What did he say right now? Have I heard right? Or have my ears lost my hearing ability? What’s going on here? My mind was bombarded by all these questions. He stepped closer and closer towards me. I could clearly hear the thumping sound of my heart. I am pretty afraid that he too would have heard that. I was about to move when he placed his arm around me not letting me to go. Am I dreaming? What if this happens to be a prank? No, Nieve. This is not a prank. My heart said as I saw his eyes. His eyes seemed to be so sharp that I could feel them penetrating deep into my mind, reading my thoughts. I felt blood gushing over my cheeks. His breath fanning over my neck made my condition even more worse. I closed my eyes unable to meet his. As some strange feelings were engulfing me, I heard a sudden shout.

“Anu!! Where are you? Come down soon.” It was mom. I opened my eyes. There he was, Harsha, still in that same position. I tried to get myself out of his hold, but in vain. “Mom is calling, Harsha. I have to go.” I tried to say it out loud, but it came as a whisper. But, he didn’t budge. I pushed him with all my force and was about to go, when he held my hand. Gosh! What’s it with Harsha? He is behaving too odd.

“Don’t go.” He said in an intense tone.

“Didn’t you listen, Mom is calling me!!” I told him. Even I don’t want to leave him and go, But I couldn’t.

He left my hand abruptly clearly reflecting his anger. I have to speak to Harsha. Probably, after meeting mom. I rushed downstairs.

“Anu, where you have been?” Mom asked.

“Ummm… Actually…” I stuttered searching for some excuse.

” Mom! Try to understand. Her husband man called her.” Ishaan said in a mocking tone. Mom let out a small giggle. I shot an angry glare to Ishaan.

“Ok guys! Had a nice time here. It’s time for me to leave.” Vidyut said.

“Come on giraffe! We didn’t even talk!” I complained.

“Ishaan, your sister-in-law is really crazy. We’ve been talking since 3 hours and she’s telling that we haven’t talked.” Vidyut said as he laughed.

“Best friends always expect more time to talk with their friends.” I said.

“My sweety, I have to go now. Don’t worry! We’ll catch up tomorrow. We’ll call Sandy too. Ishaan, you too join us.” Vidyut said. I nodded. Ishaan showed a thumps up to him.

“Mom! It was nice meeting you. And trust me, your cooking was so awesome!!” Giraffe told mom. She smiled in return.

“Where’s Harsha? I would like to tell him that I am leaving” he said.

Oh no! Harsha is already in a bad mood. I have to manage now.

“Giraffe, he is tired and is taking a nap. I will tell him after he wakes up” I told him.

“Okay, then. Bye everyone!! See you all soon!!” He said and made his way out.

Phew!! I managed somehow. Now, I have to talk to Harsha. What will I do? Vidyut had come and Mom was calling… How will I be able to stay with him there? Idiot Harsha! When I am with him in his room, he doesn’t say this. And when I am flooded with work or someone pays a visit here, he does all this fiasco. I slowly went inside our room and closed it. He was nowhere to be seen. My heart panicked and I checked everywhere. Finally, there he was in the balcony, staring at the sky. Harsha has never ever behaved like this. I went beside him and placed my hand on his shoulder. He removed my hand and continued his work. I could sense that he is angry. But what did I do?

“Harsha, listen to me. I am sorry. I know that you wanted me to stay with you here, But Vidyut was there downstairs and How can I leave my friend, who has come to see me? Moreover mom was calling me.” I told him. He slowly turned towards me and looked into my eyes.

“Is he more important to you?”

His question made me jerk.

“Harsha, what’s wrong with you? Do tell me.” I said.

“Answer my question” he said calmly.

“What kind of an absurdity is this? You know the answer!” I told him. He didn’t react. His silence is killing me from inside.

“Harsha, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Don’t you understand me? You mean everything to me, Harsha. Why don’t you understand?” I said as tears streamed down my cheeks. As I said that, he looked at me. Then, without saying anything, he went out of the room. I am upset right now. Why the hell is he behaving like this? Don’t he know that I love him? Duh! How will he know? I haven’t confessed yet. Argh! My head is aching. I don’t know why is he behaving weird. Vidyut is my friend. I have the right to talk to him and I will. Harsha’s recent behavioural changes are driving me mad.
“Annie, you know the reason pretty well by now.” Ishaan said as soon as I told him everything. I began to think. Till now, harsha has never behaved like this. He have never shown his angry side too. From the previous night party, I could sense some changes in his behaviour. To be precise, after meeting Vidyut. Oh god! Does it mean…

“Are you coming to say that Harsha is jealous?” I asked him.

“Thank god!! At least you realized it now!” He said.

Damn! Now, that’s the reason his anger is in peak.

“Idiot, Ishaan! Then why did you say that my idea of inviting Vidyut here is a great one? Because of this, he isn’t talking to me right now.” I said sulkily.

“Annie… Don’t be stupid. Now he’ll realize why is he behaving like this. And then…” He stopped.

“And then?” I asked him eagerly.

“Aaaaaaa!!! O lord! Why did you create her too dumb? Already, you woke me up from my beauty sleep. In addition to that, you’re asking me stupid questions at this middle of the night.” He screamed dramatically.

“Ishaan, calm down! If you don’t want to say, then leave it.” I told him.

“I won’t say Annie. You wait and see.” He said as he walked towards his room.

I stood and made my way towards the room. Harsha has gone for shooting. He should return by any time now. I looked at the clock. It showed 2:30 a.m. I entered the room and lay on the bed. I could not sleep. I thought about Ishaan’s talks. Does that mean, Harsha too has feelings towards me? No…no how is this possible? Jealousy can happen between friends too. May be he is upset with the fact that I didn’t stay with him when he said me to. That’s the fact. I know what I did was wrong. But I didn’t do it desperately. I was helpless at that time. I heard the creaking sound of the door. Probably he has come. I closed my eyes immediately and put up the act of sleeping.

“Your acting is too bad. Tell me, I will teach you or I will enroll you in a good acting school” His voice made me jump out of the bed. Damn!! How did he find out? I sat on the bed and looked at him meekly.

“Are you angry with me?” I asked him, hesitatingly.

No reply from his side. My eyes started to well up with tears.

“Harsha, please do reply. Shout at me but don’t remain silent like this. I am.. I am not able to bear this.” I told him.

Still no response from his side. He was placing his phone on the bedside table. He was about to cross me, when I held his hand and pulled him with all my might due to the frustration caused by his silence.

“Are you angry with me? Please reply, Harsha!” I mumbled still unaware of him over me. Then, I realised the happenings. I cursed myself for these, Coz, now I have to face the consequences of having him close to me. Thanks to this stupid move of mine, he fell over me, resting his weight on me. Lo! Time stood still for me. His closeness is making my heart flutter.

And again, no reply from him. “Harsha…” I couldn’t complete that as his lips conquered mine.
Guys, deesh here. Glad that you guys are liking this. Sorry guys, today’s chapter was written in a hurry. Forgive me, if the chapter was boring. I didn’t get much ideas today. Sorry guys… Thanks for reading.

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