How long i shall wait for u (epi 27)


Helloooo,im back after long time,hope ur forgotting vinas love recent episodea we saw that karan creats misunderstanding between viraj-sunaina,viraj thought that sunaina love karan so for sunainas sake viraj decides to marry Priya,bt on mehendi ceremony karan accept his wrong deed,n tells the reason for that.viraj forgive karan as his love towerds ayesha is unconditional n pure like sunaina.n viraj rushesh towerds sunaina n he finds priya standing infront of him.

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Priyas pov
Today is mehendi ceremony,every1 teases me about viraj,Viraj singhania the parfect mr parfect,he is just my friend,i thought friends will beacome greate life n viraj r friends since i was in 10th.He is very matured guy,
i was lost in thoughts while mom told me another rituals,n the ritual is that Viraj has to find his name on my mehendi.
I looked for sunaina but shes not in hall,maybe shes busy with some work so me n Meera goes towerds virajs room
n i hear,i saw something,i was about to fall but Meera hold me.
a strong layer of pain came to my heart.
love” i thinks this things r existed only in books or movies but 1st time im wrong as my both buddies viraj n sunaina love each other,karan loves ayesha so much thats y he did all this.n am unable to understand this before as i never
think by heart about love bt now i got it love is which is donee by sunaina,i cant belive that girl change so much for his love n viraj hes also risked his life to save sunaina.a littile smile comes on priyas pink lips.she saw viraj comes to her
Viraj(in low tone)-priya,
priya-viraj,dont said anything,i will handle here all u jst go to sunaina.
(viraj is surprised by this,but he know his best friend is very strong to handle all,bt he cant go leaving her alone)
PRIYA-viraj,what ur thinking,go n meet her.
Viraj-but priya
priya-Dont worry after some time qhen all guest went i have to tell our family.
n viraj leaves frm there.

Here sunaina comes to somewhere n she waits for some1,she saw his msg on mobile FB shows-sunaina is busy in mehendi ceremony,suddenly some1 text her that-sunaina,i know u wanted to know how viraj changed suddenly i will give u answer come on the following address.
sunaina tried to find answer of this que so.many times frm viraj but she gets nothing,so now she decides to viraj is her life n she want to care n protect her life in any situation.fb ends.

Sunaina eagarly waiting for the person,she is tensed n worried she saw a girl coming towerds her,the girl is talking on phone,the girl wears white net top n blue jins she her hair open the girl is beautiful but seems weak,she comes to sunaina.
Girl-sunaina!! sorry im late.
sunaina- u ..
Girl-yes im messaged u about viraj.
(sunaina can see the girls pure n innocent eyes shes of virajs age)
sunaina is confused as she never saw her before n how she know about viraj.
Girl-sunaina,im AYESHA(karans GF)
N Ayesha discribe her all story,her relation with karan,how karan mitaken viraj n how karan takes revenge from viraj
After listening all this sunaina is shock n relax also that ayesha gain her memory back n karan realises his mistake.
AYESHA-IM SOO SORRy dear,beacause of me….sunaina cuts her word
Sunaina-no ayesha because of u karan n viraj r again best friendsn karan realises his mistake.
Ayesha-look at this place sunaina

Due to tention sunaina doesnt noticed the place bt its such beautiful place
Ayesha- u liked it??…sunaina nodes sss
ayesha- virajs fevourate place,n look i have gift for u.she shows her towerds door
n sunaina can see her mr parfect her soulmate is coming yes hes viraj.(friend ayesha was talking with viraj n invites him on that place)
Ayesha-look viraj.its ur fevo place n u can propose ur love here.smiles n goes.
viraj sees sunaina n that make fall anyone.sunaina sees him n as usual her heart start dancing.sunaina also smiles(piya ore piya plays)
viraj comes to sunaina n give her
Red rose
viraj-This is for coming in my life n making my life beautiful
sunaina smiles n take it.
viraj gives her another rose n says-This is for changing me so much in this years
sunaina takes it.
viraj gives another rose n says-This is filling colours in my life.
sunaina takes it
viraj gives another rose n says-thank u for everything sunaina!!!
sunaina takes it,she is again busy in thoughts she cant belive that its not dream its reallity n when she comes in her sences
she saw viraj is seating on his knees
viraj-Sunaina!! ur the beat in my heart,ur moon in my sky,ur the wakes in my occean!! ur the light in my dark lifeI love u sunaina!! im incompleat without u can u compleat me??? can u marry m
tears of happiness fell from sunainas eyes
sunaina-aaaaaa viraj!””!!!!””””!!! ssssssssssssssssssssss
viraj is also happy viraj gives ring to sunaina n wips her tears n hug each other.

now moon is smiles seeing them.stars shines more brighter to give them bright wishes for there new life.time is stop for them.both r relaxed in each otheres arms,the day for which sunaina long waited is come!!!! the lovers finally met with each other!!

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Credit to: TAMANNA

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