How long i shall wait for u (epi 21)


Hellooooooooo friends….beacouse of ur support i reached upto 21episode.. thank u soooo much..

its 5:00am.vina stil lost in each otheres eyes.they heard loud sound n comes in their sences its arlam clocks sound n they see all r sleeping so vina wakes up all….then boys leaves for boys hostel from back door………while leaving viraj turns to see sunaina.seeing this sunainas eyes gets teary she remaimers in childhood viraj never turns back to saw her but now….viraj turns n smile..sunaina also smile(piya ore piya plays inBG)…….

days are passes very fast virajs love grows stronger day by day for sunaina n now viraj,karan,kabiras collage life finishes n viraj works in his own company means his dads n kabir also works with him while karan works in his dads means.his own company…..while sunaina n priyas last year in collage….viraj comes everyday in hostel to meet sunaina but with some.reason but sunaina know that viraj comes only for her….now she wait for virajs confession
This time viraj comes in hostel to invite sunaina,priya for success party of sighanias buisness….both congrats viraj
now its time for Party
karan,kabir,viraj gets ready n have chat!!! today viraj planned to confess his feeling to sunaina….he enters in party n as usual girl start staring him..he is the most eligible batchler now…but his eyes finding his princess SUNAINA….
sunaina comes in party with priya n meera…she is looking very beautiful viraj cant take his eyes off from her………after so much buisness talk there is dance n as usual viraj ask sunaina for dance…n with many couples our vina starts dancing while dancing sunaina says
sunaina-im really happy for u viraj
n viraj smiles (as when viraj smiles sunaina is just mesmerise by see him)…
viraj-yeah!!!this all happen beacause u r with me!!!! ur my lucky charm
sunaina (while looking in virajs eyes)-really….viraj nodes Yes…they share eyelock.(saibo plays)
while dancing sunaina realises some girls are staring viraj she gets iritated viraj notices this n says
Viraj-r u juleos????
sunaina says y am i????????
viraj signs towerds girl..sunaina gets angry as the girls still stare him…
sunaina-how can thease girls stare u?????
viraj-y they cant???
sunaina-viraj! as u r mine..only mine (n she realises what she said in anger)…she tries to change the topic but all in vain…viraj laughs n sunaina shies….
after dance,dinner party ends…sunaina n priya meets to dad n archu
viraj talking some1 on mobile about arrangement………..
sunaina comes out n viraj ask her to come with him..sunaina does
they come on the fully decorated place.sunaina feels like she is in heaven…….
Viraj looks at sunaina n gives him artificial shining rose….
sunaina like it n viraj says
viraj-sunaina! ….(its lovely moonlight,stars n moon shines more today as they know finally the day come for that sunaina waited )
Viraj-sunaina i dont have any strength to live without u!! i want u near my eye,near my life always…
sunaina smiles……viraj seats on his knees & about to say but his phone rings…….
sunaina (think)-stupid!!mobile….ruin all …… viraj receives call n he shokingly stand up n says-what???
sunaina realises something serious happend!!!!
viraj(on phone)-kk i’ll come….
when sunaina ask viraj says
viraj-karans accident..we have to go hospital…..
both rush towerds hospital..viraj really worried for karan..sunaina consoles him..
nurse said to karan-sir!ur work is done..we call ur friend here!!
Karan gives money to docter n nurse…n says – Good acting,but u have to act more!!!!! n smiles
evily n says-Viraj singhania! i will never let u unite with ur love..u will pay for ur deeds!!!

hey friends! how was our villan (karan taneja)..give me feedbacks

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. fantastic episode dear i think Karen is positive ,but he is negative, tamanna please save vina pair from karan evil eye

  2. awesome episode karan idiot spoil everything

  3. nice sis

  4. awesome.

  5. What karan is villian here ohoooo what will happend now yaar

  6. awesome episode but pls don’t make priya also negative

  7. outstanding episode

  8. fantastic episode mental karan spoil vina confession go to hell karan

  9. you know tamanna today is my birthday i think this episode is treat for me but karan spoil everything

  10. nice episode, i think karan jealousy viraj. karan said last line u will pay for ur deeds!!

  11. nice di thanks for update

  12. nice epi today i like the scene (while leaving viraj turns to see sunaina.seeing this sunaine eyes gets teary she remaimers in childhood viraj never turns back to saw her but now viraj turns n smile..sunaina also smile piya ore piya plays bg HEART TOUCHING SCENE.

  13. Wow nice episode but shocking twist and turn karan turn negative omg now what happened.

  14. Thank u swara,priya kumar,sara,meera,geetha dont worry priya will always ve,vidya,vina fan,saranya be lated happy bithday dear!!!!nishu,anjali,harini,sweta thank u!!!!!!!

  15. interesting episode pls update next part soon dr

  16. Really mind blowing karan is villan wow

  17. Awesome episode but what a shock…karan turned to villain…why…he was the only one who made viraj realized his feelings for sunaina. …but now how can he be so cheap…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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