Long way down #RagLak (episode 2)


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Chapter 2
Laksh still had got 4 hours to go for audition . so he thought of looking on to twitter for sometime.

Location : India
Ragini had already come from the college.she had made the new twitter account the previous day.she had become a fan of it.She thought of following some unknown person and become friend with him or her.
Rags:who will be that lucky person whom i am going to follow
Swara: did u start that twitter already and one important thing dont follow unknown people .it might be dangerous
Rags: do not worry babe…ill type lucky only and afterwards he/she might become lucky for me..god knows the fate
Swara: God help her.She’ll not listen to others
rags typed lucky and first in the list was lucky m @lucky_m {and that was laksh} and she followed him and thought good he is handsome by seeing his profile picture and may be in future we might meet .
Laksh was actually thinking i already got a fan before becoming famous,name of person is ragini and i dont know why she followed me .
Rags: hi lucky..
rags: whats your name actually?
laksh : the same word you added after hi
rags: ohhh..okay and then whatsuppp?
laksh thinks she might be very talkative and thinks should i tell or not about what he is doing..but from profile picture she looks like Indian and very close to me.what laksh what did you say? and he laughs at himself
laksh: i was going to audition for x factor so i was practicising the song
rags : oh great..when is the audition?
laksh: at 5
rags: its already 6…is it tomo at 5
laksh gets worried and was scared to death and why didnt devyani,mom and dad didnt come and sees the time and its still 1.
laksh: u scared me ragini ..it still 1
rags: no its 6.dont u have eyes…wait wait where do u live
laksh:london ..oh got it time zone difference..are u from India ..u look like Indian
rags: im from India even u look like Indian by seeing your profile picture
laksh: im NRI
Rags:which song did u select?
laksh: little thing by one direction
laksh raised his eyebrow seeing last three words
laksh:stop fangirling now..ive to practice now
rags:kkk…when you are singing before judges if you get scared that how much u tried to get into this place and remember your family members who are supporting you and most important thing remember me..if u remember me during singing and dedicate it to me then u are definitely gonna get selected.
laksh; hello we didnt meet once also and y should i remember you.. i’ll remember only my parents and devyani
ragini goes back to childhood days and remembers devyani and thinks may be [email protected]_m stands for maheshwari..but devyani didnt have any sibling i think
(laksh lived with his uncle and devyani was living with her parents..so ragini didnt know about laksh)
swara asks her to live that twitter come down to have snacks and then we shall go to guitar shop
ragini denies to come as swara bargains a lot and starts tweeting to laksh
ragini:all the best lucky..byeee
laksh: byeeee….ill try to remember you while im singing
rags;hahaha…better do it..bye

precap:swara and sanskar fighting in front of guitar shop.

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