Long way down #RagLak (episode 3)


Laksh is world famous cricketer.He is the best batsman.He is handsome (more than required) , intelligent and fun loving.He is 24 now. Nobody can challenge him in his game . He is the masterpiece. One more important thing to remember he is aggressive, Angry young man. He likes pop songs.He plays for India.
Ragini is a singer in a girl band called little mix.She is NRI living in London.She doesn’t like cricket and actually doesn’t know anything about it .She likes football and crush is David Beckham. She is 20.

India had a series against England. It included ODI ,T20 and test.So India had to be in England for 1 and half month. Laksh was really excited about matches. He packed up his bags and kissed his mom said bye to her and left to England to play series.
The aeroplane arrived. Laksh had a feeling that couldn’t be expressible ,he was feeling somewhat happy and he neglected that he thought it was because of over excitement .
He arrived at booked hotel for India in Manchester.
Ragini had a concert in Manchester and she was at the same hotel and she had same feeling as Laksh and she also neglected.
But the heart beat of both was at high rate.
Laksh after getting fresh had to go to practice. While walking at the corridor of the hotel he dashed with world’s most beautiful girl.She was singing and coming so she didn’t see home.
Their heart rate was at ultimate point.
Ragini : I’m really sorry it was because of me
Laksh: it’s okay and you have a beautiful voice beautiful.And you are a singer in little mix right .I saw you in interview in tv when I was here last time.
Ragini :yes..so you know me.and I guess you are Indian.
Laksh :yes…gotta go now bye
Ragini :bye
(Ragini don’t know him)

Laksh is masterpiecein batting.He practices hard.but today when he was practicing he couldn’t concentrate on the balls And the reason is Ragini.Only thinking about her beautiful face
, her voice and main thing the way she said sorry to him even though she is world famous at 20.

Ragini ‘s band mate swara was very much interested in cricket.She asked ragini to come to see match .Ragini said she was not interested but swara didn’t leave her and booked the ticket .Ragini thought it would be a great experience and she thought of cheering for India.

At venue
Commentator 1:match gonna start within 15 minutes and India has won the toss and opted for batting.
Commentator 2:No doubt India has chosen to bat and it has laksh in it.It is difficult for any country to win when it has world’s best batsman against it.

But rain starts.game was delayed by half an hour .
Ragini was really getting angry on swara buy swara calmed her down.
To be continued

Credit to: Kruti

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