I looked at her face as I said this. I know that I had said this in all of a sudden. But, I am not regretting for saying this in such a way. I had planned it to say soon, but on seeing her face and her care just made me say it in a go.

Ananya, who was looking straight into my eyes till now, lowered her head as soon as I said that. My heart started to panic seeing her like that. I got up from her lap. I held her chin and made her look at me. To my shock, she was crying!!

Her tear-filled eyes made me feel bad.

“Nieve… What happened? Is everything okay? Don’t worry, I will be with you ALWAYS.” I told her softly as I took her into a tight hug.

She leaned over my shoulders and hugged me back. This time, her sobs grew loud. I am confused.

“Nieve… Sshhh… Calm down. What happened? Tell me… Feel free to share with me. But please, don’t stay quiet.” I told her, concern clearly reflecting in my tone.

She drifted away and looked at me. Gosh!! Her eyes had become red and her cheeks looked pale.

“Nieve… Come on te..” Before I could complete, I felt her soft lips over mine. I was shocked to the core. I reciprocated.

After sometime, we parted. She held my hand and took it close to her heart.

“I am so happy, Harsha. I love you. I just want you to be with me always.” She said slowly stressing at each sentence.

“I will, Nieve.” I said as I smiled.

” How did you know that Nieve is my nickname?” She asked me. Oh no! I had blabbered!!

“You’re my wife. And as am your husband, I knew it.” I tried to manage.

“Flirting is injurious to health.” She said as she sniffed.

“Whatever. I have the rights to flirt with MY wife. Don’t I? Only I have.” I said in an intense tone.

Her cheeks turned crimson immediately. She is gonna kill me one day. I slowly leaned over her and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Her eyes widened. I chuckled.

“Okay tell me… Why did you cry then?” I asked her.

“It’s that I became emotional; I am glad… Glad to hear that.” She said softly initially which turned into a fumble at the end.

“Did you cry due to happiness?” I asked her, shocked.

“You men won’t understand! Especially you won’t understand!” She said as she turned her head and looked away.

“Then, what do I understand?” I asked her huskily with a mischievous glint in my eyes.

Her cheeks turned red again and she was blushing badly. I just love her teasing like this.

” I need an answer” I told her.

“You understand nothing” She said. Now, it was my turn to look away.

I was pretending to be angry with her when she pulled me into a tight hug.

I smiled. Then, I rested my head on her lap and took her hand and clasped it tightly. I closed my eyes. This is just pure bliss ; Holding her hand like this. My heart rejoiced that SHE will be there with me FOREVER. I smiled unknowingly thinking about this.

“Why are you smiling husbandman?” Hearing her voice, I opened my eyes.

“Husband- what?” I asked her.

“Husband man!” She said as she chuckled.

Gosh! She is crazy. The name is so funny. I let out a little laugh.

“You didn’t answer me” she said.

“Just like that, I smiled.” I said as I closed my eyes.

Suddenly, It struck me. I have been resting my head on her lap for long. She would be uncomfortable. I got up immediately and I lay on the bed, making her lay beside me too.

“Harsha… What are you doing? Why did you get up?” She asked me concerned.

“I don’t want to give you more pain hereon, Nieve.” I said as I looked at her. Her eyes had become moist again. I pulled her more close to me and hugged her tight. I just love to be like this with her. As we both were busy cherishing this moment, I didn’t know when sleep conquered me.
“What nonsense?!!” I heard Ishaan screaming when I reached downstairs in the morning.

Yesterday was the best day in my life. He had confessed. His confession was unique. No lavish backgrounds, no filmy dialogues. Just HIM and I. His heart talk certainly did reach my heart. Today morning is a new dawn for a new beginning. When I woke up, I found myself in his embrace. He was in his deep slumber. I ruffled his hair slowly and kissed his forehead. This was the morning, I LONGED FOR. Today, my longing has turned into reality. I slowly got up without disturbing him. I freshened and reached downstairs.

“Mom!! Try to understand!” Ishaan’s scream broke my trance. Ishaan is up! This early?? Something is wrong. Mom was sitting on the sofa with a concerned expression on her face. Ishaan was walking here and there, restlessly.

“Mom, what happened? Is everything okay? Ishaan, why are you screeching early in the morning like this?” I asked him.

He looked at me. I could see a trace of worry on his face.

“Annie… Mom wants to get me married.” He said.

“Yayyyyy!! Mom! This is such a great news!” I rejoiced in joy.

“Great news, my foot! I don’t want to get married. And mom, I am not coming anywhere to meet some decked up girl.” He said angrily.

“Ishaan, what’s the problem in getting married?” I asked him.

“I don’t want to marry now, Annie. You know that I am busy in launching a new product. I don’t have time for all these.” He said.

“You’re speaking as if you are gonna get married today. You meet her today. Then we will decide the rest.” I told him.

“Come on Annie… I can’t take an off today.” He said.

“Ishaan, try to understand. That girl’s family would be waiting for this. If we didn’t go, what would they think of you? Chuck it. What would be the position of that girl? The society will taunt her and make her life hell. So, just meet her once today.” I told him.

“Okay fine!! I can never win you in this!” He gave up. Mom smiled at me, relieved.

“You’re worse than your brother!” I said.

“Okay, both of you get ready soon. We have to go there by 10.” Mom said and we nodded. Saying that, she left the place.

” Hey… Wait a minute!” Ishaan exclaimed and probed me.

“Ishaan, what are you doing?” I asked him.

“Something is different today. You’re looking happy!!” He said.

“Wohoooo!! That’s such a great news my dearest duffer and sister-in-law!!” He squealed as I narrated him.

I smiled at him.

“Happy for you duffer! Put some sense into my brother’s dumb brain” He said as he chuckled.

“Don’t you talk about my husband like this.” I said.

“What?! You’ve changed sides! Not fair.” He whined. I laughed.

“Don’t worry, Ishaan. Your wife will be on your side soon!” I said as I winked.

“Youuuu!!” He yelled and stomped his feet as he left. I laughed. I don’t know how his wife will handle her.
“Good morning, Mrs. Harsha” He mumbled in a sleepy tone as I came out of the restroom. I thought to wear a saree today. I slowly went near him.

“Good morning!” I said smiling.

He opened his eyes and sat on the bed. His sleepy stare turned into an intense one.

I could feel my cheeks heating up in the intensity of his gaze.

He slowly walked towards me and hugged me from the back. He nuzzled into my neck, making me gasp.

“You’re looking gorgeous” His deep voice just made my heart flutter.

He made me turn to his side and pecked my forehead.

“What’s the occasion, Mrs. Harsha? Thought to surprise me?” He asked me raising his eyebrow.

“You know what, Ishaan is gonna meet a girl today!” I said excitedly.

“That’s really great news. How did your brother-in-law agree that easily?” He asked me as he chuckled.

“That’s Ananya’s magic, you see!” I flaunted.

“Really? Come on let me witness your magic too.” He said as he pulled me closer.

“Harsha.. I have to go.” I told him.

“Okay go!” He said as he tightened his grip over me.

“How will I go if you hold me like this?” I asked him narrowing my eyes.

“That’s your magic, you see!” He said as he winked at me.

“Very funny!” I said annoyed.

He pulled me even more closer when my phone rang.

I laughed looking at his frustrated face.

“It’s Ishaan” I said as I smiled.

“Dufferr! Come on select something for me to wear. Mom is driving me mad here.” Ishaan shrieked over the phone.

“Relax joker! I will come there soon.” I said as I hung up.

I dressed up in a simple saree with minimal make up and jewellery.

As I got ready, HE came from the restroom after taking a shower.

“I have an evening schedule today, Ana. Will try to come soon. Don’t wait for me, have your dinner.” He said and hugged me from the side.
I nodded and flashed a wide smile at him. My life has changed totally within a blink of an eye. I am floating in happiness now.

We both went downstairs and found mom and Ishaan arguing over a shirt. I giggled.

As soon as mom saw both of us coming together, she smiled at us.

“Anu, you’re looking so pretty!” Mom said. I smiled.

“Annie, Mom wants me to wear a baby pink coloured shirt. Yuck! From where does she gets ideas like these?” Ishaan said.

“You’re speaking as if you have a very good dressing sense.” Mom snorted.

“Mom, I have to go. See you all tonight. Bye guys.” Harsha said.

“All the best Ishaan.” He said as he hugged Ishaan, while Ishaan stood still. I don’t know when would they sort out.

I was so immersed in thinking this that I didn’t realise when HE kissed me on my cheek and said,”Bye Ana!”

I was so shocked by the sudden turn of events. He winked and went from there. This harsha!

“Thank god, I closed Mom’s eyes and mine. I am so innocent, you know.” Ishaan said.

“Innocent my foot!” I said angrily while he laughed.

This is the reason, I hate all these. Here I am, in the house of that girl, whom I am supposed to meet. The girl’s family is also a business family. The elders were talking and talking about random things, making me feel bored here. Why don’t they just make me see the girl and finish things off? Argh!

“Ishaan, look the girl is coming.” Annie whispered in my ears suddenly.

I lifted my head up and saw a girl in her early twenties dressed in a simple pink saree. Obviously she was looking beautiful. She was made to sit beside me. I saw her taking deep breaths and a small smile made its way to my face. She is so nervous, mahn!

“I think we should let them both talk for sometime.” The girl’s father said.

“Yeah sure!” Mom said and gestured me to behave well through her eyes. God! Mom is behaving as if I am a toddler.

“Miru, take him to your room” Her mom said. So, her name is Miru. It sounds weird. But, I think it suits her.

As I stood, Annie smiled slyly and showed me a thumps up sign. I glared at her and followed the girl as she walked upstairs.

“Hello, this is Ishaan.” I tried to start the conversation.

“Mira” She replied bluntly.

“So what do you do?” I asked her.

“Do you guys never get tired of asking the same questions to every girl?” She asked me.

Gosh! What a changeover?! Downstairs, she was sitting beside me like a lost puppy and here!

“Excuse me, you’re the first girl I am meeting.” I told her.

“Really? Am I the first girl you ever met?” She mocked.

“O please! Ms. Miru or whatever, do keep your crappy jokes to yourself.” I said annoyed.

“I am not joking, for your kind information.” She said.

“Okay, fine. Don’t tell about yourself. I am Ishaan. I am the managing director of AA groups. I need to attend meetings often. In short, I am a modern nomad. I am more close with my mom and sister-in-law. In fact, more close with my sister-in-law. I can assure you the care and respect of a husband. But, love…. I think we need to understand and know more about each other. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I can assure you that me and my family will support you through everything. That’s it.” I said and I was about to move.

“I am Mira. I run an NGO. My dad was not keen and my family was either. I want to run that after marriage too. I can assure you that I would be responsible both inside the home and outside too.” She said in a go.

I looked at her. From her initial conversation, I could sense that she is frustrated.

“Shall we go?” I asked her. She nodded.

As we were coming downstairs, she said, “Please don’t call me Miru.” She said and looked away. A small smile crept over my lips. Something is gonna happen in my future with her, of course!!

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