How long i shall wait for u (epi 18)


Helloooooo friends TAMANNA here……here is the 18th episode
THE EPI STARTS WITH…Priya laughing madly at sunaina..sunaina gets embarresrd.but she composes herself
Sunaina-actually..priya im very happy today soo plzzz dont laugh at me!!!(she makes puffy face)……..
Priya says with naughty smile- yeah!!! ur right.. i too very happy for u and me as well so lets celebrate.she plays a song from her mobile..they both happily dances with each other……
During this holidays viraj n sunaina becomes good friends.they beacomes close to each other…viraj itself confused about love whether he love priya or not or its just crush….but she is his bestest friend….
Now hollidays over…Sunaina n Priya take the admission in most reputed collage of engineearing…viraj is in the same collage n he is senior to them…
Priya n sunaina lives in hostel shares one room…sunaina is happy as now she can see viraj daily…..
And the new character introduced is KARAN TANEJA-he is the classmate n best friend of viraj since childhood,He is also topper,handsome n one of the rich boy in collage ……….
Now its 1st day of collage n priya & sunaina gets ready …both looking stunning..viraj wait for them in canteen so both girl going towerds canteen..there is soo croud but in croud also sunaina recognise viraj from befind she kept hand on virajs shoulder n says “VIRAJ”….
viraj turns n said Hii sunaina….both looked at each other n then Priya comes the trio seating on the chair….n sunaina says i ll bring the ice cream…Viraj n priya nodes
sunaina goes while walking due to heels sunaina is about to fall n viraj rushesh towerds sunaina….sunaina finds she is in some1s hand..the touch is unknown to sunaina…she suddenly opens her eyes n find a handsome boy holding her n says R U OK??????
she balances herself n comes in starderd possition n finds viraj besides her n she says-Thank u!! im okk…viraj looks on
then viraj introduced Karan(the guy holding sunaina) to sunaina n Priya……Both shakes hand..then priya sunaina goes to lecture.

N viraj says to karan-THANK U KARAN!!
karan(surprisingly)-for what?? For saving sunaina??????
Viraj nodes possitively..then karan says- ur behaving like i seved u from falling”!!!
viraj- hmmm..if sunaina falls n gets injured then i feeled pain Viraj looks on……………

Friends give me feedback n im in 12th so im very busy with submittion,studies n practical so i cant update till march…but in march ill countinew this story with new season…season 2…in that season vina priyas collage life,karans entry.Sunainas love lost of twist plzzz keep patience n try to understand me!!!
plzz give me feedback.about this episode n second season of How long i shall wait for u..ur suggestions,question are always welcome n im really sorry for late updating of season2… but ill surely update the second season on march 20….sorry once again!!!!!!
n plzzzzz friends wait for season2..

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. Wowwww i think karan will play key role in their lives

  2. it is marvellous. ….

  3. Wow nice gtd to see them

  4. very nice but i really miss you so much tamanna

  5. new entry karan is nice but tamanna pls make vina jodi don’t break the jodi.

  6. very nice di

  7. when you got free time pls update little story pls

  8. It is getting more interesting…

  9. very long gap pls update atleast free time dear

  10. super sis

  11. all the best for your exam tamanna


  13. How long shall i wait for your update tamanna but one condition dear after march 20 you update regularly ok dr.All the best for your exam.

  14. THANK U PRIYA….i too miss u deat


  16. Thank u SARANYA,ANANYA,NISHU…i will surely update when i got free time….

  17. Thank u Harini n varshini

  18. Hey GEETHA i will update regularly after march 20 ….thank u dear

  19. thanks dear

  20. voww it ws just awesome yr !!!
    u rocked it
    oh gosh but will have to wait till march its really gonna be difficult
    But koi na will wait for u dear and best of luck for ur exms

  21. Bst f luck for ur xams dr , study hard n score gud marks lyk SUNAINA. . .k. 🙂 n do updt wen u r free. . .

  22. Awesome episode, karan’s entry was good, I hope his closeness to sunaina make viraj realize that he actually loves sunaina not priya…I’ll miss you tamanna n this story. lots of hard work and get very good grades like sunaina and be a topper…all the best dearrr…love you loads and take care sweetie

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