Which Longest Running Serial Should End?

There are many longest running serials. Such as YRKKH, SNS and SRK.

YRKKH is about a close knit family and their daughter-in-law Akshara and her struggles to keep the family together. After many leaps the show focused on grownup Naksh and his love life though the track ended with not uniting Naksh with his love. After another leap the show focused on Naira and her love life with Karthik. But many fans lost their dear protagonist Karan Mehra who played Naitik, but later got replaced. All of a sudden Hina Khan who plays Akshara left the show. To put her character to an end the CVs made her die.

SNS is about Gopi and her struggles. Gopi was orphan but a rich family accepted her as their daughter-in-law. Kokila, her mother-in-law was her strongest support. The show had shown how Gopi deals with evilness and makes goodness win over. Rashi played a good part of story but while saving Gopi she died. Radha Gopi’s sister tried to harm the family but Gopi murdered her causing her to go to jail for 10years. After 10 years, Gopi’s two daughters are grown, Meera the eldest daughter hates her mother but Vidya the youngest daughter is a shadow of Gopi. After some episodes the serial had shown the death of Ahem. But after a leap Gopi’s chemistry with Krishna didn’t work well causing Ahem to re enter as Jaggi, Ahem’s lookalike also step-brother.

SSK is mainly revolved around Simar. It us a fantasy supernatural drama. It has lot of supernatural things to see. (I haven’t watched it much so I don’t know anymore about it)

Which longest running serial should end?

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  1. Any day sns and ssk should end..
    Sns is bullshit..
    Ssk supposed to be a family drama about a girl wanting to become a dancer..now turned into nonsense
    Yrkkh still has a story to offer unlike other 9 30 slot serials which have lost their plot within 1 yr of going on air..
    Hina khan was being all high headed and arrogant trying to sabotage the serial even after leaving but the young actors shivangi and mohsin are doing a wonderful job..
    Moreover there is still some story left as its a serial revolving around relationships and never deviated from main plot.

  2. Sns is shut, nothing is there to watch in it, ask is little bit better than sns. And I really want the trps to go up for yrkkh, mohsin khan and shivangi joshi are doing a wonderful job, and I want them to be more popular than hina, she is a headstrong and arrogant lady

  3. Vrushy

    The serial which definately should not shut down is yrkkh. The story is still fresh and the young generation that has been introduced deserves a chance. Unlike other serials yrkkh doesn’t have negativity and that’s what makes it special. Give the production house a months time and they will brinh back naksh ( rohan mehra) and also a new face for akshara then the serial would be back on track.

  4. I want SNS n SSK should..they r dragging n it boring..

  5. Varsha

    SNS and SSK are irritating and YRKKH is super though I am missing Akshara badly

  6. Pooja26

    ssk , sns

  7. Hales

    The thing i know is yrkkh shouldnt end coz it evolves with tym n generation we can see the serial which started with akshara n her story has now become about her children …its not like other draggy shows which just revolve around the same old characters …yrkkh is so positive n full of showing relations tht is RISHTAS ….from small rishtas …non blood relations to deep relations …yrkkh has never dragged a track just thinking about trps it showed wat a common family will look like when they tackle a situation…No negativity at all…Ppl watch TV serials to relax from their stressful lifes and yrkkh understands this n gives its viewers a hope tht dont worry relax everything will be alright soon! With its evolving nature it has now veiwers ranging fron early teens to old n elderly! It justifies its title ‘YEH RISHTA KYA KEHELATA HAI’ tht is what this relation is …no one can define any particular relation in life coz there r plenty of relation in life with each having its own beauty! ?

  8. Sns should end.,..,..worst

  9. Yrkkh shouldn’t end cuz kaira does a great.
    Sns and ssk should end cuz there’s nothing to watch in it

  10. Not YRKKH

  11. sns should end now

  12. sns n ssk should end and….and yrkkh should remain..itz rocking without much dragging n itz interesting……Love Kaira although missing Hina

  13. Sns should end

  14. Sns should end.our traditions have good value s for relationships.sns spoiling it.ahem nd jaggi r brothers how could gopi can marry one after another.can a bahu can marry jaggi where gopi is babhi to jaggi who may be treated as a mother.pls save relationship s

  15. Amalina

    Srk and sns! Yrkkh still has a lot to unfold!

  16. SNS and SSK should end.

  17. Sns and ssk should end but not yrkkh…
    The cast, the plot, the storyline everything is awsm and gripping… it should not end in the near future.

  18. being a die hard fan of dipika kakar my only wish is ssk should go long way though the serial is not interesting
    yrkkh is going good with its good storyline but still i am missuing hina badly
    sns is high on trp charts so the question of sns ending will never rise for atleast another half year

  19. dont know which one should end but yrkkh shouldnt end.its such a positive show n even in 8yrs they nvr deviated from the main plot i.e relationships..its still very much abt what they promised.yes ppl want to see sumthing new after such long time so they hv brought so much freshness now.from akshara’s story now its naira’s story the story is so much soothing to watch.i m happy hina wants to explore in her career..shivangi n mohsin r doing so good.kaira together r so beautiful.

  20. Sns and ssk should end…yrkkh new generation is doing fantastic job..and positive story line ….it should run long..

  21. Sns and ssk should end.we should give fare chance to everyone..yrkkh should get more trps as younger gen is doing well

  22. SWASAN

    sns and ssk

  23. I think SRK should end

  24. I am not a repular viewer of sns and ssk but all that I want is YRKKH should not end at any cost!! It truly has a lot to unfold!! It reveals that Relations are most Prized Possesion of our lives, as what its title- YEH RISHTA KYA KEHELATA HAI means!! I wish it should not end even after its 50yrs of grand success!!

  25. Sns n ssk should end n not at all yrkkh

  26. Akshurosid22

    Ssk should end it was nice once upon a time .it revolve only around simar .the beautiful sister bonding and brothers bonding of the show has left very long back and there is no good family bonding to

  27. Avishi

    Sns n ssk

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