER TO THE INFINITY!

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