How long i shall wait for u (epi 20)


hellooooooo is epi20

episode 20 starts with sunaina tries to find viraj but she didnt find him..every1 congrats karan sunaina…its already late so priya,sunaina,meera leaves for girls hostel…..
In hostel room sunaina fresh up n think y viraj doesnt congrats me????
then she receives msg from Viraj

reading this a wide smile come on her face.she also sends her thank u msg……then she n priya does studies n then sleep
Here Karan enters in virajs room in hostel,karan assume that he may be sleep,but if he is awake he will kill me for todays incident,God save me!!!!
he enters in room n find viraj is awake n reading book..karan looks at viraj.viraj gives angry look..
Viraj(angry)-Y u hug sunaina today????????….n starts beating karan..karan throws pillow on him so now they start pillow fight..after some time both r tired n seats on soafa…n karan says
karan-Viraj!! sorry yar! but im so happy so i hug…but u beahave overpossesive .. viraj also realised
viraj-Yeah!i guess i am…
then karan interpts n says
karan-ohh!!! i forget about meeras birthday tommorrow so we have to do surprise to her at 12am…kabir is waiting for u at gate n then we have to receive sunaina priya…
here sunaina tries to sleep,but she find viraj infront of her with his cute smile……..
Sunaina- what ur doing here?????
viraj again smiles…n priya shouts
Priya-wht ur talking sunaina plzzzz let me sleep dont make noice!!
sunaina- priya!see….n sunaina sees there is no viraj.she realise it is hallocination n scold herself n sleep
after sometime some1 knock door priya is sleeping n sunaina goes the door she feels.sleepy..but she open the door she finds viraj!!
sunaina(sleepy tone)-ohh again u!!

viraj plzzz go now let me sleeeeep if u want to come then u will come in my dreams!! plzzz let me sleep n she closes the door….viraj is shocked n confused..he didnt understand what sunaina saying!! then he calls priya bt its switch off
so he calls sunaina…sunaina is sleeping her eyes r closed she.lazily receive call
viraj tells the matter..sunaina shokingly wake up n says-r u real???
viraj-of cource!!! bt what real n
sunaina-noo nothing u go ill come with priya
here in meeras room she is sleeping n karan viraj kabir starts decorating her room then sunaina priya comes they also helped them then its 12am
all shouts HAPPY BDAY
meera wakes up n surprise then she cuts cake all dances and does the party…..
then priya says-how u guys enter in girls hostel?????
karan-whats in that!!! kabir always come in girls hostel for meera
every1 laughs while kabira embarresed!!!!
then Viraj ask sunaina to dance with him sunaina surprisingly extends her hand…kabira also dances n karan priya dances with each other……
Saibo songs plays vina lost in each others eyes…after some time evry1 tired n seats exept vina…vina dances..all chears them …after some time kabira,priya,karan slept but vina is still lost in each others eyes…

Credit to: TAMANNA

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