How long i shall wait for u (epi 6)


Guys plzzz give me feedback about this episode……..thanks for reading it & special thanks to swara,devi..& all who read it….plzzz give me feedback its really precious for me
in epi5 we saw that sunaina realise her love for viraj…but viraj is unaware of her feelings

The epi starts with sunaina comes to home….she sees viraj…& stare him lovingly(gerua song plays in BG)….but viraj is not notice evening all are play carrom
she get to know from her di that bua,fufa,kaya& viraj will go to mumbai tomorrow…she gets sad
she wanted to spend all time with viraj…she goes to terrace…viraj & rahul are on the terrace…she wants to speack with viraj but viraj& rahul as usuall talk about study……then after some time they goes to sleep…viraj says ‘good ni8’to sunaina,sunaina wish him same….sunaina looked at the moon& this time she sees virajs face in the moon she smiles & goes to sleep
every1 helps bua in packing…..& after some time they started to leave…sunaina,kaya,rahul takes blessing from bua& fufaji….sunaina look at viraj who is busy on mobile….they started to leave…sunaina gets teary eye& hiding her tear she goes to kitchan…& for taking water viraj is also goes in kitchan……viraj is coming in kitchan sunaina hides her tears ..viraj takes water bottle& says good bye to sunaina…but sunaina says
sunaina- dont say bye..some1says that if u say bye then desire of meeting again is ended…so plzz say i will come soon
Viraj- yeah!!kkk i will come soon
sunaina-& i will wait for u…both smiles but viraj make face seeing sunainas wierd behiour…then viraj goes towerds car(bua,fufa& archana r alredy seated in car)……
sunaina thinks that viraj must turn to see my face once again…
but alas!!!!……viraj didnt turn he get into car….all says bye to them
& sunainas heart filled with pain ….

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. u made me cry dear, awesome episode ,god bless you.

  2. fantastic tamanna.

  3. Thank u swara & nishu

  4. nice episode

  5. emotional episode

  6. nice plot

  7. iam your silent reader but episode is very nice.

  8. nice episode

  9. i have one doubt, there is any leap dear?

  10. nice episode

  11. awesome….

  12. i like your writing skill

  13. pls update soon dear,iam waiting

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