Long way down #RagLak (episode 1)


I’ve selected Sakshi and Dayal of ek hasina thi as mother and father of Laksh and Devyani. Devyani(of age 20) of shastri sisters as his sister.
Sakshi and Dayal are doctors and they are not putting any pressure on Laksh and Devyani to become doctors only.

Laksh wants to become a professional pop singer and he is doing master in psychology. Devyani wants to be maths lecturer.
Ragini also wants to be maths lecturer and is studying B.Sc.She loves maths a lot.

Ragini and Devyani are childhood best friends and they are not in contact as Laksh’s family moved to London when Devyani was 4 years only.
Laksh doesn’t know about ragini at all.
Location :London
Today is Laksh’s audition.
Sakshi comes to his room and sees that he is still sleeping.She tries to wake him up but he doesn’t get up.She says loudly so someone doesn’t want to win X factor title this year.
Devyani comes from behind and says “No mom,Lucky would have won but unfortunately as he is still sleeping and didn’t practice title will go to someone else”.
Laksh who was listening to all this got up slowly and took jug of water and poured it on Devyani and said “I’m gonna win chutki ” and adds “I don’t need to practice the song as I’m too handsom judges will get flattered by seeing me and select me to the next round”.Devyani gets irritated by hearing word chutki as she doesn’t like to be called by other name .
She says “I’m Devyani” .In response to that Laksh teases her by saying “Oh devimata” and they both start fighting and pull each others hair .

Dayal comes there asks them to stop this at least now as they are grown up.They blame on each other and now Devyani says “okay okay stop .I’ve to go to college now” .
Laksh asks her to come early and says “You are the lucky charm to this lucky”.
She says that she’ll not come as he poured water on her and didn’t ask sorry.
Laksh gives an angry look and says sorry slowly and she asks him to say louder .He comes near her ear and says sorry loudly .She beats him and says “Definitely I’ll come to see my brother perform no doubt in that”.They both hug and devyani goes to her room to get ready to go to college.
Sakshi and Dayal were laughing seeing them and were also happy to see the sister-brother bonding.
Dayal asks “which song did you select Laksh” .Laksh says “Little things by One direction and dad take the rehearsal as you are also good singer” .
Dayal and Sakshi start listening to him.

Laksh starts
Your hand fits in mine
Like it’s just made for me
To bear this in mind it was meant to be
I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it makes sense to me

I won’t let these little thing slip
Out of my mouth
Cause it’s you
It’s you they add upto and
I’m in love with you

Dayal and Sakshi get happy listening to this singing.Dayal also asks him to keep an alternate song ready as judges may ask for that.Laksh nods in agreement and they go to hospital .Audition is at 5 in the evening .Laksh is getting excited as each second passes by.

Credit to: Kruti

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