Long way down #RagLak (episode 4)

And the game started after half an hour .The openers for India were Sanskar and hardik.They scored 25 together but as hardik’s weak in facing spin ball he got out .Then comes Laksh..Ragini thought she saw him somewhere.and remembers meeting him in hotel. A and was really shocked .As he was kind to her.
It’s T20 match
Laksh scored 100 though wickets kept on falling.Ragini and all fans gave a standing ovation when laksh scored 100 and the projector showed ragini.Laksh was really happy to see her.AtlaSt India scored 196 .Laksh had contributed 100 runs from his side .
Ragini was shocked and right there itself searched in Google about him..and got to know how famous he was.
And India won the match.
Ragini and laksh were really waiting to talk to each other but situation didn’t allow them.
Swara:ragini you were dying to go to room.now wat happened?? (In teasing tone)
Ragini:Laks…no I want to go to room now.come
Swara: wat laks..you were saying something. .and you were continuously at laksh..and even searched him in Google. ..hmmm…anything special???
Ragini:no..and dragged her to hotel.

Laksh was congratulated by everyone and the manager said that they were going to concert by little mix.
Laksh was shocked and really happy that he get to see Ragini.

At concert:
Girls were singing Then there ragini saw laksh …She lost the track …She was forgetting the lyrics..She was not able to concentrate …her groupies were telling her to concentrate but she couldn’t. ..Laksh who knew the song went to stage and started singing ragini’s line.
Ragini was really impressed by his voice.

After party of concert:
Ragini was looking beautiful. All were looking at the girls..and girls were proud of themselves.
Indian team had also come to party ..
Laksh was looking handsome..
Ragini and laksh both were mesmerised to see each other..
Laksh without wasting time..
Laksh:are you not wishing to go for a date with me
Ragini was eager to but
Ragini:we dont actually know each other..And you are asking directly to this to me..
Laksh: I know you also want this..and by the way you are looking like angel
Ragini:Ya I’m coming..and your voice is not bad..

Ragini was wearing a beautiful transparent sarge and had come 10 minutes early to the venue that Laksh had mentioned her to come
Ragini was really angry at him as she thought he would come early…
Someone touched her back ..She was about to give punch but seeing the man in front of her she forgot the world ,she forgot her existence

Laksh: hmmm ragini …you early ..I thought you wouldn’t come
Ragini was continuously staring at him and she didn’t hear him
Laksh :Ragini ..gini …
Ragini I :aha….Wat
Laksh: why are you starin at me like that…are you gonna eat me…see the parapazz already came here…God
Laksh dragged ragini inside and they talked about them whole night and ragini was really impressed by the arrangements. .and was happy…

Next match:
Laksh scored well and while receiving man of the match award he asks ragini to come over there…She hesitatingly goes there …Laksh was on his knees and asked her to marry …All the crowd was so happy for them …Ragini had tears in her eyes and accepted him..

Both kept supporting each other throughout their life….

So how was it guys. …comment

I thought to write one shot on tejasvi and parth samthaan. ..should I …I really like tejaswi and parth as a pair

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  1. Wht? U ended it so soon y yr it was superb u shudnt hav done that?… anyways eagerly waiting for ur 1 shot on parth n teju

  2. Why u completed so fast please write another ff on raglak

  3. Ofcourse we love to see parth and tej

  4. Yes dear write it

  5. super , but i didn’t expect that u would end it so soon n go for ragparth i toooo like tejaswi

  6. awesome i want rag parth os os

  7. Superb dear

  8. superbbb…

  9. luved it
    plzzz write more nd more
    me too big fan of tejaswi

  10. Yeah we like tejashwi and parth

  11. Of course write on teju n parth

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