Which would be the longest running show from newly started shows?

Nowadays many shows are dragging there plot like the serials kumkum bhagya,yeh rishta kya kehlata hai ,sathiya and mAny more while others are making it typically small like badtameez dil,lajwanti,nisha aur uske cousins,badi devrani ..

so on an average the highest trp serials last longer and the serials try to fulfill all the expectation by making it longer..even the channels end the shows early with low trp’s.many hit shows that succeeded made the concept that the bigger the better..and as the idian tv is known for the saas bahu dramas those also have a long run and a happy ending ……..if the writers are not getting any storyline then they are just showing leap of some years and then everything have a fresh start so they can make it longer…while some people doesn’t really like dragging stories while others love those stories

which of the following serial do you think will last longest?what do you think please tell us in the comments

-Poll article submitted by twinju


  1. arvi

    dehleez only!! tashan e ishq is just dragging wid same old track of uv being villanous and trying to seperate twinj. kuch rang pyar ke and bahu hamari rajnikant are better

  2. harna

    of course tashan e ishq wil last longer…eventhough there is down in that story,they give some audience’s expectations…which makes the audience happy n loves the drama…n the cast jasmin bhasin,sidhant gupta n zain imam playing their roles very nice…..tashan e ishq forever…hiihihi

  3. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    tashan e ishq will last longer….bcz there is not too much dragging it is the best quality of show and also the leads sidhant and jasmine’s chemistry is awesome….n the villain zain his acting is just fab….always twinj and tashan e ishq….

  4. Rossy

    According to me ,Tashan e ishq and kuch rang pyaar Kay aisay bhi will be the longest running show

  5. callmenazu

    Tei, ek dujey ke vastey, dahleez, kasam and kuch rang pyar key aesi bhi are having a very good track now….and tei is literally one of d best show on zee tv and star plus compared together, I must say as it does not drag a track 4 too long like d rajjo one and i am sure dat in d nxt zee rishtey awards it will get the award 4 best fiction show.

  6. Sidmin(twinj)

    Tashan e ishq will last longer than any other serial bcoz of twinkle and kunj’s awesome chemistry n der s no dragging in dis story every week dey cum up with new concept

    • NIDA

      sorry if u get heart but i think they r not having any new concept , its the same and bcz of yuvi the serial is going on sorry but i think like twinkle looks very unmatured and they show her as mature girl , i am not talking about jasmine but just twinkle sorry if it hurts u

  7. Fatarajo

    According to trp think Tashan-e-Ishq, Kasam and Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant will run longer compared to the other colors shows as they have higher trps, but my fav here is Tashan-e-Ishq, Bahu hamari rajni Kant , Dehleez and ek duje ke vaaste. Kuch rang Pyaar ka Aisa bhi also quite interesting nowadays

  8. krishndasi ……..love it. then don’t drag it but it is a nice story with good story line.krishnadasi fans want happy story with happy ending.no need of long running.

  9. loveleen

    tei n bhrk …cz in tei they dnt drag a particular track fr long…each of the track ends by 1-2 weeks…nt mr than that…n evry actor in serial r vry perfect in their roles…evry1 acting is superb….n bhrk cz it is a new concpt full of comedy n really appreciated…

  10. fiona

    always tashan e ishq because it does not drag any issue like other show

    tashan e ishq will be ever and forever ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ☺ ? ? ? ? ? ☺ ? ? ?? ? ? ? ☺ ? ? ?? ? ? ? ☺ ? ? ?

  11. Ngkrishnakumari

    Ofcourse kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
    It is the best serial ever wrica & saheer rocking jodi

  12. Priya

    Tashan e ishq,its awesome serial the chemistry of kunj and twinkle its superb nd uvi he is amazing nd in this serial the problems are solved in 2 weeks nd new twists will come.its a unique story nd they r not dragging the serial.

  13. Obviously kasam will again maximum trp and its ekta’s show so it can run for years..

    tashan-e-ishq is Zee show and we now zee shows run for years even with out trp and the show gaining good trp.

    but ofcourse my favorite is Krishnadasi .. but it will not run for years as it is a story based on novel …. story in novel finish and show will also finish .. even they gain good TRP .. its a finite show.. and i like it as finite show….

    rest all show still now gain low trp but sony’s show run without much trp.. they don’t care about trp… the show in danger is Deheleez and Tamanna.. both of the show are very good and with new concept but the main fault is their channel. after what they did with last year’s shows like manmarziyan, tere saher mein and batemeez dil… i am sure they won’t think twice before axing out low trp shows.

    • callmenazu

      Its not necessary that when a show is directed by experienced and qualified directors then it will go for long and we have a clear ex of a show which did not go long ie. Even 4 2 yrs and was directed by ekta only {kuch toh hey tere mere darmiyaan} and about tei, it is d best show on zee tv with d most trp and it is one of the top 5 fictional tv shows

  14. Tara

    I guess meri saasuma and tash e ishq ek duja ka vaasta kuch rang pyaar ka aisa bi love them nd wish they do a gud job ah

  15. aradhyan rockzz

    krishnadasi is d bst..the chemistry bw aryan nd aradhya is so good…also i like bahu hamari rajnikant..its a very big relief amid these saas bahu dramas

  16. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi stands a good chance , provided they keep the pair together despite odds. Although it seems to be a finite show, it can break it as the story depicts the real present day scenario and it can survive if the amazing chemistry between the romantic pair is kept alive through the storyline

  17. I dnt watch tashan e ishq at all but since it has huge fans and gained good trp maybe it will….
    Stopped watching star plus after their drastic end like manmarziyan, badtameezdil, etc. Dehleez also feels like will endsoon.
    Krishnadasi is going nice.
    Kasam is also interesting.
    What i hate is t the dragging ofshows since years like sathiya yrkkh balika vadhu and yhm should also end.

  18. Fiyana Fia

    Of course tashan e ishq as it shows pure love inspite of many difficulties. And unlike other serials there is also happiness. ????

  19. Nitya

    Though I don’t watch kasam but it will be d longest running show not coz it’s try but coz it’d of ekta kapoor serial… Stupid lady

  20. Nitya

    Star plus should stop sns, dash, yrkkh instead if dey plan for dehleez and tammna. Both are good shows but dese yrs old saas bhau drama plz…. Cut d crap….. Bored from dem.
    Specially akshara…. Is she magical woman….humare ghar ki ladies par galat aasar hota hai.

  21. mish

    i would lov’d if Begusarai,Kasam and kaala teeka could run the longest coz their’r ma favs.Yaaaaay hope so fingers crossed 😉

  22. akansha

    i’m sure this poll is created by one of the world’s best idiot
    dehleez is a finite series and how could it run for long and the main point is it is gaining trp in to he range of 0.7-0.8.so no chance
    vishkanya-no chance it is also gaining trp in the range of 0.6 and the story is stupid.
    tamanna-it is also a finite series and it is fetching low trp in the range of 1-1.2
    silsila pyaar ka-it will end soon bcz of low trps i think.even in the prime slot,it is gaining trp in the range of 1.2-1.3
    bahu hamari rajni kant-it will run for sometime but not long run
    sony tv shows never run for long period
    so kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi and ek duje ke vaaste-no chance
    meri saasu ma-stupid serial and it will be a surprise if it run for a month with low trp of 1-1.1
    someone in the comments said krishnadasi is a finite series so that also won’t run for long period
    i think tashan-e-ishq also run for long period

  23. goldie

    Dehleez s gud show but as it s a finite series so will not run for years like other s. I thnk kasam ek duje ke vaaste n pyar ke kuch rang aise bhi.

  24. I think maybe kasam and tashan e ishq. Because both the shows are awsome. The awsome chemistry of tanshi and twinj is just fab which will lead them for running longer…

  25. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Hello I think u are tashan-e-ishq is u r fav? Becoz ishq ka rang safed also started at aug-10 then it also should be added Na.. This is not fair u are showing partialitly… Sorry if I hurted u bu u mentioned other of my fav shows. Like ek duje ke vaaste and vishkanya..

  26. Ritzi

    The one and only show tashan e ishq…..I m sure it will last longer the main reason behind it is the mashallah chemistry between twinj and junoon of uv for getting twinkle back! I love their acting skills

  27. Priya sharma

    Tashan e ishq will run longer as it defines true love also d star cast sidmin nd zain r tooooo gud nd perfect in their job the acting d chemistry between twinj is superb jst madly in luv wid sidmin nd tashan e ishq. Though uv is d villian in d show bt too he is doing a fabulous job… tei is one of d bst tv series on television nd most loved by its fans

  28. anjali

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi , Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant and Dehleez are my choices in the poll . Also I like Tammana due to it’s concept , Meri Sasu Maa due to it’s lead’s chemistry and Ek Duje Ke Vaste due to it’s concept .

  29. My fav shows are dehleez and ek duje ke vaaste ??I recommend it to everyone but they won’t run for long in my opinion cox this star plus remove very nice serials also coz of love trip like awesome serials like badtameez dill and all ended coz of Low trp ?but I want EDKV and dehleez to run forever❤️

  30. Mina

    Krishnadasi is my fav and I really want it to run longer but as the show concept is good as they are showing right now so it won’t bring anything to run it for years. And waise bhi those serials which run for years always loose their main tracks sp it’s better to be short but amazing?

  31. anuradha

    Krishnadasi ,it’s first time when I am loving a TV serial this much ,amazing chemistry between lead pair and both lead’s r so good,not only lead but whole cast is amazing and very talented,it’s not like other saas bahu drama type’s show

  32. Pooja

    Krishnadasi is the best..no dragging..i love the lead’s chemistry..best serial i have watched so far..

  33. Kriya

    Krishnadasi is really good..didnt expect it to be so good..awesome job by the whole team..and the leads chemistry is fantastic..love aryan and aradhya..

  34. Krishnadasi no doubt?. It’s a new concept.the lead pair are one of the finest actors in telly town(shravan reddy and sana sheikh)the storyline is amazing , the audience should really give a chance to such new concepts.for the people who think Krishnadasi is backward and orthodox concept,well the serial will prove you are wrong. Plzz watch Krishnadasi at 10:30pm every Monday to Friday on colors

  35. Sanghamitra Sahoo

    I love Krishnadasi only…awesome pairing Sana and Shravan…u make lovely pair 2gether…awesome chemistry and acting…even the whole cast of Krishnadasi is awesome n amazing…its going very fast totally in track…getting twists almost everyday…
    Even without twists we can c simple romance between aryan n aradhya as d simple small conversation between d two is so amazinggg!!
    I want this serial to long runas I cant loose to watch it…
    So very addictive…guyz do watch krishnadasi at 10:30 pm monday to friday…we would love it totally specially aryan n aradhya d love birds 🙂

  36. KRISHNADASI!! Amazing serial….love d lead pair Sana n Shravan…both r so good…such intense chemistry between them…dey make their charcters so alive. ..
    The track is so good…I normally dnt watch tv a lot n specially serials but I could miss anything to watch Krishnadasi no a days…its so addictive…
    Hats off to the whole cast of Krishnadasi…
    The serials like Naagin,Sasural Simar Ka are the worst…they should stop Sasural Simar ka at least. ..its horrible…big Boss shouldnt replace Krishnadasi…but it should definitely replace Sasural Simar Ka
    Ppl do watch krishnadasi. ..u are missing an awesome Serial..do watch at 10:30 pm.

  37. I juz love Krishnadasi. ..Aryan and Aradhya…superb chemistry between both…so real n intense…love d show also bcoz of its track n the whole caste…awesome show till now in colors…hats off!! Love it totally 🙂

  38. Krishnadasi for sure…love the concept and the lead pair, its too good…very nice track..diffnt than the other boring saas bahu stuffs…acting superb..screen play direction everything superb…
    Way to go Krishnadasi
    SANA SHRAVAN awesome!!!

  39. KITTY

    for me not any of these…it’s girls on top that is the best new serial and surely wud run a long way not y dragging but through logical story..

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