“Missed me?” A deep husky voice made me jump as it’s owner snaked his arms around me.
I was searching for my T-shirt in the closet when this deep voice just made my heart jump out of its place.
I know who is it. Of course my husband man. I could feel blood rushing all over my cheeks.
“What if I say I didn’t?” I snapped at him playfully.
As soon as I said this, his grip tightened around my body even more. He rested his head on my shoulders.

“That would never happen Ana” he said huskily.
I felt an adrenaline rush. This man! He makes me go weak on my knees. I slowly came out of his grip and wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling.
“How was your day, husband man?” I asked him.
“A sort of okay… But a tiring one. Missed you Ana.” He said, his eyes clearly reflecting his love.
“How was yours?” He asked
“It was good. You know what Harsha? Ishaan has agreed for the proposal!” I screeched happily.
“Well, that’s a great news indeed. How’s the girl? Are you sure Ishaan didn’t take this decision for our sake?” He questioned.

“No harsha. I don’t think so. He seemed to be sceptical at first, before meeting her. But later, when he came down after talking to her, he announced his wish confidently. I think he likes her.” I said. I am so happy for Ishaan.

“Hmm. I just want my Ishaan to be happy.” He said.
I knew this. Harsha loves Ishaan like a father. Ishaan too has the same affection. But he has two horns over his head and never accepts the fact because of that misunderstanding. Who doesn’t have misunderstandings in their lives? Even Harsha and I had. But we both sorted it and have started a new beginning. I have tried talking to Ishaan several times to make him understand, but in vain. After all, whose brother is he? He is a very hard nut to crack. I don’t know how Miru will manage him.
Miru. She is so sweet. Though we couldn’t talk much today, I noticed her character. She is certainly sweet. But when Ishaan told me that she spoke like a fighter queen with him, I understood her completely. Poor girl. She is nervous due to all the recent changes in her life. It was same with me too. Though I had a certain soft corner for Harsha initially, I didn’t know about him completely. The fears of ‘how would I live with a stranger? Will I be able to be happy and make him happy?’ made me flabbergasted then. Later on, I adapted to the changes and here I am. A small smile appeared on my face as the past flashed in my mind.

“Thinking about me?” His voice broke my trance. I looked at him. He was smiling mischievously.
“Why don’t you talk to Ishaan? Only you can sort out this. It’s high time. He’s getting married and you brothers should reconcile soon.” I said looking at him.
His smile faded away as I said this.

“Ana, he will not understand me. I know. Whenever I try to talk, he moves away.” He said in a cracky voice.
I could feel his pain. The pain of his brother avoiding him. Only him. I placed my hand on his shoulder.
“Try again, Harsha. He just pretends to hate you. But in reality, he doesn’t. Try speaking to him again.” I told him softly.

He nodded his head and walked towards the changing room. I should not have brought this topic right now. He has become upset. What did you do Ananya? Damn.
“Tadaang! Here’s your surprise!” I said as I brought the dinner tray to our room. He was fiddling with his phone when I entered. He let out a faint smile. He is upset still. I will make him smile now.
He looked at me, confused.
“Surprise?” He asked me. I could see a small tint of happiness on his face.
“Come on. Now have dinner.” I ordered him.
“Yes madam.” He bowed his head dramatically and I laughed.
“Let’s have together.” He stressed “Together” making me shocked.
“I know that you didn’t have your dinner too.” He said.
I smiled and sat near him.
“So, what’s special today?” He asked me raising his eyebrow.

“I cooked for you today” I said smiling excitedly.
“What?!” He shouted. I looked at him annoyed. He gulped.
“I am not that bad in cooking.” I said as I looked away. He chuckled.
“Aww… My teddy got angry.” I widened my eyes as I heard him saying this. Harsha and cheesy lines? Am I dreaming? He, calling me teddy made me flush. But, I didn’t turn towards him. I know that he is doing all this to make me turn towards him. Smart Harsha. But, I am smarter than him. I didn’t turn.

He neared me dangerously close. He took the plate and ate a morsel. I watched all these sneakily. I prayed in my heart that the food should taste good. I had put in all my efforts into this.
I was eagerly awaiting his reply. He drifted away after tasting. I was horrified. Was it so worse? He didn’t even react. At least, he could have teased me. He slowly stood up and started moving, when I held his hand. Few minutes before, I was acting so stubborn to face him. Now, this guy made me break that.
“How was the food?” I asked him.

No reply from him. He stood still. I went near him and made him face me. But he closed his eyes. Argh! Tit for tat? I stomped my feet. He chuckled with his eyes closed.  Then, an idea popped in my mind. I stomped his feet with all my might, making him jump.
“Ouch! Mad woman! It hurts.” He yelled. He opened his eyes. I flashed a victorious smile.
“I won!” I said showing him all my teeth. He shook his head in amusement.
“Now tell me. How was the food?” I asked him.

“What should I say?” He asked me.
“Harsha!!” I whined. He smiled. He pulled me towards him with all his might suddenly, making me land on his chest.
“It was sumptuous Ana. Just like you!” He said as he winked. I turned crimson at his words. I smacked him playfully.
“Ouch!” He screeched.
“This is bad. You are hitting your husband instead of loving him.” He snorted.
“This is  your punishment for today’s morning.” I said.
“What did I do?” He asked me innocently. Gosh! He looked too cute to handle.
“Now don’t flaunt your acting skills here.” I scoffed.
“Come on. Tell me what did I do? I did many things in the morning. How will I know what are you talking about?” He said mischievously.

“Why did you do that? That too in front of Mom and Ishaan?” I asked him.
“What do you mean by ‘that’?” He asked me as if he did not know.
“Uff! Why did you ki.. Kiss me in front of them?” I said it in a go.

“You’re my wife. I will do it whenever I want to” He said as he pecked my cheek, making me shocked. He nuzzled his face into my hair as he held me tight. I pushed him away.  He chuckled again.
“You’re becoming very naughty nowadays” I said as I dragged him along with me to have our dinner, to which he pecked me again and winked at me again. Gosh! This wink is making me go crazy.

“I would like to marry her”
His voice echoed in my ears again and again. How the hell did he like me? I still remember his face when he said this yesterday. His eyes were fixed on to me as he said this.  When my turn came, I could not refuse. Because, even if I refuse, I would be married to him. They’ll not let me run my NGO if I refuse. I agreed as it was destined. Thank god, his family had no problem with me, running an NGO. They were happy, in fact. I felt happy that they would let me work independently. But I was sceptical, how would I lead my entire life with him. He is not that bad. But, how can I conclude this from one meeting? But his family seems to be good and understanding. His sister-in-law seemed too friendly.
My phone beeped. I looked at it.

Think of the devil and there he appears! ?
God! Why is he calling me now? I am already tired of everyone talking about the engagement. Yeah. My engagement with Ishaan has been fixed next week. Everyone in the town is going gaga over it except for us. I don’t want to marry. I hate the concept of marriage. They expect only the women to perform all the responsibilities and to be a perfect wife and daughters in-law, while men enjoy their own life. I am not a feminist. I just hate this concept where only women is expected to everything. I hail from a rich, yet Orthodox family, which is hell bent on getting me married soon. I am just 23. I wanted to stand on my own. But my family never cares about these. All they want is just to marry their only daughter in a grand and a pompous wedding, to show off.

I sighed and attended the call.
“Are you free now?” He asked hastily.
What is this? Doesn’t he care to say a hello? Duh! I cursed him under my breath.
“May I know, why are you asking this?” I snapped.
“Just answer my question, miru.” He said.
“Don’t call me Miru.”
“I will call you Miru only. Okay, now come to the address which I text you now.” He ordered.
“Look, I am busy now. I can’t come.” I lied.

“I know that you’re lying. So come soon.”
“If you know that I am free, then why the hell did you ask me then?” I shouted.
“Don’t waste your precious time by shouting. Come soon.”
“My mom won’t allow me to step out before my engagement.” I lied again. My mom would be like,”Go and spend some quality time with Ishaan, Miru” Argh!!
“I have already got your mom’s permission. So, come soon.” He said as he hung up. Where I have got myself entangled into? I just hate him!! I picked my bag and went downstairs.
“Hello, Mira!” A warm voice welcomed as I entered the venue. It was a farm house. The owner of the voice was my would be sister-in-law. She flashed a warm smile to me and I smiled back. I kind of liked her.

“Hello…. Sorry, Can I call you di?” I muttered.
“Of course, you can!” She said smiling.
“What’s happening over here? The ladies are having fun leaving me behind!” That voice made me turn. There he was, Ishaan, dressed in casuals. I just looked at him with null expression.
“Hanna is waiting. Duffer and  Miru, you both decide it fast and come soon. I will be waiting here.” He said.
I couldn’t understand, why was I called here. And he calls di, duffer?
“Joker, it’s your engagement after all. You have to help her. You always want to fiddle with your phone just like your bro.” Di said.

Joker? ROFL ????? Nice name. I would call him that too. He calls me miru to annoy me. I will call him joker in return.
“Yeah. Di is right, joker. You have to help me. You can’t be lazy always” I said in a mocking tone. Di laughed out loud while Ishaan glared at me.
“See, your wife wants you to be with her. Just come on!” Di said shocking me. Gosh! I just thought to tease him. But I ended up trapping myself. To my bad luck, he noticed my expressions and smiled at me mischievously and walked beside me.

“Mira, we are here to select your dress for your engagement. Hanna is our family friend and a popular designer. We will discuss with her and decide. Don’t worry, it will be your decision finally.” Di said. I smiled at her. She is so sweet.
Hanna was waiting for us. As we entered, we greeted her. Di and I were busy with the dresses while HE sat uninterestedly. I chuckled looking at his face.

“Joker! Come on. Mira is looking pretty in this dress, right?” Di asked him as I came wearing a dress. I saw him gazing at me. I gulped in fear seeing his gaze. But slowly, he smiled showing a thumps up. I looked at him as his eyes met mine. I felt trapped in them. I couldn’t move my gaze from his eyes.
“Ahem, ahem!” Di’s voice gained our attention and I excused myself and went to change.
“Let’s go.” His voice greeted me as I came out changing. Di was busy talking over phone and she was walking ahead of us. We both walked in complete silence.

“Miru. I know that you don’t believe in the concept of marriage. But, I do. I won’t force you or harass you. I will give you, your time. I will try my level best to understand you and be with you during your happiness and pain. I feel something special for you and I don’t know what it is. But feel free to share your problems with me. I will help you. Trust me, I will.” He said as he flashed a smile and went ahead.

Sorry guys for my late update. Writer’s block, you see. Today’s chapter was not upto the mark guys, I know. I was whacking my brain from the dawn till now, but I couldn’t get that much ideas. Sorry for taking so much time. I know today’s chap was boring. But I promise you there’s more to come. Thanks a lot guys and forgive me.

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