How long i shall wait for u (epi 22)


Helloooooooooo dear friends,how r u??? this is 21st part of HLISWFU
lets start epi 21..
the episode starts with
vina reaches to hospital,they meet karan..viraj decides to stay with karan in hospital,so he drope sunaina to hostel
viraj is really tensed for karan as karan is not only his best friend but also like brother whom he shares his all happiness,sorrow n sunaina know it very well so she consoles him
when hostel comes viraj stops the car n look at sunaina,sunaina take his hand in her hand n looked in his eyes n says
sunaina-Dont worry! viraj..nothing will happen to karan,he will fine soon!!!….viraj nodes tensly… n when sunaina is about to leave the car,viraj stops her…sunaina look at viraj n viraj hug sunaina,sunaina with teary eyed mixed of emotions like happiness(as vinas 1st hug) n sorrow(karans accident) also hug him..(ore piya plays in BG) after soo many seconds they come back to their possition..viraj slowly removes sunainas hair which comes on his face…he with light smile says bye to her
sunaina(while getting out of the car)-bye take care! n viraj! while taking care of karan dont forget to take care of urself!!….viraj nodes yes with light smile…….
7 days passed…karan gets discahrge from hospital…viraj takes care of him….n karan did his best to keep away viraj from sunaina!……..vina only talks to each other only through mobile calls n msges.
now karan n viraj in car…viraj drives car n karan says
Karan-so u confess ur love to sunaina??
viraj-no yar!beaucouse of ur accident there is lots of tention so but now i will confess my feeling

karan-hmmm…this time is right for confession
Viraj-Yeah!! ur right

karan thinks in mind-(no viraj i will never let u confess ur love,never let u unite with ur love…as u snatch my love from me,get ready mr.VIRAJ singhania another problem is waiting for u!!!! n smirks….
Then viraj receives call n talks tensly.. after call ends karan ask about the call…then viraj says
viraj(tensly)-Problems r never end karan!!
karan-what?? which problem????
viraj-Archu dis he want divource

viraj-yes karan! actually there are lots of problem between archu n her husband n now it reached upto divource!!
karan-so whats ur opinion about their relation???
viraj-divource is only option!!! so i have to be there in archus house
he drops karan n goes to archus house
karan smiles evily n says-problems will never leave u viraj!!!!!

After solving archus matter…
there is sunainas final exam so viraj doesnt want to disturb her…he decide to confess his feeling after sunainas exam while karan works on his plan

Precap-viraj goes to propose sunaina but shocking truth comes in front of him….

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Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. What truth yaar noo i think he will misunderstood sunaina and karan

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  4. nice episode

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  6. idiot karan go to hell

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  9. super but precap is scary

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  12. awesome update next part soon

  13. fantastic dr

  14. nice episode

  15. But karan y hates te viraj

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