How long i shall wait for u (epi 5)


sunaina brings viraj to the home..then viraj try to go to sunainas dad but then sunaina interupt & said – viraj, actually dad was not calling u..i lied to u…sorry( she says in childish way)….viraj also gets shoked & angrily ask her WHY?????
then sunaina-actually i wanted peace…&there was so much croud& loud..then viraj interpted”SO U GOT UR PEACE HERE….& then he again start to give lecture her…about how to behave& ofcourse about that stupid wallet…..but here all silently with smiling face…..
VIRAJ- WHY R U SMILING????IM TALKING U ON SERIOUS TOPIC…she gets speechless…she even didnt know u she was smiling?????
but voice from living room comes SUNAINA…ITS UR FRIENDS CALL SHE WANT TO TALK TO U sunaina goes in living room& receive phone…its radhikas phone & she wanted 2 meet sunaina in garden so sunaina goes…..
@ garden
radhika gives wallet to sunaina as she found it in temple…sunaina gets superhappy…….
then radhika says- now ur happy like this is ur wallet & u get it after long time
then sunainas heart said to her-(yeah!!!!! this wallet belongs to viraj..& he belongs to me..yeah he is mine…only mine)…
radhika loudly ask her to come on the earth…& then sunaina gets out of her thoughts………
radhika-i saw ur face..beacames red with jelocy,anger when i was talk to viraj….so whats matter????
sunaina-nooo yaar…ur misunderstood me..nothing like that…
then radhika ask her again & again & finaly sunaina start speaking
sunaina- i dont know radhu whats wrong with me….viraj come here in 2-3 times in year…for that time i was eagarly waiting for him…& that time i want viraj gives his all time to me….
then radhika says- i think u habe crush on viraj..
sunaina interpt & says- no yaar i know my heart this is not just a crush…something more than crush…u know radhu 2 years ago,i was pray to god about happyness of my,dad,bhai,di
but now i pray god about my family& VIRAJ …..i didnt when he came to my prays,wishesh…when didnt know from when he came to my dreamss..and now i feel life was ended…now its virajs life…when viraj gets happy my heart starts dancing..when he look at me my heart beats fast..when he gets sad tears are roll down from my eyes…whats this radhu????? may be its effect of age….then radhika say- no its not effect of age..its effect of love..u r fall in love sunaina…yeah u loves viraj…
sunaina-love!!!! but
radhika- yeah!!tell me ur singing songs for him naa…u felt most comfortable & protective with him only naa after ur dad…u know his all good habbits & bad also..but u accept him with both naa….u want to spend some more time with him…..u does anything for his 1smile naaa……yes or no sunaina
(sunaina recalls her all moment with viraj…& she gets answer its”YES””

Credit to: TAMANNA

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