How long i shall wait for u (epi 9)


HELLOOOOOOOO friends… is the 9th epi…in previous epi we saw the priyas entry& viraj is mesmerise to see priya

hey friends..many of u dislike the priyas entry..but plzzz trust me i will not disspoint u…& i will best to entertain u……

PRIYA COMES to the sunaina
she says- sunaina!..sunaina turns & see priya she is very happy
sunaina- hey priya! how are u???i see after long time…u looks really pretty
priya- im fine dear..u too look beautiful dear!!!!
They talk about studies,then the both girls hug each other….sunaina takes priya with her & they meet all their relatives…
The haldi ceremany starts & every1 apply haldi on archu….viraj countinuously looks at priya..
priya didnt notice this…
when the ceremany ends sunaina,priya,rahul seats on chairs in garden,they talk to each other..viraj comes there..sunaina& rahul insist viraj to join he refuse them????…he wanted to talk with his dreamgirl(Priya)…he seats before sunaina introduce him to Priya…viraj says HI to Priya they both introduce each other…..they both talk about studies,carriar..& viraj talks so friendly to her like they both r best friends…..sunaina wonders what happen to viraj?????

Next day…the wedding day
every1 gets ready sunaina wearing royal blue lahenga..while priya wearing red lahenga both were looking cute….
they both enter in wedding hall..viraj see priya & feel like the fairy from heaven comes to him..Priya comes to him and says – Viraj archu di calling u.but viraj is lost in Priya….priya shakes him..then he come in senses priya reapeted her sentence and viraj says- ill go to her with wide smile…….& GOES
here sunainas eyes looks for viraj,she didnt saw her from morning,she looks here & there..& finally she found him but he goes
she thinks- viraj is sooo busy i came hear for him only& he….
then Priya comes & says
Priya-what r u thinking ???
sunaina- noo nothing
Priya- u know im thinking about “VIRAJ”
sunaina with shock- what u r thinking about viraj
Priya- Sunaina! he is soooo nice guy yaar
sunaina-( with smile) yeah ! he is!
Priya- yeah but thoda akadu also
sunaina gets angry and scold Priya & warn her not to say that about viraj again……..Priya nodes & shock to see sunainas reaction…after some time every1 gathered in hall VIRAJ also…sunainas eyes stares viraj lovingly…she want to stop the time…its most beautiful time of her life…but she finds viraj also looks @ some1…..& yes!!! viraj stare at priya with wide smile while talking with gaust…sunaina feels like her heart is broken into two pieces

sunaina is sad after some times barat comes..every1 starts dancing kaya insist sunaina & priya for dance but both refuses….as sunaina is very sad todays…her cute smile from her face disappears
and priya refuse as she is very practical & cold hearted girl but some1 push priya & priya fall on viraj…both falls they share eyelock…rabata song plays inbg…priya gets up…sunaina also come there..she doesnt want to come but shes so concern for viraj….sunaina & priya both gives hands to viraj to wake up but viraj takes priyas hand support & wake up….sunaina shook her hand sadly…they both r lost in each other they didnt see sunainas pain…sunaina rushesh towerds guestroom & cries….her pain comes out in form of tears many tears roll down from her eye the suddenly she hears sound
she wips her tears & looks shokingly……

plzzzzz give me feedback friends

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. iam also very sad for sunaina but episode nice

  2. pls don’t make Priya fall for viraj atleast.

  3. nice yaar.

  4. Hey.. upload d nxt part plzzz… we are waiting tamanna

  5. Hey its a very nice story..dear i think viraj.

  6. super but i hate viraj he does not understand sunaina feeling.

  7. i felt bad for sunaina

  8. Thank u swara,nishu,thank u meera,kavya,varshini,thank u geetha

  9. awesome story.. awesome description… each and every thing awesome.. keep it up good work and please update little longer and i guess priya call for sunaina.

  10. awesome dear.

  11. Nice yr

  12. tamanna your ff is awesome I am addicted to it, feeling sad for sunaina.

  13. awesome keep it up.

  14. Thank u vini,harini,Priya kumar thanks a lot dear

  15. Thank u aastha,anjali,saranya..ur comments motivates me…thanks a lot dears

  16. Thank u Vidya

  17. Ahhh, very sad for sunaina…priya is good but sunaina’s love is very pure n unconditional…loved this episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  18. Thank u ROMA

  19. Roma nice epsd “i think tat was priya”

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